A Smashing Good Meal

Hey all!

Happy Friday (And day before my cruiiiise!) I can’t believe it’s already here. Today will be spent doing all the last minute things that I’ve forgotten to do, which will include making at least 3 lists, and going to at least 3 grocery stores, I’m sure.

Today is also the day our new Black Friday deal should arrive. We scored a deal on an amazing LG front loading washer dryer, that I’m super pumped to use. I’m gonna be a clothes washing machine-queen when I get back from this cruise! Anyone need their clothes washed? OK, maybe I won’t go that far 😉

Yesterday after work, I went directly to the gym. Do not pass home, do not pass grocery store, do not pass Von Maur. I wanted to get in a good interval run (which turned into HIIT) and some strength training since I had to nix my workout altogether on Wednesday, due to a little K-9 catastrophe.

Since running was my first priority, I jumped on the treadmill to begin with, and did the following:

· 5 minute warm up walk

· 2 minutes @ 6.0

· 1 minute @ 6.4

· 2 minutes @ 6.3

· 1 minute @ 7.0

· 2 minutes @ 6.5

· 1 minute @ 7.0

· 2 minutes @ 6.5

· 1 minute @ 7.1               

· Repeat last two for the next 15 minutes

· 5 minute cool down walk

I was pretty beat after this workout, but after the cool down, I was ready for some weights. Today was triceps, shoulders, chest, and abs. I typically do 2-3 exercises with 2-3 sets per each part, but today, since I had already gotten in HIIT, and had a little more to do, I stuck with 1-2 exercises with 1-2 sets

· Pushups/body weight/2 sets of 10

· Shoulder press/10 lbs/2 sets of 10

· Chest press/20 lbs/2 sets of 10

· Straight arm pullover w/ a skull crusher/20 lb barbell/2 sets of 15

· Planks/front/2x’s @ 30 seconds

Then I finished out with ten minutes on the stepmill at an intensity of 9. Notice I didn’t say an easy breezy ten minutes or a nice ten minutes. Those last ten minutes are killer! The stepmill is evil…in a good way.

I had been dreaming last night’s dinner since I got groceries for this week at the store last weekend.

El Menu:

  • · Smashed Golden Potatoes
  • · Roasted carrots w/ a sweet n spicy glaze
  • · Black Cherry glazed Cod

First I got started on the carrots. I peeled and chopped three biggun’s, and then coated them generously with a mix of maple syrup, coconut oil, sea salt, and tamari. Into the oven they went. Next, I got started on the sauce for the cod. The glaze I used for the cod was adapted from this month’s Clean Eating magazine. I just sauteed a little lemon juice, some no sugar added black cherry preserves:


Then added a little cinnamon and a dash of cayenne, bring to a boil,  and let simmer for just a couple minutes. Meanwhile, I sprinkled some paprika on the cod fillets, and tossed them in the oven with carrots.

While they were kickin’ it in the hotbox, I got started on the potatoes!! This recipe was yet again, adapted from a CE recipe. I boiled 4 medium-sized yukon-gold potatoes, along with two cloves of garlic for about 12 minutes:


After boiling, it was smashin’ time – in the Standup Mixer, Mr. Brown, of course:


After adding a few key ingredients, including greek yogurt and goat cheese, they turned out magnificently!! Actually, roasted red peppers were also supposed to go in the mix, but I didn’t realize until after I sliced them up…


That they were to be roasted first. Oops! So instead, I just bagged them to be used on a salad or dipped in hummus:


I seriously recommend you making these potatoes – and I desperately wish I could give out the recipe, but I don’t think Clean Eating would like that too much.


Doesn’t it look gourmet?!


Ok, well gourmet for me? haha.

Side note – you can see I’m still eating fish. When I first announced I was making the transition to become a vegetarian, I noted that I’d still keep fish in my diet, and then wean it out. I’m still planning on doing this, but I finally set a tentative date to do this. I say tentative, because I’m going to listen to my body, and if it still needs fish for a while, so be it. However, I knew it’d be extremely hard going 100% meat free on a cruise ship. I’m going to do my best by packing veg-friendly snacks, like bars, and nuts, and whatnot, but I think it’ll make the trip and the transition that much smoother. So, naturally and in full cliche, I am making my tentative “meat-free” date January 1st, 2010. We shall see how that ensues…

Anyway, I also made a super yummy dessert from ED & BV – Cinnamon Sugar tortilla chips:


Oh Dreena, your ideas are so simple, yet so genius.

My Morning Routine: Streamlined

So if you’ve been reading RAN for a while, you probably know I can be aloof, care free, and am usually in a rush or running late. While I still “run late” three out of the five days of the work week, I have learned to come up with a streamlined routine that is helping me out big time – whether it’s by allowing me to get more accomplished before leaving for work or by getting my booty out the door on time. It’s very possible to be at work/away from home 9-12 hours a day and keep up your healthy habits.

Basically, I prep anything and everything that can be prepped in advance either the night before or the Sunday before. I’ve posted my in-a-pinch oats to go before, but if possible, I like to make a big batch on Sunday for about 3-4 mornings worth. Plus, I wanted to be a little more specific on how I streamline my morning routineThen the night before, I’ll put it in its separate container, add the mix-ins I want, and store it in the fridge until morning. I’ll also prep my lunch for the next day while dinner is cooking – before all the counters are wiped down, post-dinner eating. I’ll also gather my snacks for the day during this time.

In my experience, the snacks I pack can either make or break my healthy eating for the day. If I forget to throw in (a couple of the following): veggies + hummus, laughing cow cheese wedge + crackers, fruit + nuts, bars, or yogurt + granola, I usually end up meandering down to the café here at work mid-afternoon and grabbing something not so healthy. And if I do all this while dinner is cooking, I don’t really waste too much of my night doing prep work.


(OIAJ, prepped the night before)IMG_2444

In fact, the only thing I do make the morning of are my smoothies (I eve pour the water for my coffee into the tea kettle the night before so all I have to do in the morning is turn the dial to high)


One last thing I prepare the night before is my workout bag. If I pack a workout bag, put it by the front door, take it to work and change there, there’s about a 99% chance I’m hitting up the gym when I leave the workfront.


This leads to a more streamlined and consistent workout routine, especially in the colder months when it’s more appealing to just go home and chill out by the fire.

How do you try to make your morning routine as seamless as possible? Obviously, I’m a big plan aheader, but I’m sure there are other tactics. What are yours?

I hope everyone has a wonderful end to their week!


16 Responses

  1. Two big mugs of coffee help my morning walk; without them a.m. exercise would be impossible! I’m having my second mug right now. So, make sure your coffee makers are all in working order pleeease.

    We are bringing ol’ Buck to be Niko’s walkin’ buddy, but he has to have his Pedigre with glucosamine in the morning, no coffee.

  2. I am ALWAYS running late too. It was my new resolution to STOP. BEING. LATE. and while I’ve made improvements, I’m still not late-free yet. Having kids just throws another wild card into the mix, but at least I have something to blame my occasional (or frequent) tardiness on. 😉

    Have an awesome time on your cruise! Good luck with doing your best to be veg on vacation – it gets easier with time and experience. Packing your own snacks is definitely a must!

  3. It does look gourmet!

    Have fun on your cruise!

  4. great tips!!! and dinner looks awesome.

    dark chocolate ALMOND Butter?!? I have never seen this!

  5. OMG you and i had almost the exact same interval workout last night! i love how it breaks up the run, don’t you?

  6. Question for ya – did you strain your own yogurt into the European style yogurt container? Because that’s the yog I’ve used to strain before to make it “greek” style. Or do you just use it straight up like Greek style yogurt?

    I always try and get my coffee pot ready the night before, prepare any type of overnight breakfast, and pack up my backpack/bag.

  7. i’ve been eying those cinnamon sugar strips too! GOTTA MAKE THEM ASAP 🙂 yours look delish grl!

  8. Thanks for all the contest entries 🙂

    Streamlining…girl, as a busy mom, wife, worker, there are never enough hrs in the day and I am ALWAYS multi tasking. Pre cutting fruit in ziplocks for toddler on the go snacks, making my hubs lunches when i have time while kid naps, folding laundry while I am waiting for something to finish in the kitch, etc.. nothing earthshattering, just always on top of it!

    Transition to veggie land…take your time, listen to your body, and make sure to keep you protein up. I found the plunge from veggie to vegan was easiest when I did protein powder. After a few mos, my body adpated and i rarely make a protein shake or anything. GOOD luck, it’s awesome you’re doing it!

  9. Sounds like an amazing workout!

    I prep a lot of food, and I have easy things on hand (greek yogurt, wraps, chicken, etc…)

    I love your blog, and I will follow it when my blogspot stops being weird!

    I would love for you to check out my blog!

    Giveaways and music!



  10. Great workout!

    Omg I am soooo jealous of your cruise! 🙂 Have an amazing time and take lots of pictures!

    Ugh and the steps ARE evil!

  11. NICE job on the workout. And I love smashed potatoes- so delicious, especially with garlic added. I’m huge on streamlining my morning routine. I like you, lay out as much as possible as I can the night before in terms of lunches and breakfast, setting up the coffee with a timer, clothes, etc etc. Have a blast on your vaca

  12. I prep like you – snacks in containers, gym bag packed, sometimes even clothes picked out!

    I hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise!

    That is an intense workout! I wonder if I should try our gym’s stepmill…

    It’s really easy to get Omega 3s from flax oil/seed instead of fish. I like to put it in my oatmeal! 🙂 (that was the only nutrient I could think of that fish has – did I miss something?)

    • You should definitely try the stepmill! It’s killer. As far as the fish thing goes, it’s more personal reasons- like I’m bot 100% ready to be 100% meat free yet 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone

  13. Love that treadmill workout!! And you’re right, no minute spent on the stepmill is ever “easy” 😛

    I often make my coffee the night before, then just drink it iced in the morning. Goes down a lot quicker cold than having to sip on it hot too. I’ve also slept in my workout clothes before so all I have to do is hop out of bed and go 😉

  14. Hey Paige!!!

    I was given an award and have passed it onto you here


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