Ancient Mayan Adventures in Tulum

Hey hey hey bloggy friends!! So nice to talk to you again! (As I first wrote this post) I just got back to the room from working out – it’s Saturday morning (but now it’s actually Sunday morning – and I’m in the Tampa airport), and our last day on the cruise ship. This morning the winds are blowing in full force – so much that they closed the top deck of the cruise ship to walk outside on it. Ironically, the fitness center is on the top deck. Let me tell you, running on a treadmill on the top deck of a cruise ship in high winds is comparable to doing one-legged squats on a bosu ball; ya gotta concentrate! Anyway, I ran about 4.5 miles and I feel much better about all the food and booze I consumed yesterday 😉


The gym on the cruise is actually pretty sweet. It has a lower level, which is completely for cardio workouts including machines like treadmills, ellipticals, and rowing machines.


Then it has stairs up to another level, that’s just for weight lifting. It has an area for free weights, along with some isolating machines:


I’m pretty proud of myself, actually. Out of the eight days we’ve been on vacation, I worked out five of them! More than I thought I would, for sure.

So…where did I leave off… ah yes, where my camera got stolen. Thankfully, the couple we’re with let us copy all of the pictures from their camera onto my laptop, so I still have something to show you all. And I believe I left off at the Mayan Ruins. Yes! We saw the Ancient Mayan Ruins of Tulum in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Twas awesome. Check it out:


CIMG4076 CIMG4077
CIMG4078 CIMG4089

    CIMG4092CIMG4083CIMG4095CIMG4098 CIMG4100

It was so surreal! Those Mayans were some brainiacs. Oh, but don’t worry, our tour guide said the world won’t end in 2012 like they predicted. He didn’t give us an answer as to why they were wrong about that and right about everything else, but told us not to worry about it. Sounds promising, haha.


And then we had some cheese ball moments before getting back on the boat:


Ahh…home sweet home 😉



I also took some pictures of some kickass 100% authentic Mexican food we ate at a little beat down restaurant, but then I left my camera on the bus. But trust that it was the best veggie quesadilla I’ve ever had!

It’s been a blast this entire cruise. I’ve become attached to so many places and want to come back to all of them!! However, it will be nice to go home and see Niko and Clarabelle. Actually…now that I’m pressing “publish” it’s Sunday and I’m at the airport. It’s so nice to be with internet again. Talk about withdrawl! Whoo!!

I can’t wait to tell you more about the cruise. Since I had a few set backs regarding internet access and losing my camera, I’ll most likely just do several posts throughout the week, in addition to my regular posting, so you guys can see all the awesomeness we encountered. Also…it’s time like this where it’s definitely an added bonus to be a blogger – an online scrapbook of memories right at my finger tips!!

Also…I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who kept on reading an commenting this week as I was MIA. Ya’ll rock for sure, and I’m super pumped to catch up and comment on all of your bloggies from last week!! 😀

And thank you so much to my guest bloggers while I was gone! Deva, Dad, Katherine! My mom also wrote one, but it looks like it didn’t publish for some reason. You can look forward to it sometime this week though 🙂

Hope you all have a fantastic end to your weekend! It’s gonna be a saaaad Sunday for this vacationer!    

Look forward to hearing all about our beautiful time in Belize in the next series of cruise-y posts 🙂


22 Responses

  1. tulum is beautiful! and that gym rocks. so glad you got to have a fun vacay!!

  2. That looks like an awesome gym for being on a cruise ship! I’m really impressed! I keep trying to get the hubs to go on a cruise but he’s just not interested. I’d like to see the mayan ruins on a carnival ship too!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! I too, love the looks of that gym. Was there a run/walk track on the ship?

  4. Wow, that exercise room looks awesome! I remember on my cruise how CRAZY windy the top deck could get. We were actually in a “Tropical Wind Storm” for a few days and you couldn’t even walk on the top deck unless you hung onto the railing. Haha, it was quite an adventure!

    Enjoy the time you have left and can’t wait for your full recap!!!


  5. Your trip looks incredible! Safe travels home!

  6. Seeing TULUM brought back amazing memories for me as in 2004 (or 03?) I went to Maya Tulum for a 1 week yoga retreat w/ one of my all time fave teachers. It was an amazing week and seeing your pics reminded me of it and I would love to go back…any time 🙂

  7. Great photos! Wow, looks like you’re having a great time. Thanks for the recap! And good for you for squeezing in all those workouts.

  8. Sweet gym on the cruise ship!! That definitely helps with getting motivated to work out while on vacay. That sucks about your camera though 😦 My boyfriend had his stolen on our last trip too (by a bag check person at the airport!!!)

    I went to Mexico a few years ago, but was further north near Mexico City. I got to see the Aztec ruins, but I’d looooove to go back and see the Mayan ones. They look gorgeous!

  9. So sad you got your camera stolen 😦 but great you are working out whilst on holidays. You go girl. I hope I can keep up that pace when I go on vacation next week 🙂

  10. Sounds like so much fun!!! I’ve been to Cancun but not Tulum….always wanted to see it too. Happy you had a great time! Aloha 🙂

  11. Welcome home!

    Bummer about your camera. 😦

  12. Love this recap!!!! We’ve been there too and loved it. Sorry to hear about your camera 😦 That happened to me at my sister’s wedding…it is no fun at all!
    I so know what you mean about running in the high winds..I tried that on our cruise…LOL I almost blew away!

  13. Oh my gosh, the pics you were able to get were awesome!

    I’ve never been on a cruise, but I feel like I’d feel weird working out on a moving boat, like the motion aspect of it.. great looking gym though!

    Glad you had a nice time!

  14. Aww sorry about the camera. The trip looks amazing though – I love history and those ruins look awesome! Can’t wait to hear more about it 🙂

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  16. That gym on the ship looks awesome!!!

  17. […] last stop of the cruise (sniff, sniff) and in my opinion, the best. (Miss my recap on the first, second, or third […]

  18. […] that time I went to Mexico and lost my point and shoot camera along with all the pictures on the interlaying SD card? That wasn’t the first time I’ve […]

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