Celebrating Accomplishments and a Vega Vibrancy Giveaway

Gooood morning, boggy friends! And Happy Friday!

First off – thank you all for your support and congratulations on passing the ACE exam. Ya’ll are too kind, and it meant so much to me 😀

What a week – let me tell you – I am just so glad it’s the weekend 😀 And a bonus – I get to see an absolutely fabulous group of girls at the girlfriends’ secret santa 2010! We’ve been carrying on this lil’ tradition since 2003, and we’re still going strong. Now just to figure out what to bake 🙂 Speaking of Christmas, um, it’s one week away. Anyone else not started on Christmas gifts yet? Awesome 😉 Wait, I take that back, I have one person covered. This year we’re scaling back Christmas gift giving (we usually get all excited about it, and end up spending too much money) anyway, so the pressure isn’t on too much.

Anywho, yesterday was a whirl wind of a day! After I got done passing the ACE exam, I got to my car to find out it wouldn’t start. I’m pretty much car illiterate, so I called Shane to freak out, and when he didn’t answer, called my dad for advice. He said it was probably the battery, so I had a friend help me out by bringing over some jumper cables. Low and behold, it worked! haha… I really need to start carrying these trusty little gadgets in my car.

After the car drama was situated, then the celebrating began. First up was an awesome trip to the gym. I had planned on running a quick three miles with some ab work, but as soon as I hopped on the treadmill, I could tell my stomach was telling me, “Oh hells no!” so I just did a quick 10 minute warm up, and then worked on upper body weights. I did one set of each of the following with 10-12 reps:

  • Lat pull down on cable machine
  • Push ups
  • Posterior delt fly in prone position on stability ball
  • Chest flies in supine position on stability ball
  • Shoulder press on bosu
  • Bent rows
  • Bicep curls on the cable machine
  • Skull crusher/straight arm pullover combo in supine position
  • Bicep curls on an incline

Whooo!!! I did minimal upper body work while on the cruise, so this felt wonderful. I finished er’ up with a 20 minute hill workout on the treadmill.

My stomach just may have been disagreeing with me because I didn’t get home from Joliet until about 3:00, and the only thing I ate between 6:00 a.m. and then was this little delicious bar:



SO good, and pretty substantial, but still not lunch. Keep reading, you could be the winner of some of these new Vega Vibrancy bars yourself! 😉

As soon as I got home from the gym, I was welcomed by the hubby, who surprised me with a stacking unit for our new washer/dryer, a clean house, and a new filter for the fridge. As I’ve said before: he may not cook for a lick, but he sure is on top of things when it comes to house maintenance/cleaning 😀

Even Niko was ecstatic with excitement!


Actually…she was just being an ornery little dog and was digging and rolling around the bed. After she sat up, she looked like she stuck her tail in an electrical socket! The look on her face is priceless, too. I had to snap a pic, hehe.

Soon after, we debated where we wanted to go to celebrate, and decided on the usual – Fiesta Ranchera:


But instead of having my usual “just water, please,” I ordered a nice, tall, celebratory margarita!!


Seriously, aren’t margs the best for celebrating? I know I sure think so!



I didn’t, however, change up my food order. You just can’t beat veggie fajitas with corn tortillas:




With generous dollop of gaucky:




And of course the necessary chips and salsa:




Twas quite the celebration 😉


Give it Away, Give it Away, Give it Away Nah!

OK, enough about me. Now let’s talk about Kelly, from Sequel Naturals. She offered to let me host a giveaway for the new Vega Vibrancy bars!! These are the bars that house a plethora of sprouts – a a nutritional powerhouse – in bar form! Pretty awesome, huh? They also house 10 grams of raw protein per bar (hence the they made me pretty full comment!)



You can check out my review of them here, but as I said above, they’re very tasty, and surprisingly satiating. The bar I had today made me forget I didn’t have lunch! (Until I got to the gym, of course ;))

She’s also throwing in an awesome Reusable Vega canvas bag, shown here!

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me how you celebrate a great accomplishment. Whether it’s with a dinner out, drinks, a workout, or all three – I believe every accomplishment we make should be celebrated!

For an additional entry, feel free to tweet this message: @PaigeRAN is having a giveaway for the new Vega Vibrancy Bars! http://runningaroundnormal.com/2009/12/18/celebrating-accomplishments-and-a-vega-vibrancy-giveaway/

This contest is open to US residents only (sorry 😦 ) and will end Tuesday morning.

Thanks for entering, all! 😀

Hopefully you all have a wonderful weekend! I’m hoping to get some quality time with the computer in my robe. I am really wanting to update my fitness page before Christmas. I think the first thing I’m going to add is my post-aerobic workout stretching routine. I use the same one every time!



Footnote: If you read my upper body workout above, you probably think it’s a little scattered and all over the place. It is, however, there’s also a method to that madness. I, like a lot of other people, like to maximize productivity in the amount of time I have. Therefore, whenever I do weights, I try to work the agonist-antagonist or opposing muscle groups one after another, rather than taking rest breaks. For example, above, I did biceps, and then instead of resting for 45-60 seconds, and doing another bicep exercise, I immediately went to triceps. This allows my bicep muscles a rest break without actually taking a break. Then you can see after triceps – and after my biceps had a chance to get rid of some of that lactic acid, I went back to do another exercise for biceps again. Try it! You’ll be maximizing the amount of time you have for your workouts – and I know how busy all of you are!


37 Responses

  1. CONGRATSSSSSSSSSS on the pass- that is awesome 🙂 wahooo! How cute is that picture of Niko? So freaking cute. Love Mexican. How do I celebrate? A starbucks treat, a magazine, a new shirt or workout top, etc. Have a good weekend

  2. Congrats! I love mexican food and fajitas are my FAV 🙂

    I love to celebrate with a dinner out or a new treat from the bookstore – love to read!

  3. HOLY margarita!! that looks delicious as does the meal!

    I love to celebrate a big accomplisment with a mani/pedi or buy myself omsething nice that I have wanted for a while, i think to myself that I deserve it!

    CONGRATS On the pass, girl!

  4. Just like you – I celebrate with margaritas!! They are my FAVE!! 🙂

  5. The hub and I always celebrate by going out to din din , as well! Thos chips look yum.. and I always get veggie fajitas at Mexican joints!! Congrats, hun 🙂
    ps.. Id totally love some Vega Bars.. woo!

  6. Congrats!!!!!! I celebrate by working out, buying a new outfit and going out to dinner with the hubby.

  7. Congratulations, big time! I know you had to cram for that test since the timing was so soon after your cruise…good girl:-)
    I usually buy something to celebrate; it doesn’t even matter if it’s for me or someone in my family.
    Please save that picture of Niko. I’m sure it could win a contest, how adorable.

  8. I like celebrating a big accomplishment by going out to a big dinner or by buying myself something nice (a good bottle of wine perhaps?). I think next time I may go for a margarita though, it looks SO good!

  9. Mmm Mexican! I like to celebrate with food (obviously) – usually one of my favorite local Italian places for some yummy red wine and pizza! Congrats again!!

  10. Oh yum! Mexican food is the best! And that pic of Niko is so cute!

    I usually celebrate a great accomplishment by a bit of indulgence and time with loved ones! Sometimes it is dinner out with my husband, and sometimes it is just us making homemade pizza and watching a fun movie!

  11. I always treat myself to an ice cream cone, since I try to stay away from them the rest of the time!

  12. entry 1
    I celebrate by probably going shopping or just sitting back and savoring it and/or telling all my friends and fam about what i just did!

  13. entry 2
    I tweeted it
    great giveaway hon!

  14. Woot woot! Congratulations!!
    I love that margarita pic! It’s huge!
    I think my main form of celebrating is pampering myself!

  15. I usually celebrate with shopping! And it’s been far too long since I’ve had a Margarita.

    My SIL’s family lives in Joliet. Maybe we can meet up next time I’m up there with her!

    Congrats again girl!

  16. YAY for passing 🙂 I would love to get ACE certified one day!
    I definitely love to go for a run, and then go out for a nice meal followed by BANGIN drinks afterwards when celebrating! 🙂

  17. I celebrate with a manicure and pedicure! I love how relaxing it is, and I get to catch up on my celeb gossip with all the magazines!

  18. I LOVE the pic of Niko! Such a cutie 🙂

    We usually celebrate by eating out somewhere yummy or cooking a special dinner at home.

  19. I celebrate by going out with my family for dinner or buying myself perfume ( I collect way too much of that stuff…haha)!

  20. I love to celebrate by going out for some really good beer. I am definately a beer girl. A nice dinner is also part of the celebration.

  21. way to go! when I pass a test (or just finish finals – phew!) I celebrate with a nice relaxing hike with my boyfriend. hoping weather is good.

  22. Congrats on passing! Missed that post yesterday.

    I celebrate with dinner out, too…after a good workout : )

  23. Tweeted @PreventionRD

  24. great giveaway! i celebrate with either a massage or a great meal out.

  25. I let out a primal scream and then call my mother.

  26. Those bars look fabulous Paige! I’m always up for trying a new bar. 🙂

    I like to call my older brothers and tell them the news to celebrate. I have always looked up to them, so it means a lot when they can share in my accomplishments!


  27. To celebrate something we usually go out to a nice dinner and have wine!

  28. […] forget to enter my Vega Vibrancy Bar giveaway – it ends Tuesday! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)If you’re going to be a […]

  29. Whenever I accomplish something great, my family and I sit down to a delicious home made meal!! For example, when I was in high school and I got an A in a class my mom would make Fettucine and a delicious meat sauce!! Our Family LOVES food!!

  30. Niko is adorable!

    I always celebrate with new workout clothes! I love shopping at Lululemon and only do it when I have met some goal, so I always look forward to those shopping trips!

  31. […] forget to enter my Vega Bar giveaway! Ends […]

  32. I celebrate with a day to myself. Shopping, going out to eat, or out to dinner with the fam. Great giveaway!

  33. Great giveaway!!! 🙂 I celebrate by throwing on my comfy pjs, getting in bed, turning on my laptop and catching up on all of my favorite shows! I’m a party animal let me tell you hahah. 🙂

  34. […] For dinner, the husband was craving Mexican food, so we decided to both get out of the house (he had been downstairs working the day away) and hit up our fave Mexican Restaurant. Fiesta Ranchero! […]

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