Santa Left me Something Extra

Good morning, lovlies! Are we all recuperated from this weekend? I am well on my way!

I am currently sipping on some Kona coffee (Fresh Market’s is best) and mentally preparing myself for a kick butt workout. I actually had grand plans of going to the gym upon waking, but my plans were deterred when I got up and saw this outside my window:


Yeah… I don’t think they’d cancel work over it, but I’m sure as heck not going to voluntarily trudge through that! This snow storm started yesterday morning! The weatherman must not have gotten the memo that we were all dreaming of a white Christmas, not day-after-Christmas. It is quite pretty, though, no? Needless to say, I’ll be working out here in our “home gym” this morning. 🙂

Thankfully, the roads weren’t too bad during the day yesterday, and I was able to hit up the gym for an hour long yoga session followed by a 20 minute incline walk on the treadmill. I’m now keeping track of my daily workouts in a table located in the fitness tab of the bloggy if you ever care for some workout inspiration!

Pre work out fuelage:


Oh, and PS…another blender took a poo. It’s last day on the counter was 12/24/09. It’s now been replaced by this 1990’s blender my parents’ haven’t used in years and were so kind enough to loan me until it calls it quits:



After the gym, I made the obligatory weekend stop at Naturally Yours, and was absolutely delighted to find yet another foodie unicorn!

IMG_1429 Other grocery goodies:

IMG_1430 IMG_1431

All essentials. I was excited to try out some Millet bread that the Fitnessista has been raving about over on her blog lately. Since my stomach was eating my back bone by this time, I decided it’d be a great time to test it out!

I toasted a piece of the Millet bread (omg…fabulous tasting) and one piece of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread, and spread on a little Original Earth Balace, and then sprinkled the PB2 on half of each piece – didn’t want the whole thing to go to waste incase it was major suckage.



The verdict? PB2 is just kinda “meh” when sprinkled on toast. I think it’d be better stirred into something…like oatmeal…mmm. Does anyone have any suggestions on how you like it best?

The rest of the afternoon, the husband and I ran errands around town…in a blizzard. Oh, this is a good time to point something out to you guys. Since it was snowing, I wanted to wear boots + skinny jeans:


Now if you look closely, you’ll see those aren’t skinny jeans at all, but instead Lululemon charcoal Under Wunder tights. You see, Santa left some extra weight in my stockings!! I put on my skinny jeans, and was able to button them, but then had to do the just-washed-and-dried-jeans-dance, and I hadn’t even washed them! So instead of feeling like suffocating all day, I slipped on these cop out skinny jeans, and felt much better.

And you know what? I don’t even mind the extra weight. I didn’t freak out at all. Moreover, Shane has told me multiple times how he likes me better with a few extra LB’s – he likes the curves, and I do too! Unfortunately, all of my jeans like me at my happy-weight – the weight I stay at with my normal diet and exercise. However, all would be good if I could just wear my lulu’s all day every day! haha …Man that really would be great, wouldn’t it? Just sayin’…

Anyway, we were on a mission to replace the rug in our living room. We went to several different places, when we finally got a replacement of the exact same one we had before at Target. Hey, it works!


Same rug, just with all of its rug fibers and no remnants of animal hair or spilled coffee 😀

With all this running around, it was time for some Lunner!…Dunch…Lupper…

Papa Murphy’s! I got my favorite – the Veggie Gourmet:


SO good. And I had three pieces like this! I thought I’d embrace my newfound curves 😉 hehe

Today, we are doing Shane’s side Christmas at our house. And I’m going to cook for everyone! Since I could make the dessert ahead of time, I did! I made Jessica’s Ooey Gooey Brownies:


Uh oh! Looks like a little bird took a piece! *ahem* Shane *ahem*           

Since our plans for the night was watching a movie in the theatre downstairs, I took full advantage of the popcorn machine I got for my wedding shower last year:


I made sweet n salty popcorn! This entails sea salt, nutritional yeast, and dark chocolate chips:IMG_4432

  Tasted delicious, and totally made the movie-watching experience ;-)   

 Today’s forecast:

  • elliptisize and upper body weights it up
  • Cooking for the FIL and company
  • Clean for said company
  • Catching up with said company!


This weekend has just been so fabulous, I wish it’d never end!!!


Is it snowing where you live?? I head it was even blizzarding in Texas!! Crazy, crazy weather.

Have a fab Sunday, all!


28 Responses

  1. Love the rug!

  2. I HEART PB2 in fat free Greek Yogurt! I probably eat it ohhhh…90% of the time for breakfast! =) Little variations each time. Sometimes I add oatmeal, granola, banana, etc. etc. You can get really creative so it’s not as if you’re eating the same thing every day.
    ps. Lovin’ your blog! First time I’ve read it. =)

  3. I like PB2 in protein shakes, but I also like it mixed with water – the way they say to turn it into peanut butter. I think it tastes like Reeses!

  4. Curves are good, I’m so glad you came to that conclusion! My body definitely has a happy weight, too…but mine definitely includes curves! The outfit is adorable!

    Good for you for getting in a workout despite the snow! I need to get one in soon!

    The pizza looks wonderful…and I bet all 3 slices were delicious!

  5. Curves are wonderful! Hopefully you can work out a deal with your jeans 😉

    It’s not snowing right now, but there is lots of snow on the ground!

  6. Powdered peanut butter scares me a little… I feel ya on the skinny jeans thing. I was just telling my husband about how tight washed jeans are. Amazingly he understood 🙂

  7. Yeah, PB2 is very bland when used as actual peanut butter. It’s best mixed into things like you said – oatmeal is my fave! Or yogurt and smoothies.

  8. Popcorn looks great! It was a beautiful White Christmas in Texas, but now it’s melted away. I hear it will be back next week though.

  9. Love the rug! Popcorn looks delish. I’m in love with Fresh Market’s coffee. I’m stuck on Carmel Mochiatto (sp).


  10. Ya know, I didn’t think of it, but I suppose with your cruise then Christmas, it would make sense to put on a couple pounds. You still look absolutely amazing in those Lulus 😉 I’ve gained about 3 lbs in the last few weeks – just enough to make my pants a little snug. No freakout here either. It’ll go back down when I’m home and back into my normal routine and habits. Love your healthy outlook on it!

  11. That popcorn looks delish! Thankfully it isn’t snowing at my FI’s mother’s house (in PA). It was sleeting in upstate NY when we left yesterday. I’m ready for spring!

  12. Good for you embracing your curves. You look stunning!

  13. I bet your FIL will love your cooking; we do.

    I helped Dad shovel our driveway and the neighbor lady’s. Then, I took a one and a half mile snow trudge with Buck when the sun finally started shining after 4 days! Ahh, Illinois weather.

  14. Great post!
    PB2-STir it into oatmeal, smoothies, raw-ish date/nutball creations. Not just plain on toast, well Ive never tried it that way.

    The jeans/Lulu and your great attitude toward it–love that!

    The popcorn maker!!! and the popcorn with choc chips = a nightly staple lately for me. I blame food blogs 🙂

    And JEssica’s brownies…NICE!

  15. I LOVE PB2 mixed in plain yogurt… I usually add 1-2 tbsp per 3/4 cup yogurt. Another good one is spinkled on top of a bowl of cereal AFTER you pour in the milk. I have never actually tried it as normal PB before. 😉

    OMG, LOVE those leggings! Rock those things!


  16. i wish we would get some new snow! lucky you 😉 i like PB2 mixed into things best. greek yogurt and oats. LMAO i know the washed-and-dried dance all too well. you are rocking those leggings though. svelte sista! your christmas looked great~i actually LOVED those owl ornaments! i am into owls. the ugly sweaters were awesome. XOXO paige!

  17. you look beautiful in those leggings. leggings are the best – i’m still looking for the perfect pair.

  18. It’s snowing here too 🙂

    Hee hee. I think Santa probably left us all a little weight these few days after Christmas! I definitely moved my belt over one loop after Christmas dinner!

    We have always talked about getting a popcorn maker. It looks like you have a nice theater room!

  19. No snow here in S. Florida, but yours looks lovely.

    And you look too cute in your boots!

  20. We could never be blessed enough to have snow, but I hear that freezing rain is on the forecast for tomorrow. I assume there will be wrecks all over the road; Louisiana drivers don’t know how to drive in this stuff!

  21. I love keeping track of my workouts on my blog! It helps me remember, haha! It is supposed to snow here tomorrow and i’m NOT looking forward to it!! Is winter almost over yet? 😉

  22. I could never get on board with the PB2. I tried both the plain and the chocolate, but it’s missing the real peanut butter sticky factor.

    Try mixing it as per the instructions and maybe you’ll like it more…or add a little extra water and use it as a fruit/veggie dip. That’s the only way I liked it…with apples.

    Oh, or drizzle it over oats…that worked pretty good too.

    Good luck!

  23. I have both chocolate and plain PB2. I use PB2 a lot in cooking for recipes that call for regular peanut butter, like stir fry sauces or Thai cooking. (recipes on my blog)

    I also mix some chocolate PB2 and agave nectar for a little sweet treat!

  24. Your tights look cute! Sounds like a good excuse to do some jean shopping to me 😉

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