You Know It’s Gonna Be a Good Day When…

Good morning, everyone! Happy day after New Year’s 😉 It was neat seeing what all of you did to reign in the New Year. Sounds like most of you, like me, decided not to brave the crowds and cold temps.

I must have not gotten enough sleep on NYE (my body won’t allow me to sleep past 8:30,) so last night when I hit the sheets, I slept. And slept. And slept. Like a rock! It was such a good sleep. I fell asleep around 10:45 and didn’t wake up until 8:30. Twas glorious. And the kicker? A ringing of our doorbell woke me up. I thought, what could anyone want at this hour? Then Shane called out that it was for me…



You KNOW it’s gonna be a good day when you wake up to Lululemon at your doorstop! Inside that oh-so-delicious bag was an organic racerback tank, a sleeper tank, and the feel good pant. Uhh…yoga apparel-gasm?? hehe

So now I’m munching on some pre-workout breakkie and sippin’ some fairtrade mind, body, soul coffee before I go get my workout on.


Brown Rice flour toast, almond butter, and a sliced banana, plus banana dog. Perfect fuel for a session of upper body + cardio!

So yesterday Shane and I just hung around the house until about dinner time. I did bloggy stuff, and he played some game on PS3 with his friends. Eventually, we got hungry, and contemplated a movie for a bit, but decided on Wal-Mart and Indian food instead. Wal-Mart because I was in desperate need of produce, and we wanted to play New Super Mario World for Wii, and Indian because we both had a fierce craving that was so worth driving in 3º weather.

IMG_4555 IMG_4560IMG_4561


Precious produce!! All I wanted all day was a big juicy apple. Success!

And I tried out a new Indian dish – Baigan Baigum I think it was called? Either way, it was amazing, and almost knocked my head off.


I finished it all – a rarity for me!

IMG_4556Oh and you know the naan was just as good. Very chewy and firm.


Well 2010 folks, I’m about to check and see if I can make the bed and head out yet. I don’t like to make the bed while others are still sleeping in it you know.


She does NOT look like she’s going to be moving anytime soon. Bahaha.

Today should be a pretty awesome day. On the tentative agenda for the rest of the day:

  • Twerkin’ it out for an hour or so at the gym
  • Mani/pedi w/ the madre
  • Back here to get ready for one of the husband’s friend’s birthday festivities


Hope you all enjoy your Saturday!


16 Responses

  1. Your dog is just too cute 🙂

    Lululemon is definitely a great way to start the day!

  2. Nothing better than starting the day off with a package… especially Lululemon! Sounds like a fabulous day ahead for you to enjoy. 🙂


  3. i love the “yoga apparel-gasm”! ha. too cute!

  4. ooohh what a perfect way to start off your day with Lulu at your doorstep!

    Oh MY your pup is wayyy too cute all snuggled in your blankets! loooks sooo cozy!

  5. oh wow all that almond buttery goodness is making me hungry!!
    have fun getting your mani/pedi!

  6. Oh I love getting stuff in the mail! Your pooch is too cute!

  7. Nothing better than packages in the morning! 😀

    Your puppy is too cute all snuggled in bed! 🙂

  8. Hey Girl, congrats on the Lulu surprise!
    Please tell me you bought that and that you didnt just score it! If you did score it, I am happy for you….and need to know who you know 🙂


  9. Cutest. Dog picture. Ever.
    Made my night…

  10. A morning that starts off with a lulumon package is a good day, indeed!

  11. Your Wal-Mart produce looks wonderful! I wish ours had the same – our Wally World is HUGE but unimpressive, to say the least. Your pup is TOO cute! He looks so comfy in your plushy bed!

  12. Omg what an adorable picture of Niko!!

  13. I love how your bed is swallowing up little Niko. 🙂

    I hear you on the freezing cold temperatures. It’s been sooo cold over the weekend, and since Thursday night we’ve had about 20 inches of snow. It does NOT make me want to venture outside for anything!!

  14. I must admit, I genuinely believe I have the most adorable dogs in the world. And that part of that has to do with how good I am at capturing great shots. But this picture totally outdid anything I’ve ever gotten on camera.


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