My Workout Took One for the Team

Hey guys!! Well if you’re reading this, you must have made it through your Monday! Congrats!

My Monday turned out not so bad. The day was busy as ever, but I took it in stride. I honestly think practicing more yoga lately has already made me…not so much a more patient person yet, but a person who doesn’t react to situations or dilemmas so rashly. While I was doing yoga Sunday night to one of Dave Farmar’s podcast, he said a quote about accepting the situation, but not absorbing it – he even related it to receiving a not so pleasant email – and not letting it get to you! It might sound funny, but I totally went back to that quote several times yesterday🙂


I had grand plans to spend a little QT with my elliptical last night. I even got on it for a few minutes, but in the back of my mind, I knew I had a TON of personal business work I had to take care of, and I just couldn’t concentrate. My workout took one for the team, and I hopped off the elliptical and got started on my work. I’m glad I did, because alas, when I finished up it was nearing 10:00 – this party girl’s bedtime 😉

Of course I did take a break for a little dinner!

I’ve had an acorn squash sitting atop of the fridge for a while now, so I decided to put that to good use. I just cut in half and roasted the little “bowls” at 400 degrees for 35 minutes – one for me and one for the husband. In my squashie bowl I put a tablespoon of some black beans, tamari, maple syrup, a little sea salt, and Earth Balance that I cooked on the stove real quick when it had about 10 minutes left.


Turned out deeelicious! Loved the sweet n salty combo.

And on the side I had a smallish salad of spinach, broccoli, red pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes in an organic honey Dijon dressing.


I’m really loving this salad dressing- so good. In fact, this salad was so good that it convinced me to make the same thing and pack it up for lunch today!


…but I need to get Goddess dressing back in my life and in mah salad bowl!      

After doing a little more computer work, I caught up on some Bachelor premier that I DVR’d earlier. I told myself I wasn’t gonna watch, but I just can’t resist a little trash TV. I’d been avoiding my cell phone for fear that I’d gotten a spoiler text telling me which gems he let go. Ohhh, the suspense 😉


Well today should be a fun one! I’ve got some personal errands to run over lunch, hitting up the gym to get a quick run in after work, then heading to another gym for an hour or so long trainer shadow session 😀

Have a great day all!

Do you watch mindless, brain-cell killing TV? If so, what’s your favorite one? I think I’d have to go with a tie between Housewives and the Kardashians. Sometimes its nice not to have to use the brain, haha.


19 Responses

  1. This week is filled with so much catching up…I’m right there with ya! The squash looks fabulous. As you know, I’m squash obsessed and love the combination of flavors you used. Hope you have a good one today 🙂 I love trash tv too! Housewives, million dollar listing, millionaire matchmaker, etc! Hooray for bravo

  2. I love acorn squash, way more than butternut.

    Yes, I watch Two and a Half Men, but now it’s all reruns, and I love watching Pawn Stars, on the History Channel. Can Chumley really be that dumb?

  3. OH I love mindless TV!! Love everything on E and MTV!!

  4. omg my google reader stopped updating your posts! I just figured it out last night! Fixed!

    Your dinner looks yummy!

  5. Does 4 hrs of the today show count as mindless tv? Oops I can’t believe I just admitted that….

  6. LOVE mindless TV. RIght now my favorite is Jersey Shore, but I’m a sucker for E! reality shows, and Made on MTV

  7. i totally watch all kinds of brain cell killing television!!!! Desperate housewives, and my favorite keeping up with the kardashians and KENDRA!! haha i’m embarassed to admit that I love these shows

  8. The acorn squash looks yummy!

  9. Your dinner looks so yummy! Glad you were able to make good progress on things you needed to get done last night. Have a great Tuesday!

    Also, I LOVE mindless TV – ANTM is probably my favorite

  10. yes…too much mindless tv. :\ but some days, you just need to tune out, you know?

    love the squash idea!

  11. Ha!! I couldn’t resist the Bachelor either. But there are about a million hours of boring parts, so I DVR it too so I can fast forward (and hubby leaves the room).

    I’m also a Kardashians addict. Sometimes you just need something mindless after a long day…

  12. All the Real Housewives incarnations. I can’t help it!

    Great idea on the squash – I love squash so much!

  13. I love Desparate Housewives, American Idol and The Biggest Loser. 🙂

  14. LOVE mindless TV.. I watched freaking 2 hours of Jersey Shore last night.. ya not proud of that. lol

    Your acorn squash looks perfect.. what a great din din!

  15. Oh I just posted about this yesterday and continued on with it today LOL
    Housewives and the Kardashians = faves of mine for sure!

  16. Yum! I need to make that acron squash I have sitting at home. I have been craving them ever since I first tried one in November!

    I don’t watch any TV. But I heard the Biggest Loser premieres tonight and I think that would be fun to watch!

  17. I used to watch a ton of those shows but now I’m a big fan of watching dvds of tv shows. I’m almost through season four of the office and I love it!

  18. love your simple dinner! acorn squash bowls are so much fun.

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