It’s Shooow(er) Time!

Having a fab Saturday? I sure can’t kick!

Let me tell you, that Power Yoga was a SUCCESS! The class description said to prepare to sweat, and sweat I did.

The class is actually a class in the loft area of my gym. It’s an ashtanga yoga class with lots of vinyasas. It was also the “launch class” today and had a few newbies, so I’m hoping the regular weekly classes are even more challenging.

After class I was talking to the instructor about how much I enjoyed the class, and how hard it has been actually trying to find a good, challenging yoga class here in Bloomington. She felt the exact same way, and that’s how she got the idea to start the class. I’m so excited to start attending this class regularly 😀

After yoga, I did about 35 more minutes of cardio, and then headed back to the homefront to get ready for a shower.

Once showered, I felt a little snacky from my work out.



Lovely combo of plain Oikos, fruit + nut granola, chopped apple = happy belly



Tried to convince myself to clean the house, but only ended up doing one load of laundry, then started to catch up on your lovely bloggies instead 😀

All the sudden it was lunch time!

The last blog I read was Miss Snackface’s, and naturally, I had to try making some cheetahs!




OK ya’ll…I’ve made sweet potato fries before, but none like these. Yumtopia!!! Perfect amount of crunchiness. If you haven’t tried making sweet potato fries with this recipe, I encourage you all to do so stat!

But that’s not all. On plate numero uno, the cheetahs, and on plate numero dos…



Hummus and dippers platter! Dippers were orange bell pepper, broccoli, muchrooms, and crackers.

IMG_4796Nom to the nom.   

As I was finishing nomming, my ride to the shower came, and I grabbed my gift and headed out.



Twas such a cute baby shower! The decorations were adorable, and there weren’t too many cheesy games. Just a couple, and not the kind that make people feel awkward. My kinda shower.

Little self-tidbit: at my bridal shower, I didn’t have any games for the guests to play. Just mimosas 😉

Got home from the shower and started to actually clean the house. The original tentative game plan was to have another couple over for a night of Euchre, but that fell through, so the hubs and I decided to have a date night at one of our favorite restaurants in town, Biaggis!

I was feeling fun and had a martini while waiting for our table:



French martinis and I go back 😉

After being seated noshing on some bread and olive oil, our entrees came out.

For mine, I had the eggplant parmesan:




Gaahhh I can’t explain how delicious this was. Hands down best eggplant parm I’ve ever eaten.

Dessert, however, was in our future, so I had to force myself to only eat half – and there was a LOT of eggplant there!

Also had a glass of red, red, wine with the din:



Full, but not quite miserable yet, we ordered the white chocolate bread pudding to put us over the top:




OK…words cannot even explain how decadent and delicious this dessert is. I’ve never had anything like it before.

All right. That did the job. Now we were miserably full, and decided to linger a while longer, while digesting and chatting it up, and sipped some coffee to aid in digestion:



Now we’re all settled in for the night and playing a little Wii Mario World.

However, I’m beginning to think we should have gotten decaf coffee after our meal, because it’s about time for bed, but I’m ready to beat Mario World whether it takes all night! Back in the day, I’d do that all the time! Blasted sense of time…

Well folks, I’ve got a level two Sand World to beat. Hope you have a fabulous Sunday! The husband and I are trying out a new church tomorrow. We’ve yet to find one that just “feels right” here, and we’re really hoping this is the one. Wish us luck!


Do you like to play all the shower games at wedding and baby showers? I’m clearly not a fan. I’m a HUGE kid at heart, and usually love all games, but there’s just something about shower games that give me the groans.


24 Responses

  1. hahah nice title. so clever! i love biaggi’s~one of my fave italian places for sure! and i am not always into those silly games…

    have a great sunday!

  2. Biaggi’s is good! We are on level 8 in that game. There are some levels that were so frustrating for me. I can’t stay on a floating, revolving block to save my life. I think I’ve had to be brought back to life 40 times, LOL. 🙂


  3. My friends threw me a baby shower and they picked out the best games! None of them were too corny or boring.

    Sweet potato fries are AWESOME 🙂

  4. That eggplant parm looks delicious!! Glad you’re having a great weekend!

  5. Yeah, I’m a total party pooper when it comes to those games. However, give me drinking games of the same nature and I’m all over it! Haha oh well.

  6. Mmm those sweet potato fries look delish!

    I have to admit, I like shower games. If it’s not a shower for one of my good friends, I get bored without the games!

  7. One or two games at a shower is enough. Good eating, drinking, chatting and watching someone you like open cool presents is perfect.
    Power yoga sounds like fun. My gym doesn’t have any yoga class, but Marianne adds some at the end to her classes. Her classes are more athletic than dancey, and I have two left feet.

  8. That meal looks amaze! I’ve just recently introduced eggplant into myself- I have been missing out! So good.

    I’m torn on shower games- some can be okay but a lot are pretty lame. I think we are doing a few at my shower next month. My BMs have good taste though so it will be fun! Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

  9. I think shower games are the most awkward thing ever invented! i’m a big fan of showers with mimosas though, so if you have to play a game or two to earn your mimosa, that’s fine with me 🙂

  10. “Power Yoga was a SUCCESS! The class description said to prepare to sweat, and sweat I did.”-Love it when that happens!

    What a great friend you are with the great baby shower gift!

    and white choc bread pudding….WOW!!!! 🙂

  11. Eh, not so much into the games. I guess one or two is fine. I should probably make this clear to my stepmother, who is throwing my wedding shower this spring.

  12. i’ve never been crazy about the games. my sister had a few at her shower, but my bridesmaids opted to go sans-games for my two showers, thankfully!!

    also, so glad you found a yoga class you really enjoyed!

  13. that martini looks delish! what’s in it?

  14. So glad you liked the yoga class! I hope you enjoy the church this morning. I still haven’t found one that feels right, and I also feel so awkward attending alone because none of my friends are my denomination, but I know finding one would make life a lot better.

    Dinner looked absolutely amazing!

  15. Mmmm that bread pudding looks divine! Bread and rice puddings are my faves. Looks like a great meal. I did not have games at my shower either – sometimes I think they can be fun, but other times I get annoyed. It might depend on how well I know the person. Generally, I’m a no-gamer though.

  16. bread pudding!!!!!

  17. Oh my stars!!! Biaggis is my absolute favorite place… ever. Their bread is amazing, wine – amazing, and food – of course amazing. I never have to wait too long for a table, the food is always fabulous and the wait staff doesn’t leave your drink empty for long. Great choice!!

  18. Yay for showers without cheesy games! 🙂

    Those sweet potatoes look delicious

  19. I am on the fence about shower games. I think they can be fun, but I think that too many can get old fast!

  20. […] was SO obsessed with the sweet potato fries I made yesterday, that I just had to use up the other one I had […]

  21. […] two races anyway, and to fill the void, I plan on taking spin classes and go back to my beloved power yoga class. I was able to negotiate a lower rate and skip the the sign on fee!! […]

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