Power Yoga Oatmeal

Happy Saturday!

I’m awake bright and early for the launch class of Power Yoga at 8:00. I’ve never been before, so I’m supah excited to try it out. Hope I like it!

Yesterday morning I woke up to look out the window and saw that it was light outside. First though: Hm, that’s nice. Second though: Crap! I’m late for work!!!

With all the snow day antics on Thursday, I must have turned off the alarm. Oh well, we were just an hour late for work, so we stayed an hour late (11:30 – more like 12, though.) Plus, I got a much needed extra two hours of sleep.

After work, I set off to do the usual gym time and grocery store stops. Got in a nice cardio work out at the gym, and then made a couple stops at a couple grocery stores, gathering all the necessities. However, I didn’t sit down and make a meal plan this week, so the groceries were kind of haphazard. I also had to make a stop by the Tarjay to pick up a baby gift for a neighbor’s daughter’s shower.


After getting home, I was finally able to eat some dinner. And I was craving nothing but a big as your house salad. I had picked up a bottle of Goddess dressing (finally!!) at the store, and couldn’t wait to use it on a salad:


 IMG_4742 IMG_4748


After devouring, I was off to Bunco with the girls. The night was FULL of laughs. It seemed like everyone brought out their inner rowdiness, which always makes for a good time. A few extra drinks doesn’t hurt either 😉 And the icing on the cake? I won!! It’s been a while since I won, so I thanked everyone and told them I had fun taking their money before we peaced out 😀


Which brings us to this morning. I woke up around 6:30, so I could make a nice big bowl of oats and have a big cup of coffee.

In the oats? This line up, right heah:



Oats, smashed nanner, Sun Crystals, flax meal, water:



With a blob of peanut butter and some TJ’s pumpkin butter = yummay in my tummay.

Have I told you I’ve stopped putting sweetener in my coffee? I just got sick of trying to decide if I should do cane sugar, stevia, a stevia blend, etc. So I just said screw it, and nixed it altogether. Problem solved, and with a few extra pennies in the piggy bank at that.


Well, friends, I need to go get ready for Power Yoga! The description says Be prepared to sweat! Exceeellllent😀

What type of sweetener do you put in your coffee/tea? I’ve gone from sweetened creamer (aka white, liquid chemicals ;)) to sweet n low (which made my upper stomach hurt – weird,) to cane sugar, to stevia, to NADA!


19 Responses

  1. Congrats on winning last night! As I am posting this, you are working out! The Saturday 10 a.m. spin class I love was already full when three of us ducked out of a body pump class to register for it Friday at 10:03:-( So, I guess I’ll mix it up with machines on my own.

    I put Sugar In the Raw from Hawaii and lotsa skim milk in my coffee, about 2-3 mugs a morning when not working.

  2. I just put skim milk in my coffee. Have fun at your class!


  3. I love yoga!! Have fun! Your oats look fabulous!

  4. I don’t know that I could quit the sweet stuff in my coffee but I stopped using Splenda and started using Sugar in the Raw a few months ago and I lurve it!

  5. I like my coffee the way I like my dogs.. black.

    Ok, stupid joke. But my dog is as black as black can be and I love strong, dark coffee! But someone did tell me once that sugar adulterates the coffee. I thought that was kind of funny 🙂

  6. I use the real deal. sugar and half and half. Both are all natural and even though they pack some major calories, I think it’s healthier for me than drinking “liquid chemicals!”

  7. I stopped using any sweetner cold turkey. Now if I use any of them they taste weird to me. With the exception of sugar. I use it sparingly but it is natural 🙂

  8. I don’t use any sugar in my coffee. Just a little bit of milk to help cool it off.

  9. Totally need to try that dressing. I see it popping up all the time in Blog World….looks yummy!!
    Stay warm! Aloha, A

  10. I don’t use any sweetener, just milk! Although the coffee at work is blecchh so sometimes I add a pinch of Splenda.

  11. Oooh have fun at yoga! I’m so jealous! I wish I was there to go, too. 🙂

    I like black coffee. So, no sweetener for me either!

  12. Yoga sounds great! I use sugar in my coffee. I only drink one cup a day so I figure if I’m going to have it, I might as well enjoy it the way I like.

  13. I refuse to use artificial sweeteners, so I switched from two heaping teaspoons of white sugar (ewwww, what was I thinking) to 1/2 tsp of demera sugar and I love it. Won’t ever go back. In fact, in restaurants I end up just drinking my coffee with a little creamer because they only ever have white sugar. I like the creamer as a treat but at home use either skim or soy.

  14. Hope the yoga rocked! I think that is AWESOME that you gave up sweetener in your coffee. I tried and failed. But…its like one of the only “bad” things I have so I feel justified haha. I mix up which one I use

  15. Power yoga sounds like a great workout! I put can sugar in my coffee and honey in my tea. I can’t seem to make the transition to sugarless coffee- it’s too bitter for me!

  16. Hope you liked the class! I just put in a splash of fat free half and half. I don’t really like sweet coffee.

  17. The only sweetness in my coffee comes from my vanilla soy milk!

  18. I love bunko!!! It’s the standard wives’ coffee game in the Marine Corps, I think it’s the best. I always win something. Glad you won!

  19. bunko win….awesome!

    sweetener in coffee… I span the gamut. Cane sugar, stevia, truvia, liquid steiva, splenda, rarely agave, rarely honey, fake HFCS Coffemate stuff (not anymore though!)…it’s hard b/c I love sweet stuff, coffee included 🙂

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