Crown me the Snow Queen

Hi bloggies 😀

How was your hump day? Mine sped by! However, on my lunch break, I ventured over to the dentist for a routine cleaning, and at the end found out I need to get a crown 😦 HUGE bummer. I have one of those porcelain fillings, and it’s begun to leak. Alas, a cavity has formed. Booo to crowns!


On a brighter note, today was the warmest day here in Central Illinois that it has been in WEEKS! And when I say warm, I mean it got to a scorching 34 degrees! I never thought I’d be saying how happy I was that it got to the 30’s.

Alas, it did get above freezing. Do you know what that means?! Time to run OUTSIDE!! Woo hoo!

Even though 30’s is SO much better than the bone-chilling cold it has been lately, I still was a little leery about running in the cold and the snow.




I definitely layered up. On bottom were Lulu Wunder Unders, and up top was a skim singlet tank, lululemon long sleeved running shirt, and lulu run track n field jacket. And of course a headband. (Can you tell I have an obsession? Yes, my name is Paige, and I’m addicted to Lululemon.)I was reeaaaddy to go!

After taking Niko for a quick walk as a warm up, I turned on the Garmin (first time since November, baby! Holler!) and was on my way. Nothing could stop me! Nothing except huge snow banks where the sidewalk should be :/ Doesn’t anyone shovel their sidewalks anymore? Even the sidewalk in front of the school was filled with snow. At first, I tried tromping through it but soon after I ended up with wet shoes and ankles.

Instead of giving up, I decided to make the best of the situation, and headed back to my subdivision where I ran in the street. Now even though it got above freezing today, the snow most certainly did not melt. And let me tell ya – running in the snow is like running in the sand, except harder because you have to watch out for ice and slick spots. I’m actually thankful my iPod was dead, because I seriously had to pay super close attention to where I placed my feet. For a while it’d be OK – powdery snow, and then all the sudden there would be ice!

One trip through my subdivision is about 1.5 miles, so I made two loops, and finished 3.11 miles in 33:10. Not too bad considering I was dodging and dashing my way around the street!

Luckily, I made it back in one piece, and felt wonderful. I think a nice outdoor run was exactly what I needed…Well, this, and talking to my bestie, Destiny, on the phone earlier (who can pretty much naturally cheer up anyone she talks to) 😀

After kicking it with the husband for a while, we got started on dinner.

Since I’m currently on a HUGE salad kick I didn’t have many veggies today aside from a green monster and a carrot, apple, almond butter wrap in an Ezekiel tortilla (while eating that, someone asked if I was pregnant LOL) I decided to have a huge house salad!




Spinach, romaine, zuke, brock, tomatoes, eggplant, and Tofurkey Italian Sausage (which is amazing and contains 29 grams of protein, btw.)

Along side some Cheeeeeetahs:


Schmillley 😀



Tonight was Wednesday night TV night with the husband, so we settled in, popped some popcorn, and watched the Modern Family (love!) and in the Middle.



Air popped in a brown bag w/ carob chips, nutritional yeast (does anyone have a yummier name for this stuff, btw??)….

Used these carob chips:



And washed it all down with a Sunset Wheat I found in the fridge:



Got a busy one tomorrow! Working a little overtime, then heading straight to power yoga 😀 Still so excited about finding a decent power yoga class here in town.

What’s the norm where you live when it snows? Do people typically clear the roads and sidewalks fairly well? Not here! The streets are still snow covered (although they were plowed the first day it snowed,) and sidewalks are a mess! It’s crazy dangerous for pedestrians.

And if it doesn’t snow where you live, well…then…I envy you ;)  


21 Responses

  1. I’m in San Diego baby….ain’t no snow here!!! 🙂 Good for you for tredging through it though….great workout!

  2. “scorching 34 degrees”–that is why i moved from Chicago and MN to the south and now west coast sunny states! I cant hang in that anymore!

    thx for the sunspire photo. that’s what i use, too, but i am always on the hunt for the next latest and greatest chip, vegan or carob.

    Nooch = nutritional yeast. Much better i think.
    The popcorn combo is awesome!!! Nice, i enjoy something similar. every nite bout midnite 🙂

  3. Funny you write this… I’m JUST about to go run to swim practice, since it’s just a lil over a mile away. Only it’s still pitch black! So I attach a bike light to myself (haha) and run veeery, very slowly over the snowy patches.

    Have to love Cambridge. Or bad weather anywhere, really.

  4. I hear you about the sidewalks. I am up in Glen Ellyn and have been running outside through it all. It’s awful here (I live down the street from the police department even). Unfortunately it not safe for me to run on the roads People don’t shovel, and there are huge banks. There is website devoted to shoveling the snow – You can print out a letter thanking people for shoveling or reminding them that it is the law. I have been tempted to do that or call the village about it. Running in the snow/ice does get easier, but my pace is super slow.

  5. People have NO idea how to deal with snow here. Where I grew up, people would be outside shoveling and snowblowing before the snow even stopped 🙂

  6. I have been an outdoor run/walk person forever, but the icy patches have kept me inside. I’m gonna try outside later today after it melts some more. However, I have to go on Sheridan Rd. if I want to do any distance, and there is so much snow still next to the curbs that I have to watch for cars. This winter and last have been the worst ones for an outdoor runner that I can remember.

    Good luck and watch out for ICE 😦

  7. I love the Lululemon getup. I’m obsessed too but the only thing I managed to buy from there so far has been a sweat band. It works good though!

  8. It sounds like I had the same run as you yesterday! Not only are the sidewalks not clear, but there was so much snow in northwestern PA that there is no shoulder on the sidewalks! It was really kind of scary and slippery.

  9. We love Modern Family too!!!

  10. The side roads and sidewalks are a mess here too.

    When I’ve been running outside, I’ve been running on the city paths (the busier ones) they’re cleared off better!

  11. I pretty much wrote the same description in my log about running outside the past two days! I was so excited about the warmth, but it just made the hard snow on the trails soft and sand like. I call it snirt – dirty snow 🙂 Even though my time wasn’t very good the past two days, my heart rate monitor said otherwise. I think you work much harder in the snirt then on dry clear pavement.

    People are good about their sidewalks around here for the most part, I think most of the cities around here require some level of upkeep.

  12. I live in Pittsburgh, so I have to be accepting of the snow (although I’m not happy about it). I love running in the winter. I think that 30s are the perfect temp for runs! And I love to run in snow…as long as the roads are clear for me 🙂

  13. We definitely get plenty of snow here in NYC, but the DOT is craaaazy efficient about getting streets and sidewalks cleared. I was able to run in Central Park the day after the blizzard earlier this winter!

  14. OOHH I love the popcorn combo..I usually do either noosh (nutritional yeast) OR carob chips.. I need to try both!!

  15. You are hard core for that outside run! I am not that brave.

  16. WOW i am uber impressed for running outside. people are pretty good about shoveling here when it snows! everyone is used to it!

  17. This is kind of a funny coincidence- as I was running in the snow today I was thinking of how I could describe running in the snow to someone who hasn’t had to and my description was pretty much the same: kind of like running in the sand except that is cold, wet, and could be hiding ice.

    In general, the sidewalks are clear around where I am because my neighbourhood is considered “inner citty” and ends up getting shovelled by the city. But of course, the city isn’t always as swift as the snow fall so there is often snow on the sidewalk. Luckily some of the paths also get plowed (though not as regularly as the streets and sidewalks), so there are some added places to run.
    The worst part about winter running isn’t the cold- it is the snow!

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