I’ve Got Soy Milk in my Coffeeee

Hey beautiful bloggies!

Happy Sunday! I just woke up not too long ago, and am continuing to wake up with a nice, hot, cup of french press with soy milk.



And yes, it’s in my “Let it Snow” mug. Why not…it’s not like the snow has freakin’ melted yet!



I just don’t know about this soymilk in my coffee, though. It works in my latte at Starbucks, but at home, I think I’m going to stick with the half n half. I tried!

Yesterday after munchin’ on some oatmeal, I got ready and hit up the gym. Saturday’s are now my all-cardio days, since I’ll be using them for my long-run days here pretty soon. I ran for 5.2 miles on the treadmill. This is actually my longest run since November. Can’t believe I’ll be running 13.1 miles May 1st…ahh!! 😀

Left the gym, and headed to Starbuckies, where I picked up a grande soy half pump vanilla latte for me, and another latte for my friend, Heidi.




She’s a new mom, so I thought I’d bring some coffee over so we could chit chat it up. And of course, so I could see her gorgeous babyloo.

An hour of chit chat and catch up later, and I was back to finishing up my errands.

When I got home, I was pretty famished!

Showered, dressed, and hungry, I came downstairs to mow on some foooood.IMG_4968 

Big as a House Salad w/ arugula, spinach, julienned zuke, tomatoes, orange bell pepper, Goddess dressing



Sweet tater fries, garden veggie burger, avocado, keeeetchup.

Such a typical Saturday lunch for me, but oh-so-good.

Then I put my work face on!

I have a little personal business project I’m working on right now (personal, because I don’t want to talk about it publicly, then jinx myself – weird, I know,) so I holed myself upstairs in our office, and worked straight from 2-5. And when I say worked straight, I mean I took a break to watch a little Gaga on Oprah on Youtube, and another to read blogs, and another to drink some crackbucha and eat some zuke bread:



Fresh Market has THE best zuke bread ever.  I bought it Friday, and it may or may not be more than half gone. Doh!

As many a break as I took, I still got a lot accomplished, and plan on working a little more on it today.

For dinner, the husband was craving Mexican food, so we decided to both get out of the house (he had been downstairs working the day away) and hit up our fave Mexican Restaurant. Fiesta Ranchero!

I was feeling uber lazy channeled my inner Operation Beautiful, and wore exactly what I was wearing all day (sweats) and went makeupless:




Nothin’ new here…






Mmm…Bud Light draft w/ icy crystals a-floating on top. Margarita on the rocks for the hubski.



Got the ushe. Veggie fajitas w/ guac, beans, and rice w/ corn tortillas.

When we got back home, I was so ready not to be a party pooper! But Shane had other ideas. Like falling asleep on the couch at 8:45. It was clearly his night to be the party pooper. I poked him and told him to wake up a few times  let him sleep like a baby while I watched a couple drama-filled epi’s of Jersey Shore.

That pretty much sums it up!

Today’s going to be a pretty busy one. I need to finish up some work, hit the gym, then drive to  a few cities away to try on a bridesmaid dress for my good friends wedding! (Didn’t end up going yesterday – today worked better for both of us.) Somewhere in there I need to fit in giving Niko a bath, too. Dirrty Dog.

So sadly to say, while I wish I could do this all day…



She was lightly snoring in this picture…so cute.

…I’ll be gettin’ my productivity on!


Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Enjoy it!      


11 Responses

  1. proud of you for going out in your sweats!
    I agree with you on the soy milk thing – so good at Starbucks but not quite the same at home!

  2. I’ve been loving Almond Breeze Vanilla in my coffee lately. Good job on the 5.2 miles!

  3. So are you doing IL Half?? I assume by the date. I either missed that earlier or forgot, but that’s awesome! Rob and I are doing the full. I did the half last year and it was a lot of fun and a fast course. Hope we see you there!


  4. Those lulu pants are so cute on you! I almost bought them and then went for the Ninja pants–

    Also how great is Lyle Lovett- especially on a Sunday morning!

  5. I’m about to head out to the grocery store in my lulus, sans makeup and a hat to cover the hair. Some days, we just gotta! No shame 😛

    Have a great Sunday!!

  6. Ohhh margaritas!! Yum. My hubby wouldn’t touch them. Have a great Sunday! 🙂

  7. congrats on the half! soooo exciting 🙂

    that’s so funny about the soy because i love it when i order an iced soy latte at starbucks but when i put it in my coffee at home it’s not so great grrrr.

  8. Congrats on the half!!!! I love that distance! You’ll love it!

  9. OK, your gals are foxy however these are comfortable with their bodies. See for yourself Moriah Voice http://is.gd/7p6q

  10. […] a while back where I kept talking about a project I was working on? I was hush-hush at the time because, well, I wasn’t sure if it was going to go […]

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