Carbo Cravings

Hey guys!

Tea Theraflu and cookies Breakfast cookie. Hey, it works.       

Sorry I flaked out on ya’ll last night, but I had a supah busy night, and then when I finally got home I started to feel like I was coming down with something. Boooo:( Another flu bug is going around the office, and apparently I was its next victim because I woke up feeling like crapola.

I blame it on the stress I was having last week. This is why we shouldn’t let stress get to us. Good thing that’s one of my New Year’s goals 😉

So even though I woke up in the morning feelin’ like a sicky, I made a yummy breakkie of tea Theraflu and cookies a breakfast cookie





and made the treck to work, because I don’t have a back up currently.

I ended up leaving around noon, though, and had a craving for an Ezekiel pizza (fourth day in a row, what?!) It was a mad craving and I just had to have one. Being sick always makes me have cravings. Before I left work today I had a snack of cocoa puffs and milk. What the heck?! I digress..

Sadly, I couldn’t fulfill the craving because the ice storm we’re currently having caused the power to go out right as I started to get huuungry! Luckily, we have a gas stove, so I could still make do with a wrap:



Egg white, laughing cow, zucchini, yellow bell pepper, and nutritional yeast deeeliciousness.

With a full belly, I then crashed here until I woke up to Dr. Phil’s voice, got scared, and went back to sleep.




Also did a little reading of this book my mom let me borrow Super Freakonomics:



Interesting stuff!!

I finally managed to drag my booty out from the bed to do a little laundry and bathroom cleaning. I think I have a complex – I feel SO lazy when I’m sick that I have to do some kind of productive work even though my body hates it. Hopefully you don’t do the same.

Worn out from the chores, I collapsed again – but this time with a change of scenery from the bedroom to the living room – with the hubski. I didn’t want to cook, and he doesn’t cook anymore, so we decided to order Chinese.

This presented the dilemma that we haven’t ordered Chinese since I’ve become a vegetarian! Now what?!

Enter: Sesame Tofu!




First thought: ew, that looks like chicken.

Second thought: That’s one big honkin’ piece of tufu!

I was leery, and made a small plate:



Then got upset because I wasted $7 on a very sucky meal. Blech! Blech! Blech!

For some reason, though I finished my plate, but didn’t go back for seconds, but instead (again went with what I was craving…)




Brown Rice flour bread and Earth Balance!!! I’ve been craving me some toast a lot lately…

OK, well this post is just turning out to be a post about me and my cravings while ill, so I’ll put you out of your misery and just end it now 😉 I don’t write well when I’m sick!


What do you crave when sick? Clearly, I’m a carb-craving maniac!


16 Responses

  1. Fruit!!!! And anything warm for the throat, so either tea or soup.

  2. I get Chinese mixed vegetables at times, no meat. I love it. You can always add your own tofu.

    Your dog and cat look so sweet in bed. Mine hang out w/me when I’m sick too.

    Take care. Tis the season for yucky stuff in Illinois. I just reloaded my hand sanitizers today. I also got the seasonal and H1N1 shots.

    Becca is correct. Dr. Oz says hot drinks are not only helpful, but also preventative!

  3. I love salt when I’m sick- Ramen noodle type salt, or lipton chicken noodle. It’s bad!

    But depending on how many days I’m out for, by about day 2 or three of salty soup and popcicles I start to crave fresh fruit, anything acidic and high in vitamin C.

    Try having hot water with lemon and honey in it- those always helped soothe my throat before bedtime- especially when I’m maxed on neocitrons!

    Feel better soon!

  4. I am feeling kinda funky and tired too tonite, hon. Short comment, nitey nite 🙂

  5. Hey! I had to stop by and visit and your blog looks like fun 🙂 I am sooo a carb craver too when I’m sick. Although who am I kidding? Carbs are the joy of my meals. 😉 And getting scared when you woke up to Dr. Phil’s voice made me laugh.

  6. sorry you are sick!! I crave NOTHING when i’m sick. My appetite goes out the window. When I’m finally better I’m staarving for days and eat like a man. hope you feel better soon!

  7. Aww I hope you feel better! I always crave cinnamon toast when sick. My Mom used to make it for me when I was little and I guess my body remembers how good it is!

  8. When I’m sick I crave fruit, carbs, and ice cream. (I think I “crave” the ice cream because I can use being sick as an excuse to eat it.)

    Hope you feel better!

  9. This will gross you out – when I am sick (let’s say with a head cold for this particular instance), I crave Ramen noodles. Yep, the crappy $.15 variety that most people haven’t thought of since college. There’s something about the huge portion of hot broth that makes me instantly feel a little better.
    Other than that, I crave orange juice, diet sprite and vitamin water.

  10. Feel better! I don’t have any cravings when I’m sick that I can think of. I do like hot tea though!

  11. sorry the meal sucked 😦 I hate when I know I wasted money!

    With colds, I usually want ice cream -which I had last night 😉 Sometimes I just want soup or spicy stuff to clear my head.

  12. it seems like a few people around blog land are coming down with something! feel better! cocoa puffs.. haha.. my nemesis 😉 sorry about the bunk takeout 😦 have a great weekend, babe! p.s. i crave carbs namely cereal and soda when i am sick!

  13. Ugh…sorry the chinese food wasn’t good! 🙂 Usually when I am sick I crave applesauce (don’t ask) and oatmeal.

    And horray for coco puffs! I will admit I am still a sucker for cinnamon toast crunch on occasion! haha!

  14. nothing wrong with carbs! sorry the chinese was a disappointment!

    a bientot!
    The Paris Food Blague

  15. Feel better! t\Sorry about the crappy food 😦

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