Is that Fish Eggs?!

Hey hey lovelies! How’s your Saturday going?

Mine’s been great! I woke up supah early around 7:00. Why so early? Well, let’s just say the hubski and I couldn’t even make it until Conan last night (we DVR’d it though.) Talk about a couple of par-tay-ers! haha

But before crashing out, we watched Valkyerie (which I really enjoyed!) and I made a fab potato soup. When I saw Angela’s Quick and Easy Potato soup, I knew I had to try it.

Pretty much followed her recipe, except added some org. heavy cream (muahaha) to the mix. Turned out deeelicious:


The hubski and I each ate one big bowl with a several whole wheat rolls:



I never typically make homemade soup, but this was definitely a winner.

A little movie and Good Eats watching, and cocounut ice cream slurping later:




and we both were crawling up the stairs to hop in bed. But first, I had to try something out…

When I was at the local health food store yesterday, I picked up a bag of chia seeds from the bulk bin. I’d been meaning to pick up these critters for a while to try and make some chia seed pudding that I’ve seen around the bloggy world. Well last night before crashing out, I mixed a 1/4 c. chia seeds with 3/4 c. almond milk, some flax, and some hemp powder.

Woke up and it looked like this:


Congealed and puddingy. Not to mention when the husband saw this, he now really thinks I’ve gone bonkers.

Even the pets gave me weird looks:



I mixed in some agave, PB2, bananas, cinnamon, and granola:





Deeelicious   Meehhhh not for me. I don’t know if it was the consistency, the fact that Shane said it looked like fish eggs, or the texture, but I couldn’t finish the bowl for the life of me. It might be good if I added a tad to overnight oats, but on its own – no way jose.

Since I had a full body weights sesh planned at the gym, I choked down as much as I could for fuel and then spent an hour at the gym working on legs, glutes, and upper body. Twas a muscle and heart pumping (I just wrote pumpking hehe) workout in deed.

Refueled with a grande soy half pump vanilla latte with my girl, Heidi, as we bee bopped around town, shopping for random odds and ends.

Came back, mowed on some roasted sweet potato and Quorn chik’n nuggets:





These chik’n nuggets are meat and soy free and are SO delicious. Couldn’t believe it. Also had a 1/4 of an avocado on the side.

And some booch.




Now I gotta skidaddle in to town to meet Jessica for bridesmaids dress fittings and Destiny for dinner and drinkies!

Probably won’t be able to blog lata today, so have a sweet Saturday and I’ll catch ya’ll tomorrow!


12 Responses

  1. bahahah omg the pic of your pets made me laugh. they are like…WTF.

    glad you liked the soup! Its very comforting.

  2. I love all the Quorn products…so yummy!! I love especially that it is a meat substitute that is soy free! Have a fun Saturday!

  3. haha~ definitely resembles fish eggs! sorry about the letdown. love the photo of your kids. have a great night, babe!

  4. you are right, that bowl does NOT look appetizing!! I’ve made my fair share of gross recipes, too. oh well!

  5. I’m not into chia pudding either. I’ve never been able to get it thick. I rather just have some yogurt 😛

  6. coconut bliss is da bomb. (we’re having a giveaway of it on our blog, if you haven’t entered already)

  7. coconut bliss, yeah, that’s perfect. nuff said. 🙂

  8. Now, i think I want their chick’n nuggets now. I’ve only tried there grounds before. I’m definitely on a soup kick right now,

  9. I’m pretty iffy about the chia pudding myself. Just doesn’t sound right.

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