Give it a Whirl

Oh, hiii 😀

Hope your hump day was smooth sailing!

Did you all catch Food 101 with Michael Pollan (and Alicia Silverstone) on Oprah today?! First of all, I’m just SO SO SO glad they and Food Inc are getting this kind attention/recognition. The show itself seemed a little off, though. Oprah herself seemed in rare form with her comments – especially with Alicia. Did anyone else notice this? I also thought it was funny how Oprah was being SO careful with what she said/suggested. Remember when she got in all kinds of trouble for what she said with the mad cow dilemma? I think that had a lot to do with it. Scary companies…

For a change from my typical pre-breakfast Green Monster, I opted for a juice! (and coffee…obviously!)


In this beaute was 1 red grapefruit, 2 carrots, 3 celery stalks, 1 beet, and a dash of a guest star…



Spirulina! I’ve seen this little gem around the blogland lately, and when I saw my local health food store offered a “trial size” I decided to give it a whirl.  I just whirled it into the juice at the end, and it dissolved up quite nicely! Couldn’t taste a thing! Tomorrow I’ll try blending it in my green smoothie. For more info on spirulina and several other supercool superfoods, the Fitnessista wrote a very informative on them

Since I actually woke up on time today, I was able to enjoy my coffee, and then juice, while watching the morning news with the hubski. Sounds so simple, but I really do cherish this time! We both feel the need to ease into the day with Gretchen and Mark (the morning anchors) and our cups of coffee.

Then came the good stuff:



Over and over and overnight oats!!



I think I found my recipe for this stuff – 1/2 c. oats, 1 T chia, 1 T hemp, 1 T. flaxmeal, 1 packet of stevia, 1 c. almond milk. Set it in fridge overnight, and in the morning top with a sliced banana, cinnamon, and raw almond butter. So good it almost knocked me…well, you know.

I’d be lying if I said the work day whirled by, because it was actually pretty painfully long. However, I did get to go out for lunch, courtesy of my company to one of my favorite places in town, Skewers, which serves up one phenom veggie burger. Bonus is they top it with guac. Heck yeah 😀

As soon as it was time to leave, I headed out with my girl, Missy to the gym. She gave me a two week pass to her gym, Gold’s, so we could train for our upcoming race together. After stopping at her casa to change and see her ADORABLE pup, we headed on over to Gold’s. Brought back memories from my college days. I actually was a Gold’s member all through college until I quit, and then later joined the gym I’m currently at. Quit for multiple reasons, but it was nice to be back.

We each ran a little over 3 miles on the treadmill, hopped on the arc trainer, and then did back and biceps. Missy showed my a KILLER exercise that her trainer has her do, I’ll have to show you guys soon. Not sure what you call it, but it involves both planks and rows and is intense!

I love working out with friends! The time just whirs by 😉

Got home, showered, preheated the oven for dinner, and had a little pre-din din app:




Organic Shiraz-Merlot-Cab mix

IMG_5141 Pear and brie

IMG_5138 IMG_5143

  (S)whirl, sniff, sip. Or just chug – whatev 🙂

The wine was actually just kinda meh, but I got it because I was so excited to see an organic wine at Sam’s Club, haha 😀

When the oven was pre-heated to 350º I cut an organic  kabocha squash in half, and roasted it upside down for 30 minutes, before I flipped it over and added a organic black beans-maple syrup-tamari mixture:



Turned out heavenly!

For some reason, I thought tomato soup was a good idea to go along with it.IMG_5153


Opposites attract??IMG_5159

Yeah, not so much. Both stellar on their own, but don’t pair these two together – note to self.

Well I’m off to tackle some laundry…


Unfortunately it looks like a tornado whirled through the laundry room!

Have a great Thursday, all! (Whoo! Almost Friday!!)


Did you guys catch the interviews on Oprah today? How much thought do you give where your food comes from?


20 Responses

  1. Hey!
    I just came across your blog and I can’t wait to read it and follow!
    I would love it if you could check out mine and follow:)

  2. I did and I loved it!! I was actually pleasantly surprised with Chipotle. No idea they were SO fresh 🙂

  3. OMG I have oprah taped and havent done that since high school…about to watch it now and can chime intelligently tomorrow 🙂

  4. I don’t watch Oprah, but I wish I would have caught that one. I try to buy healthy foods and read the ingredients of new items while I shop. Your blog and recipes really help my decisions too:-)

  5. I just had that same tomato soup yesterday too!

    I didn’t know they were going to be in Oprah. I would have watched! I just recently watched Food, Inc and was a little disappointed. I guess it got really hyped up and I just felt like I already knew most of the stuff they said.

  6. i love the kiss me cup! I think I saw that somewhere, TJ max or marshalls or homegoods, I know I have seen it (or target?) anyways, love the food and I missed that on oprah but heard he was going to be on, I will search for it on the web…pear and brie—-so perfect combo right there!! 🙂

  7. gah I can’t believe I missed that Oprah…maybe I can find it online somewhere 😦

  8. I saw some of the footage on Oprah. I love Michael Pollan. The book and the movie was really eye opening and changed the way I think about a lot of things.

  9. i really liked the oprah show! i’m glad she’s getting the msg out.

    also, realllly curious about Spirulina. looks pretty cool! i’ve had little Spirulina cookies before and they were yummy. 🙂

  10. i’m so sad I missed Oprah! we don’t have a DVR, though, so I always miss it when I’m at work.

  11. Working out with a friend is so motivating! I often make a gym date with someone before work – even if we aren’t doing the same workout, just knowing I have to meet someone gets me up and to the gym!

  12. I really like the Oprah episode! I actually really liked her comments with Alicia – so what if you don’t want to give anything up? Include more healthy foods! 🙂

  13. SO I was standing in the gym doing my bicep curls and looked up and saw that Alicia was on Oprah. I also noticed that 5 guys are all standing there looking agast (and me too) at the closed caption of Oprah and Alicia talking about poops. It was really funny because it just seemed so out of place from what we were doing!

    Juice recipe looks great!

  14. I love that soup! YUM!

    My husband and I try to buy local as much as possible. We do a lot of Farmer’s Markets and such.

  15. Have you seen Food Inc?! Watch it!

    I loved that Oprah show, lot’s of people don’t pay attention to the kinds of foods they eat, and she provides a great stage for that conversation to be had.

    I try to be more conscious about it, buying more plant proteins and less meats, but it’s tough, like Michael said, prices…

    I didn’t like Alicia Silverstone all that much though, she’s painful to watch and I felt it was a big plug for her book– which I kind of want, probably why I’m not impressed, there are so many other good books for people to be reading with recipes and information, but if the celebrity works, I guess it works..

    Love your eats today, they look delish!

  16. I just watched the Oprah episode on DVR. Loved it.

    That wine sounds great. I’m trying to talk myself out of having a glass right now as the ice is coming down from the sky. Must wait til 5 p.m. Lol.

  17. i am so wishing i saw that oprah! everyone is talking about it! i wonder if i can youtube it. you are making me want a batch of overnight oats!!

  18. I missed Oprah! Boo!

    And I really, really need a juicer!

  19. I’m sad I missed the Pollan interview on Oprah 😦

    I’ve never heard of Spirulina. I swear, even being “in the field”, I’ll never hear about things before they’re already being used wide-spread! Thanks for the heads up, I’m going to research : )

    Have a great weekend, Paige!

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