Sushi Place, Euchre Face

Hi guys!

Having an awesome Sunday so far? I sure hope so 🙂

Yesterday morning I met my friend, Missy, at her gym for a 4.5 mile run and some legs. I was pretty happy I was easily able to finish the run, because I haven’t really been doing many runs over 3.5 miles lately. However, my training schedule for the half marathon starts calling for long runs every Saturday, so I better get used to that again 🙂

Around 11:00, I met another friend out for coffee, chit chat, and a little shopping, per our usual weekend tradition. I got there a little early, so I munched on half of a vegan oatmeal raisin cookie:


Which was consumed in its entirety by the day’s end. Yum!

Got home, cleaned, and just piddled around the house until it was time for some lunch 😀



Just a simple lunch of TJ’s Organic tomato soup and some kale chips


Mmm crunchy goodness.

Did a wee bit of laundry, and then when the hubski announced it was happy hour time, I certainly didn’t oblige.




It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, baby! Ok…maybe it was 5 o’clock here 😉

We had plans to go out to eat and play some euchre with another couple tonight, so when they got to our house, we all went out to Hyashi – a Japanese/sushi restaurant here in town.


I started out with some Plum wine, while everyone else ordered Japanese beer.


IMG_1591 Both were spectacular 😀

And for dinner, I got…



Seaweed salad!… which was all right..


Miso soup, which was bomb, and a mushroom vegetable roll, which was also bomb!

Also had a second glass of plum while I watched the chef grill it up for the men at the table:IMG_1594



Bunk volcano..which apparently turns into a choo choo train when it moves? Choo choo!!

They also served us each a complimentary dessert of coffee ice cream, which was delicious!

It was around 9 or so when we got back to the crib, so we got out euchre faces on. The girls let the boys win (poor boy egos ;)) and it was tons of fun! Another couple ended up coming over to join in the fun, too. We stayed up past 2:00, so I needed another meal. Clearly.

I destroyed this new-that-day salsa and some organic blue chips.




Best salsa EVER, by the way 🙂

So glad I only had one drink when we got back to the house, though. I knew I didn’t want to be hungover today, so I sipped on water the rest of the night. Good call!

Kim and Jason stayed the night, and after some reminiscing and chattin’ it up, it was time for some breakfast! My stomach was a-growlin’ and I knew just what to give it:



Oats and coffee! If there ever were a perfect pair…


The ushe – banana blueberry flax oats.

Now I’m on my second cup of coffee since the husband didn’t want any, and am about to go hit up the gym. Arms today! Then hopefully convincing the husband or some friends to go see Avatar. I still haven’t seen it and really just want to know what it’s all about.

If you stay up later than usual, do you typically feel the need to have a big snack or 4th meal? (whether accompanied by drinking or not;)) If I’ve been drinking, I’ll typically have a junky food (aka chips and salsa) before I go to bed, but if there’s no drinking involved, that fourth meal tends to be in the form of  a dessert 🙂

Have you seen Avatar? What’dya think?


14 Responses

  1. We saw Avatar in 3D on Friday! It was really good, but it made me motion sick. Could’ve been the martinis before hard, but I feel so woozy!

  2. Sounds like you had a great night… I am not really a fan of sushi, but your dishes all looked really good!! I hope you have a great Sunday!!

  3. Yes, they have a waxing place right by me. and in that strip plaza, there’s two asian nail salons that also do waxing. And in 1 block there are I kid you not 5 hair salons all that do waxing, a huge Ulta that does it, another Spa type place. Girl, I could get waxed 10 times in a block which is great b/c $ are low!

    Drinking and eating junky food…BTDT. Like my entire early 20s 🙂

    Havent seen a movie since i was pregnant 4 yrs ago. Kid you not!

  4. Mmm love those cookies!! I really want to try the mocha flavored one.

  5. I saw Avatar and loved all the details that were captured- the story line is like Cinderella meets Pocahontas in Fern Gully.

    Definitely worth seeing in theatres if you are thinking about it–

    And yes, salty snacks if I’m drinking wine, sweet when I’m not- though a good salty sweet combo is always welcome (PB pretzels with ice cream– just sayin’)

  6. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend girl! I love love seaweed salad. Glad you had fun with your friends and got in some fantastic workouts. I want to see Avatar! Let me know what you think

  7. YUMMMM….all looks delicious! and yes I loved Avatar…my husband and I came out and agreed that we HAVE to buy it when it comes out!

  8. Im getting back into long runs too. I need a mental attitude adjustment. It’s so hard to get out there sometimes!

  9. I’d like to see Avatar, but not if I will get motion sickness. I get that easy. Japanese food without seafood does not seem like it would be good, but YOUR cooking always looks good.

  10. I saw Avatar. It’s really cool visually and okay story wise. It definitely felt a little long to me though! But I’m just not very good at sitting through long movies. Everyone else I know loved it.

  11. I love love loved Avatar! It is definitely worth going to the 3D show!

  12. i haven’t seen Avatar but everyone says I NEED to! Maybe this weekend…I am so bad about sitting through long movies though and this one is 2 hours and 40 minutes! My ADD starts kicking after about 2 hours for sure!!

  13. I love seaweed salad …and happy hour! I noticed on some of your old posts that you have the same love of Kombucha that I do. 🙂

  14. If I’m up late drinking (which rarely happens) I usually like to eat a little something before going to bed. 🙂

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