Tofu Tactics

Hey HEY hey! How you doin’? I really can’t complain here. I started out the day totally feeling like McGrumpster, but just now realized that a lot of good things happened today, and I really need to kick myself in the booty if I decide to be grumpy for no reason again.

Anyway, this morning I continued the trend of waking up with the moon around 4:45, and by 5:00 a.m. I was out the door and on my way to meet my girl, Heidi at the gym.

I had my ushe pre-workout snack:


Smushy smushy then devour

but then I decided to do something in addition…I made coffee! I made it as fast as I could in my sleep deprived state, and drank about a half cup on the way to the gym. Honestly, guys – my run was so much better. Unfortunately, this kind of made me lose faith in the ever-so-hyped up Maca powder. Coffee-1. Maca-0. I’ll continue to sprinkle it on for taste and “energy,” but there’s really nothing like a good ol’ cup of joe.

At the gym, I ran 3.1 miles at my 5k pace, which is currently about 9:07. We decided to make it a cardio-only day, and finished out our workouts on the stair stepper. Fun, schweaty times 🙂

Got back to the crib, showered, and got ready for work, and pulled my breakfast out of the fridge:


Not my greatest recreation of the breakfast cookie. Sometimes it’s best to stick with what we know. However, it was tasty, and did it’s job of being breakfast for the day. In the combo: 1/2 c. oats, 1 large banana (too large,) 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1.5 T. PB2, 1 t. stevia, and a handful of raisins. Like I said – it did the job.


Work was super busy, but sped by like a freight train! However, the good news is, I got to depart to my favorite restaurant here in town for lunch! (Bad news is it was a goodbye lunch because my friend/coworker is leaving the team:( ) I didn’t whip out the camera and take a picture, because there were co workers there who don’t know about the blog, but let me tell you, the salad I ate was foodgasm worthy. Oh man, oh man. Let me paint a picture for you with my words: roasted beets, almond encrusted goat cheese, sun dried cherries, and avocado, atop a bed of arugula leaves. See? I told ya. Died and went to yumtopia.

Got back to work, regained my composure, and did the work thang for a few more hours. By the time I left for home, my body was practically begging me for a nap. You see, I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately. I’m not alarmed by this, because whenever I embark on a new and exciting, but somewhat life-altering journey, I either have nightmares or don’t sleep. This time it’s the latter. Combine that with 4:45 a.m. wake up calls and you get one tired Paigey.

To combat the weary eyes, I went to the bed as soon as I walked in the door, and rested for about a half hour with the furbabies until I was off to the gym to train a client. Even though I didn’t get in any sleep, it totally revived me! 😀 Plus, I was looking forward to the training session, so that always helps.

I got home a little while later and was starving. My appt. was at 6:00, so dinner time was a little later than usual, but I knew exactly what to make…Leftovers! Leftovers are great. They’re cheap, quick, easy, and don’t require much thought. The only downside? It’s a little repetitive. But, my bloggy friends, it doesn’t have to be!

For my dinner, I took the exact same coconut encrusted tofu I made last night, and made a totally different meal out of it, thanks to these guys:



That would be dressing. More specifically, 1 T. coconut oil, 1 T. Rice vinegar, 1 T. agave, and a couple shakes of sea salt! I just put it in this container…



And shook my its money maker!

Add a bed of greens, and you have a delicious and reinvented tofu salad!IMG_5580


Please make this dressing and this tofu and thusly, this salad.


Had it with a side of Trader Joe’s low sodium organic red pepper and tomato bisque soup and some blueberries on the side. Perfecto!

A quick note about tofu… Many of you commented in yesterday’s post that you just can’t seem to make tofu how you like it. Seriously I thought the same thing. I tried baking it, frying it, sauteeing it, and nothing worked. Until one day I accidentally let my tofu freeze, and thusly had to thaw it out. Well apparently when you thaw out tofu, the texture of it becomes spongey. That’s how I found out I only like tofu that’s spongey!! Now every time I buy a pack, I immediately freeze it. Added bonus is it’s better longer 😀 So there ya go…if you just can’t seem to make tofu turn out right, try freezing it. Just a suggestion 😉


Well, friends, I should probably but myself off, as it seems I’m in quite the rambly mood tonight. I should get ready to hit the sack anyway. I’m crossing my fingers I get in a somewhat decent night’s sleep!!


Question: What’s your faaavorite dish to make for leftovers? I’m a huge proponent of anything leftover, but I really like chili (duh) and any kind of pasta dish 🙂


16 Responses

  1. amazing bfast cookie you got there D
    have a great night!

  2. That tofu salad looks excellent! I’m bookmarking your tofu recipe right now 🙂

  3. “1 T. coconut oil, 1 T. Rice vinegar, 1 T. agave, and a couple shakes of sea salt! ”
    Nice, Paige I am all over it!

    The coconut oil you featured the other day…I bought it today! Spray can. Love it.
    And I shouted out to ya regarding maca, too. I’m on the bandwagon now.

    And I am soy intolerant but can cheat a bit…however, like your other readers, it’s one thing i can’t get right. Raw/undercooked is skeevey, so the opposite, ie.. a hockey puck, is my specialty 🙂 I need mega help with tofu for sure! even freezing it just takes care of one aspect, i still need to actuallly heat and cook the stuff. I suck at it 🙂

  4. Hmmm, I stopped using tofu years ago, but you just got me interested again.

  5. Thanks for the tofu tip.. it definitely scares me!!!

  6. Ooooh I just remembered I’ve had some tofu in the crisper for ummmm. about a month. Oops!

    Coffee before a run makes all the difference in the world!

  7. Coconut tofu…um…heck yeah! Looks amazing!! Happy Friday!

  8. ooo thank you for the tofu tip girl!!
    i always have coffee before i run..gets me energized!

  9. That breakfast cookie looks sooo so good!
    I love tofu 🙂 ill have to try you’re recipe!
    I love leftovers too, I think sometimes they taste better the next day then when you originally cook them ! My favorites would have to be, leftover pasta with veggies, turkeymeatloaf, and breaded chicken 🙂

    Im new to blogging, if you have a chance check out my blog 🙂

  10. I’d have to say pasta, too, as one of my fave leftovers. It’s almost BETTER reheated and so easy to throw in some tupperware and go. 🙂

  11. I love the idea of coconut crusted tofu! I just made barbecue tofu yesterday for lunch, but I’m definitely going to try this soon! Thanks!
    Have a great Friday!

  12. I make any leftovers into some kind of salad topping- even chilis, sometimes soups thicken up (lentil in particular), or I bake up some biscuits and try to revive it- most of the time I just go for the salad opiton though

  13. i loooove tofu and this sounds awesome! I still havent experimented with coconut yet, but this looks like a graet place to start!

    with leftovers I love putting together a wrap or salad with whatever Ihad for leftovers! lately I have had tons of speghetti squash left over so I have been using it in wraps and its SUCH a great addition!

  14. Leftovers…probably stew in the winter, and a cold grain salad in the summer.
    I like most leftovers, ex. leftover meat…that is kinda gross.
    BODA lose weight

  15. Oh that breakfast cookie looks amazing!

  16. […] rice flour toast – one piece with Earth Balance and organic jelly, and the other with my usual pre-workout snack used as a spread! This spread consists one a half a smashed banana, 1 T. almond butter, cinnamon, […]

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