My Most Difficult Mile and Pancake Tempeh Sammies

Hiii there! Having a happy weekend? Over here I’ve managed to make mine busy, while still being low key. It was really nice for a change. Just kind of layed low and got a bunch done.

Saturday morning I woke up to an alarm of 6:30 a.m., munched on some Millet bread toast:


and trained one of my clients. Then, it was time to tackle my 7 miler. Dun dun dunnnn. This is the most I’ve run since probably last September, so I was a bit intimidated. I was supposed to run it outside, but it started snowing. So I stuck around the gym after training and got about a half mile in on the treadmill before I noticed the snow had stopped. Although it was only 22º I said, screw it, hopped off the treadmill, and was determined to run it outdoors.

So outdoors I went. The first mile was a little rough because my Garmin couldn’t find a satellite signal, and my body was trying to adjust to the cold, but after that, it was smooth sailing. I was just so grateful to not be running on a revolving belt. Praise the lawd!

I held a good time of between 9:30-10:00 and was feeling great. Well, that is until I turned on the street that was the last two miles of the run. I was directly facing the wind, and it had picked up a bit. Then with only one mile left, it started snowing again. It was so cold that each snowflake felt like it burnt my skin. I tried to close my eyes or just put my head down, but obviously, that didn’t last long. So I just started repeating different running mantras that I turn to in times like this.

One foot in front of the other.”

Run strong, finish strong.”

You’ll be in the warm house before you know it!”

Mind over matter.”

I am a running machine.”

Sometimes just tapping into a few signature running mantras can really help you get through a challenging leg of your run/workout, don’tcha think?

Anyway, I did indeed finish the run, and was back in the warm house before I knew it.

The stats:

Mile 1: 9:45

Mile 2: 9:38

Mile 3: 9:42

Mile 4: 9:58

Mile 5: 9:55

Mile 6: 9:35 (thinking, oh sh!t, that wind sucks!)

Mile 7: 9:37

That last mile was easily the most difficult mile I’ve ever run. Total time: 01:08:10. Woot woot! Gonna show that half marathon who’s boss! haha 🙂

When I got home from the run, I was absolutely famished. I made my favorite post-run breakfast…whole wheat pumpkin pancakes – with a twist!

Who put Tempeh in my Pancakes?


That’s right. I wanted to use the tempeh I got the night before, and this is what came to mind. A pancake tempeh sandwich!


It’s just the pancakes, tempeh, and maple syrup! SO good. I was really surprised how well the tempeh adapts to whatever flavoring you pair it with.

After breakfast/lunch, I was off to get my hair done – thank God! It was beginning to get thick, unruly, and outta control!

Alll better 😀


Whatcha think?

While getting my hair did, I sipped on a Kombucha and snacked of some sweet, salty, and crunchy trail mix:

IMG_1091 IMG_1097

Perfect snackie 🙂

Had to run by Pet Co to pick Clarabelle up some kitty food, and got my heart broken by Mr. Chandler:


I wanna take you hooome!!

Unfortunately, the cat we already have is emotionally unstable, or I else I would have done my best to convince the hubski. Random fact: when I moved in with the husband, he told me the only thing was that we weren’t getting pets. He caved, obviously:

IMG_5070 Muahaha

Got home, made another snackie:


Cereal and “milk” courtesy of this trifecta:


And kicked it for a while, reading the workouts in the New Rules of Lifting for Women:


I like this book, though I don’t agree with all of it. But I can’t deny that there’s some great exercises in there.

After a while, the husband asked if I wanted to go bowling. Of course I did!

It was super crowded with kids’ birthday parties, but we had a blast regardless…even though we both sucked it up pretty big time!

We worked up an appetite getting our bowl on, and decided to hit up a new Mexican restaurant in town. I think it was called Hurradurrahs? It was just like the other bagillion we have  in town.

I stuck with the ushe and got veggie fajitas with corn tortillas:


Muy delicioso!

It was kinda late when we got back, but I had a baking itch. I haven’t baked anything in a couple weeks, which is a long time for Paige’s kitchen.

Recipe de jour was the Almond Butter cookies from the back of this month’s Clean Eating magazine:


My friend, Missy, made me some the other day, and they were SO good. I had to give it a go myself. For the almond butter, I used TJ’s raw unsalted version.


However, I skimped on the baking soda and they ended up being pretty flat.


Flat, but oh so delicious 😉

Watched a little 24 and passed out in the recliner without thinking twice.

I slept in and woke up without an alarm to the first time all week (!!!) and got a delicious 8 ½ hours of sleep. However, I quickly got dressed and met my girl, Heidi at the gym, to crank out a back/biceps workout and get in a three mile recovery run. We had to get it out of the way early because Shane and I tried a new church this morning! We’re not 100%, but we like it so far:)

We ran some errands after church, got some groceries, and came home to make lunch:


Bell pepper w/ hummus, pancake and tempeh sammie, and a green monster.


frozen banana, Amazing Grass SuperFood, ice, 2 handfuls of spinach, and almond milk.

IMG_5649 Soo meaty. Not.

It was a good, filling lunch, and hit all the taste buds! 😀

Just got done cleaning the main floor, and am about to create some training plans, and the reeeelax for the night.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and have a kick-butt Monday! (is that an oxy-moron? :-P)

Sorry for such the lengthy post!

What was your toughest workout to get through ever? After yesterday, it was definitely that last one mile. But before that, it was during a 5K last year that I full out sprinted the whole way, and paid for it with a stabbing side pain the last 1/4 mile!


23 Responses

  1. I have had so so many into the wind finishes, and I feel your pain. The worst ever was in Davenport, Iowa into a cold, cold sleet that began just as my running partner and I decided to turn to go home, about 3 miles with sleet in our faces. Actually, a lot of those Iowa runs were tough…too many pig farms (yuk) to run past and too many red-winged black birds diving at my head. I will never live that far from town again. It did make the Bix Race seem easy tho:-)

  2. Hey Paige, i love the hair!!
    the tempeh in the pancakes is ingenious! and the stir fry, trail mix…girl you just rocked this post!
    almond butter cookies, here, these are raw and not flat 🙂

    although yours look pretty amazing!

    cats/hubs. yes. mine said no pets too and before skylar at one point we had 4 dogs and 1 cat. LOL


  3. you’re hair looks super cute lady!! I like the flip 🙂 I’ll never forget a couple of my long runs when I was marathon training. The eat and dead legs just didn’t work well. I felt like I had the chills and just wanted to crawl up during the last few miles!

  4. Great job on the run! You’re a champ man! You wouldn’t catch me out if its below 30 degrees! lol! Way to stay determined and conquer those miles!

    ~Christie (

  5. Super cute hair! Great job on the run 🙂

  6. I love your new do. Wish I had to have my hair thinned!

  7. Love your hair cut – looks so healthy and fresh!

    My toughest run was the last marathon I did. I hit a wall at mile 20 and just could not break through. The last six miles were a mix of tears, walking, jogging and more tears. But, I finished, and that reward made it all worthwhile!

  8. Excellent RUN! I love running outside. Even in the cold–always better than the treadmill!!!

    And your hair is super cute!

  9. Good job making it through that run! The toughest workout I have ever done was my final leg day before the competition. An hour of squats, lunges, and plyometrics mixed with being super depleted to be in contest form was a painful combo to push through.

  10. tempeh in pancakes crazy good idea! Your hair looks great……
    Hardest workout? probably a long bike ride…..

  11. Love the hair!!! I think my toughest workout was in a race. Either in the swim portion of my triathlon when someone swam OVER TOP of me and I almost drowned, or sprinting for a whole 5k trying to beat my PR. Thankfully, I didn’t drown and broke my PR that day 😉

    Hmm…pancake sandwiches actually sounds good! But tempeh tastes like feet 😛 Also, I love New Rules of Lifting for Women, I did the whole program! I didn’t follow the nutrition part though.

  12. I consider myself a new runner and I have a long run for me to do today. You just gave me some motivation and I know I’ll see repeating Im a running machine over and over in my head! 🙂

  13. Lovin’ your hair! I can’t wait to get my much needed cut and reshaping on Wednesday afternoon.

    You totally rocked your seven mile run! I wish I could be speedy like you. One day 🙂

  14. Push ups are my hardest workout!! I can’t seem to do more than 3 but Yoga is helping me because 1 month ago I could only do 1!



  15. Your hair looks great! And good job getting through the run…that’s extreme mental toughness you got there! The hardest workout I’ve ever done was running up a very steep hill by my house. It’s not very long but very steep…I actually was scared at one point that I was going to have a heart attack. 🙂 But I made it through. My lungs burned for the rest of the day.

  16. Congrats on your run! And cute hair!!


  17. CUTE hair!
    The hardest workout I have ever done was, um, a marathon 😀 I was undertrained due to a surgery that I had to have done a few weeks beforehand, I was wearing totally uncomfortable clothing because I was too vain to wear shorts, and the course ended up way hillier than I had imagined! But, I schlepped through and eventually finished. Seven and a half hours after starting 😦

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