Always Time for a Fiesta

Hi there bloggies! Can you believe it’s already (almost) Thursday? This week is flying by!

During the weekdays, I usually have a cold breakfast that I can prepare the night before, due to my early a.m. workout wakeup calls. However, today I was able to make a nice hot bowl of stove top oats since I had a four mile outdoor (!!!) run planned after work. It was 40 degrees out today! I couldn’t pass up a chance to get in a refreshing outdoor run.

With my extra time, I made yoatgurt!



Instead of separating the two, I went ahead and let them be together just as they’re destined 😉 I made a typical oats + 1/2 banana + flax + almond milk oats, and combined it with homemade Greek yogurt + Purevia + cinnamon. And this time instead of an almond butter wall is an almond butter room!


Only one way out!

So I typically use packets of half stevia/half cane sugar to sweeten my oats nowadays, but last week, Purevia sent me some of their sweetener to try out! Purevia uses the sweetest part of the stevia plant to extract from the stevia leaf. It’s 200 times sweeter than sugar, but has zero calories! I took a bite, and was very pleased with the amount of sweetness and the taste! The only thing I didn’t like was the aftertaste. It didn’t linger too long, but until I either took a drink of coffee or another bit of my oatmeal, I was left with a sweet-ish taste in my mouth. Will I use the rest of the box I received in the mail? For sure! Would I buy it on my own, probably so 🙂

And since I don’t use sweetener in my coffee anymore, I had my sweet-n-low loving husband try it out.


He’s tried all of the natural sweeteners I have and hasn’t approved of any of their tastes. So today, instead of putting two packets of Sweet n Low in his coffee, he put in two packets of Purevia. Why not give it another go?


His reaction?

“I don’t like it.” “Well, actually, yeah, yeah I do…It’s weird because it’s not sweet at first, and then the sweetness amps up.”

He said it was his favorite of the natural sweeteners he’s tried yet, so that’s saying something!


On my way to work this morning, I dropped Niko, who was beginning to resemble a 5 pound sheep dog, off at the groomers:



Over my lunch break, I picked her up and she looked MUCH better!



I swear she had a pep in her step! Like her mama, a good pampering does wonders for the morale 😉


While at home, I warmed up the quinoa casserole I made the other night yet AGAIN. This was the second time this week I had this dish as leftovers, so I tried to be creative and spice is up a bit. Hummus to the rescue!


I warmed up a decent sized portion, and stirred a little more than a tablespoon in the mix:


Made is SO rich and creamy. In fact, I might add a dollop of hummus every time I make it!

When I got home from work, I changed into some warm running clothes really quick, and met one of my friends on the trail. We set out to run a nice, easy 4 miles. It was a really great run, aside from being a wee bit cold. Although it was a balmy 40 degrees out today, it was late enough in the day so the sun was starting to set, and it put quite a chill in the air that really stuck with ya! Regardless, it was a good, heart-pumping jog 🙂

The client I was supposed to train tonight called to reschedule earlier, so I took advantage of the extra time by making Black Bean and Veggie Burritos for the husband and myself. Besides…there’s always time for a fiesta!


On the left are Ezekiel tortillas topped with goat cheese, on the right whole wheat tortillas topped with cheddar cheese, and filling them all was a black bean, tomato, corn chipotle filling I sautéed on the stove prior.

I had one burrito wrapped in an Ezekiel tortilla w/ a simple side salad of spinach, topped with a bit more of the filling:


Delicious! Need to remember to make this more often…


Mmmmelty goat cheddar deliciousness 🙂


We washed it all down by splitting the rest of the Pinot I opened on…Saturday (?) night.


Now I’m watching some Big Bang Theory with a sleeping husband in the chair next to me. I think it’s time to shut this party down!

Tomorrow’s another long one! Up and at ‘em supah early 😀

What is your sweetener of choice? It depends what I’m sweetening, but I probably use stevia for most things, and then for baking I usually use maple syrup, or brown rice syrup. But sometimes nothing beats a little raw cane sugar!

Hope you all had a great hump day!! Almost the weekend again 😀


9 Responses

  1. WOW so many great eats on here!! dont you love hummus on everything? i am adding it to all my meals it!

  2. i like your hubby’s review of the sweetener. cute. i like nunatural’s products. they seem to sweeten enough without being bitter

  3. Favorite sweetener…natural cane turbinado from Hawaii. Favorite pics on your blog today…before and after Niko pics; she is so precious. Buck acts peppy after a spa treatment too, but Dad thinks it’s because he is so happy that he survived!

  4. I love Purevia and use it in all of my baking!!!

  5. I used to live by Sweet n Low but artificial sugars started giving me migraines! I basically gave up all of them and now will very occasionally have a sprinkle of stevia. Im not a big coffee drinker so that’s not a problem and I sweeten my oats with maple syrup or dried fruit!

  6. I don’t really use any sweetener. I don’t sweeten my coffee or my oats, but it I’m going to sweet I use plain old sugar most of the time.

    I love adding hummus to grainy meals. So yum!

  7. I need to get a copy of that cookbook so I can make the casserole, it looks SOOOOO good. And the dollop of hummus seems like a fantastic addition.
    I am not big on sweetener… if I am going to add something sweet to oatmeal, I add it in the form of a little brown sugar.
    I do really like whatever they put in SoBe Lifewater though… it’s a zero calorie sweetener and it has no weird aftertaste.

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