Bloom Where You Re-Pot Yourself

Hey party people! How’d you Tuesday go? Swell? Faaantastic.

Sorry for being MIA last night. I was just too pooped to blog. And I got home for the day around 8:00 p.m., and just wanted to spend a little QT with the fam.

Sounds like you all have awesome attitudes when it comes to missing a workout. No sense in fretting, right? That seems to be the consensus 🙂

Yesterday was actually a special day for me! Seven years ago on March 2nd, I met my future husband. I don’t think either of us knew it then, but now this day will always hold a special place in our hearts! Can I brag for a second? I came home to this:





I lurve him. And yes, even though we’re married now, and have a real anniversary, it’s still fun to celebrate important days in small ways 😀

Anyway, I woke up yesterday morning and per the ushe, met my girl Heidi at the gym. It was Tempo Tuesday! Did a 3.75 mile tempo run like this:

Mile 0-.5: 6.1

Mile .5-1: 6.2

Mile 1-1.5: 6.4

Mile 1.5-2: 6.5

Mile 2-3: 6.6

Mile 3-3.75: 6.3        

It was a fun run, but I don’t think I fueled properly. Instead of having my usual smushed nanner + almond butter + maca combo, I just downed half a banana, and around mile 2 I felt a little woozy and light headed. Doh!

Came back and instantly made a Green Monster after showering:


1/2 frozen nanner, 3 c. spinach, 1 scoop Amazing Grass SuperFood, 1 T. hemp protein powder, almond milk

And then after getting ready for work had a freaking amazing breakfast cookie.


Dry ingredients: 1/3 c. oats, 1 T. chia, 1 packet stevia, 1 T. flax meal, 1 T. carob powder, 1 T. protein powder; Wet ingredients smushed in: half a nanner, 1/4 c. almond milk, 1 T. raw almond butter.


Gah…perfect amount of everything!

Yesterday was a very productive day at work! Around lunch, I snuck out and FINALLY gave my car a bath across the street. It’s been needing a good cleaning for quite some time, and I got both the inside and outside done in under a half hour. So shiny 😀

Bloom Where You Re-Pot Yourself.”

I also took a quick break to run to credit union in between meetings. When I was waiting in line, when my eyes wandered upon an interesting poster. It was of a beautiful blossoming flower, and below the flower, it read this:

“Bloom Where You are Planted”

Now I can see the meaning of this quote… I guess one can interpret it as saying, no matter where you are, live up to your highest potential. However, it also says, this is where you are and where you’re gonna be, better make the best of it. It implies limitations.

That just doesn’t align with my way of thinking, clearly.

Actually, instead of using the metaphor of a beautiful flower that gets planted (which implies someone else did the planting, and it’s not even up to the flower where it gets to bloom) I’d rather be a weed! Yep, a weed. A dandelion to be exact. A dandelion starts where it was ”planted” but then moves onward and upward.

So if I were to create a waiting line poster at the bank, mine would say this:

“Bloom Where You Re-Pot Yourself”


K I better stop comparing ourselves to weeds before I scare everyone off 😉

After work I came home starving, even though I had plenty of snacks at work. Tempo and interval runs really get my appetite going:)

I had some strawberries while I started up on dinner.


On tonight’s menu…Spinach and Goat cheese “Pizza”




First I toasted an Ezekiel tortilla at 400 degrees for 5 minutes, then spread some tomato paste. Next, I chopped up some raw goat cheddar, and finally topped it with spinach leaves.

While the pizza was cooking, I also cooked some meatless balls, and when everything was done, I topped it all off with sliced meatless balls:



The result? Fan-freaking-tastic.

Then I was off to a training appointment to train a new client! This woman is a hoot! She’s so much fun, and some pretty funny stuff comes out of her mouth.

When I finally got home for the night, I went straight downstairs to join the hubski in some more 24 watching with a fine glass of wine in tote 😀 Ahhh…best part of the day right there, folks.

Today I’m doin’ it all over again! Except instead of being at the gym right now, I’m blogging and sipping on some delicious organic coffee. That’s because it’s finally warm enough to run outside after work! I’m going to get one last out door run in before the 5K on Saturday. So excited!!! 😀


Do you agree with what the poster in the lobby says? Or do you think we should find our niche, and then blossom to our fullest potential? I say find your calling. What you were meant to do on this earth, and then do the best you can do! Not to say we shouldn’t live up to our fullest potential in every thing we do, but it’s so cool to find out what your dreams are, and then just go (all out) for them 🙂


14 Responses

  1. I like that quote. It’s kinda appropriate to see something like that when you are “planted” waiting in a line:-) Your times look great on that run at the gym, and the weather looks like it’s going to be perfect for outside runs in Illinois this week end, 40’s!

  2. I forgot to mention…what a smart man you have for a husband, roses to celebrate a first date. Our first date was Jan.27 eons ago.

  3. Aww your husband is so sweet!

    I agree with you about the poster. I like your saying much better!

  4. how sweet 🙂 the flowers are beautiful!

    I think finding your passions and gifts is the goal – I’m working on it!

  5. I want to say I agree with you, but my tendacy is to freeze up with all the options of finding my nitche, and then no blooming happens. I’d say I’m trying to bloom where I am planted but keep an eye out for that next bigger pot! 😉

  6. The pizza looks amazing! I’m going to have to steal that idea!

  7. What a sweet hubs!

  8. Your hub is so sweet! Have you ever done a post on how you two met?

  9. I definitely agree that everyone needs to find their calling! But some people’s calling is to stay put. I guess you just have to be open to the possibility!

    And what a wonderful husband you have!!! 😉

  10. I like both versions 🙂

    I like the ‘bloom where you are planted’ because I interpret that as ‘make the most of your life’ not limiting.

    But yours is really cute too 🙂

    Happy ‘meeting your spouse’ anniversary!

  11. Happy Anniversary..of when you met. Wow I have NO IDEA the day i met my hubs. I cant hardly remember our anniv. 10 yrs later, brain cells have apparently died off 🙂

    The roses and surprise must have been amazingly special…so nice to see!

  12. My husband Todd and I always celebrate February 11 – which is the day we met – even though we’ve been married for going on 7 years! This day is just as important as our wedding anniversary!

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