Too Overweight to Graduate?


I had such a hard time concentrating today. Seriously, it just felt like I had a fog lay stagnant in the middle of my brain!

I had a case of clumsiness, too. Before I left for work today, I was drinking a Kombucha, and randomly just dropped the whole (heavy) class bottle on the floor. Luckily, all that broke on the booch, was the cap:





and I salvaged what didn’t spill out onto the floor 😉




Drank it alongside of another stellar breakfast cookie!



I love putting a half scoop of chocolate protein powder and a half scoop of carob powder in them. Oh, and also PB2 – this gives it the perfect chocolate + pb combo. However, I’ve only been able to find the regular PB2, and I bet the chocolate PB2 would totally rock this breakfast cookie 🙂

Prior to all this, I woke up and got in a 40 minute interval workout on the elliptical. I had planned on running, but my knees had a slight ache to them after Wednesday night’s run, so I thought I’d go with a lesser impact exercise. Bonus: my commute to the elliptical was just up the stairs from the kitchen 😉

Pre-workout snack:




Smashed half banana + cinnamon + maca. I find this combination works perfectly if I’m not planning on doing any weights or a very long/intense workout. Otherwise, I’ll add in a tbsp of almond butter to supply some staying powder and protein to the mix.


It’s SUCH a nice day here in Central Illinois today. I just couldn’t stand being cooped up in my cubicle all day! I took advantage of the weather, and escaped the office over lunch. I’m talking mid forties and sunny! Spring is near 😀

Lunch was a veggie wrap and potatoes in the form of Kettle chips 😉





Spinach, cucumber, hummus, raw goat cheese in a Flat Out wrap. Mmmm so good. I wanted two. Instead I grabbed an almond butter cookie and headed back to work 😀

No meetings this afternoon, so I spent the afternoon at my desk, and broke for a snack of some unpictured Greek yogurt + granola and an orange.

All day I was oddly thirsty. No amount of water could quench my thirst! When I got home, I wanted nothing more than a big, refreshing green smoothie:




Hit. The. Spot. Frozen nanner, handful of spinach, almond milk, Amazing Grass SuperFood. Nom.

I had to meet just one client for a training appointment, so I kept dinner quick, yummy, and to the point with some black bean and veggie burritos from last night:



Just as good as the night before. And I think I do need to post the recipe for this blanket of deliciousness soon.


Too Overweight to Graduate?

I recently stumbled upon an article talking about Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, and a new program they’re requiring its students in order to graduate.

Well, some students, that is.

The university now requires students with a body mass index of 30 or above to take a three hour per week fitness course. Yep this means they cannot graduate from college if they don’t complete this course. They could have a 4.0 GPA, have a double major, three internships, and what have you, but if their BMI is too high and they don’t take the required fitness class, they cannot get their diploma. Cannot graduate. Do not collect the diploma, do not collect $200. Go straight to fitness class.

And since BMI isn’t the end all be all of determining overweight status, the students also need to have the circumference of their waist measured.

The course, “Fitness for Life” includes a variety of aerobic exercises like swimming/water aerobics, dance, and Tae Bo.


What are your feelings and thoughts on this issue? Do you think the university is just in enforcing this requirement? 

My opinion is that it’s great that the awareness of being at a healthy weight is increasing. Really, it is. Obviously, I’m all for enhancing people’s quality of life, and helping them to live it the healthiest they can be. But it’s also somewhat unfair, narrow-minded, and downright embarrassing to those required to take the course. If it’s going to be a course requirement in order to graduate, they should require it of all of their students. I mean, it’s well known that someone could be at a completely healthy BMI and have a waist circumference in the healthy range, while still being unhealthy and unfit. Additionally, the act of having one’s waist measured is somewhat of an invasive thing to do on its own, and there are many individuals who would find that not only uncomfortable, but also intrusive. I don’t even measure my clients’ bodies if they feel slightly uncomfortable with it. Secondly, it’s a one-semester 3 hour class. Most students would probably see this as something they have to get over with in order to graduate, not a life-changing opportunity to become healthy, but who knows. Again, I’m all for promoting wellness, but I don’t feel this is the best way to go about it.


18 Responses

  1. Very true. And sometimes having a high BMI is not indicative of actually being overweight. Instead that person could literally have a lot of muscle. And, it’s important that underweight, healthy weight and overweight people learn how to just be more active in general.

  2. I think that this class should be required for all because I personally have a low healthy BMI and I really do not know about healthy exercise and nutritions!! I think all students could benefit!!

  3. i love all the spinach in your wrap – i do that too!

  4. Yummy looking wrap. I need to make more wraps with my Flat Out Wraps!

  5. Well I’m glad they don’t have to BE a certain weight in order to graduate. That would be unfair. But a course (perhaps the “who goes to the course” requirements kinks need to be worked out) is a good idea. I went to UNC, and after a couple graduates died in a simple, (had they known how to swim they’d have been fine) drowning accident, the university decided that no one with a four year degree from their institution need die from lacking a learned skill. So they instituted a swim test prior to graduation. It’s a joke for most people, but who knows, maybe it’s saved a life. Same goes for the weight course.

  6. I think physical education should be a required part of all the 50 states’ funded educational institutions, grade, high school and college. So many Americans are inactive and overweight. The BMI’s could be a part of those classes, and everyone could benefit from that knowledge. Does that make sense?

    Great food pics; I think I’m going to get a fresh batch of spinach again:-)

  7. Definitely feel that is not a good idea. I think they should offer the classes but not make it mandatory. Maybe those not overweight want to take the class! Plus BMI is not an accurate measurement unless done correctly, which is really expensive and difficult to do.

  8. Fear not, Lincoln University rescinded the requirements!

  9. Wow. I agree with you, I think that requirement is incredibly unfair. While I wish everyone would understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, this requirement is taking it too far. For one, I’m dangerously close to being considered overweight according to my BMI, but I still where a size 4 and have a healthy body fat composition. BMI isn’t a reliable standard. And I wouldn’t be comfortable having my measurements being part of a public record, either. This just isn’t right!

  10. I think that is HORRIBLE! That institution is paid to give them an education NOT change their pants size. GRRRR. As much as I am happy that people are becoming aware of healthy lifestyles, people are STILL IN CHARGE OF THEIR OWN LIVES. I can’t believe a school would institute that. Make it a general rule that everyone needs a fitness class, don’t single people out. Oh wow, that made me MAD.

    Thanks for sharing, though! 🙂

  11. I’m just going to say ditto to how you responded to that idea. I don’t think that is the way to promote healthy living and wellness. Plus, singling overweight people out like that I think can make them more defensive and maybe make them less inclined to want to workout later on. You can’t force people to fitness just like you can’t force an alcoholic to stop drinking. They have to want it first.

  12. Hum…I am not sure what I think. I definitely think we need to DO something as a society to combat the obesity epidemic in our country but I am not sure this is the correct way to do it. One of the biggest problems that I have is that I don’t think using BMI is an accurate way to measure someone’s health. What about atheltes who have a lot of muscle mass…i.e. football players…are they going to have to take this class because they have a high BMI when in reality they might be really healthy?!

  13. i agree, that’s pretty ridiculous and embarrassing to those singled out kids! at my college, everyone had to take one PE class…i took volleyball, and it was a blast!

  14. Fitness AND proper nutrition should be taught from the time we’re young, but proper weight should not be a requirement for ANYTHING. I don’t think BMI measurements should ever be done. PERIOD. And Body Fat Percentage should only be calculated by physicians or fitness/wellness professionals. In order to graduate you must learn tae bo??? Seriously?? That’s just another example of how ignorant this country is about our needs. People need to understand WHY we’re so overweight and unhealthy and learn to make lifestyle changes in all areas of life in order to be healthy. Embarrassing people by telling them they cannot graduate if they are overweight is NOT the way to go. I am disgusted by this, and I hope it’s true that they revoked it.

    Sorry for the rant, I just am blown away by the ludicrous ways the government and other people are trying to combat the obesity epidemic. It’s so very wrong.

  15. I think that everyone would benefit from the class. I don’t understand why they would need to get their waist measured, though. I know that having weight around the midsection isn’t good for the internal organs so is that what they’re basing that requirement on?

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