Natural Beauty Product Reviews

Hey there, bloggie friends! We made it mid-way through the week! Ready to tackle the rest of it?!

Today was pretty much a standard day in the world of Running Around Normal. Got up at the ushe time of dawn’s butt crack to run and lift, munched on some typical eats that we’ve all seen around here before, did the office thang, trained another client, and watched the same shows. Yada, yada, yada 😀

So instead of telling you all a story you’ve heard before, I thought I’d do a couple natural beauty product reviews!

The other day, I wrote a post addressing my concerns and thoughts about natural/organic beauty products. For me, it boils down to this: if it’s going to stay on my body for more than a few minutes, I prefer it to be natural or organic. For example: lotions, creams, sun screens, deodorant etc. Why? Our skin is an extremely absorbent, and I’m just not too keen of the idea of my skin absorbing the tocopheryl acetate in my regular lotions all day long. If our skin can absorb hormones and nicotine from patches, it can be sure toabsorb aluminum and tocopheryl from skin products.

On to the products!

Side note: I bought all of the following products with my own dinero. None of the company’s sent me these to review.

First up: Nature’s Gate deodorant!



Persimmon and Rose Geranium scented, it’s a solid deodorant that goes on clear. It’s paraben and aluminum free which was most important to me as I picked it out. It’s also vegan – made with no animal by products, and of course not tested on animals.

The verdict? Although I was a little disappointed at the length and pronunciation of ingredients (stearyl-whaa??) I trusted that it was natural, and went with it. The smell was very pleasant, it went on easily, and kept me smelling good and my underarms dry all day! However, when I tested it at the gym, it didn’t fare so well. I was actually a little embarrassed and anxious to take a shower when I tried it out at the gym. I just wanted to get home and shower. Though I figured this would be the case. This deodorant works great all day long – if you don’t plan on running 4 miles 😉 Overall I was very impressed!

Next up: Burt’s Bee’s Body Lotion!




Verdict? This lotion is very light for being 99% all natural, and it really sinks into the skin quick. However, it contains mica, which makes it naturally…glittery. That might be cool for every now and then, but for an everyday lotion, I’d rather just have it do its moisturizing job and be done. It’s not overly glittery, though, so I don’t mind. The only other thing? The price. I gave up my pricey lotion and makeup addiction along with shopping at Sephora and the Chanel makeup counters all the time in exchange for a savings account. Although Burt’s Bee’s body lotion won’t break the bank, it is $9 for a mere 6 ounces.

Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Face Wash!



This face wash has a thick, gel-like consistency that’s loaded with all natural, pronounceable ingredients.


I hated this stuff at first. I would wash my face with it, but then couldn’t even tell I washed my face! Only did I realize after two months of owning it, that it works amazingly by applying it to a dry face first, and then massaging it in afterward with damp hands. Love this stuff. It makes my face smell fresh and orangey, and it’s fairly moisturizing and doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils.

Last contender: Nature’s Gate lotion!



I got this at Fresh Market because it was the best deal of all the natural/organic lotions. The smell is just heavenly, and I love how it absorbs quickly into the skin. But like the deodorant, the ingredient list is a little lengthy and hard to pronounce. It is paraben free, though!


I’ll most likely try a different kind when it runs out, but I’ll definitely enjoy it until it’s gone!

Still on the lookout for a natural sunscreen (the ingredients in the chemical types are iffy to me) and a tinted moisturizer! Got any recs?

Sooo excited to sleep in tomorrow. I didn’t sleep well AT ALL last night, and woke up supah early this morning, so this bod could use a couple extra hours! Instead of hitting up the gym in the morning, right after work tomorrow, I’m meeting my friend at the gym for some cardio and a power yoga session! It’s been THREE weeks since I’ve done any baptise power yoga, so hopefully I won’t be too rusty 😉


Have a wonderful Thursday, guys!! 😀


20 Responses

  1. I’m also on the lookout for an all natural sunscreen…. and unfortunately I’m sure that once I do find one, it will be 5x more expensive than the chemical brands…. oh, well! Great post!

  2. I LOVE these kinds of reviews!
    I’m leary of natural sunscreens because I’m not sure they will have enough of the UVA/UVB protection. I’d love to hear if you find one.

    Do you use all natural hair care products as well?

  3. I use Tom’s of Maine deo in lemongrass and really like it! It’s fresh – and it lasts quite well through workouts!

  4. I’m glad this is a kind of “sleep in” day for you. Sleep, water and a good sunscreen are all great for your skin. Sorry, I can’t add anything about natural products because of my Avon selling friend.

  5. Any sunscreen by California Baby is both water resistant and chemical free. The main problem is that it cost $19.99 for a 2.9oz bottle of the stuff…so you have to make sure you use it wisely.

    Hara Sport is also a very good choice. It is all natural and is much cheaper than the California Baby sunscreen at just $9.49.

    Regarding moisturizer, I hear Juice Beauty has some really good tinted moisturizers with SPF 30. 🙂

  6. I have concerns about wearing regular deodorant, too. I don’t like the idea of putting aluminum on my body every single day…but I”m not sure I could go with natural deodorant for the exact reasons that you mentioned! I’d rather not have pit stains 🙂

  7. I completely agree – we must be absorbing some of those chemicals 😦

    I love coconut oil for a body moisturizer!

  8. I’ve been trying to find a good natural deoderant. I’ve heard good things about Tom’s but haven’t tried it yet.

  9. I LOVE that Nature’s Gate lotion…we go through the big bottles like crazy!!

  10. My mom gave my Adidas aluminum free deodorant and it literally BURNED the skin off my armpits. I guess that’s one way to keep ya from sweating 😛 Actually, most deodorants are just that – they’re made to keep the odour away. Antiperspirants are where it’s at, as they keep you from actually sweating, but they’re the ones with all the sketchy ingredients :\

  11. mm i love natural products that smell good too!

  12. Loved this review! Although most of what I use isn’t all-natural, I think along the same lines – if I take such great lengths to keep crap-ola out of my body by means of what I eat, why slather it all over it?

  13. thank you so much for these reviews..the last things to go round here are deoderant (still use secret), the lotion (still use palmers cocoa butter b/c it’s cheap and it works) and face wash was just rec’ed by a reader i try aveeno’s bars of soap. 2.79 at target for a bar and it works without breaking me out and it’s alot better ingredients than my $30 jar lancome so i am very pleased. not perfect, but it’s decent. the aveeno moisturizing face cleanser bar.

    natural sunscreen. google coconut oil and sunscreen, or antioxidants fruits vegetables sunscreen.
    it’s amazing that when we’re eating high plant based diets, we dont need as much sunscreen. this is my opinion of course, but for me and my blonde hair blue eyed family, it works. and youd never think it would, but it does.

    • So glad you brought that up, Averie! I’ve always wondered how people ever survived without sunscreen back in the day! Haha. Probably because they ate food the way it should be eaten 😉

  14. I really like alba botanical products. I use their coconut face wash which is really gentle and doesn’t dry out my face, and the pineapple exfoliator which is also gentle as far as face scrubs go. As far as natural sunscreen alba makes that too in a variety of spfs…check them out!

    Thanks for your review, these products look like something I might try in the future!

  15. […] up in next post – an update on my favorite all natural beauty products! It’s been a […]

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