Cuckoo for KooLoos

Hi there friends! How goes it? Celebrating the Irish?

The extent of my celebrating was wearing green and drinking this:


one beer (one’s for the husband) and it’s not even green! I just never really got into St. Patrick’s Day much for some reason. Can’t complain – I’m watching 24 right now instead of working with Quick Books. So I’m happy 😀

I finally got in a killer lower body workout this morning before work. First I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, and then did the following circuits each three times through:

one legged squats right and left 15 lb dumbbells
calf raises 15 lb dumbbells
straight leg deadlifts 15 lb dumbbells


stability ball hamstring curl body weight
plie squat 15 lb dumbbells
lunges left and right leg 10 lb dumbbells


My booty was burnin’ by the end of it, and I’m already feelin’ it now!

Breakfast was one I haven’t had in a while…some yoatgurt!


1/3 c. oat bran, 1/2 c. almond milk, 1/2 c. water, 1 banana, 1 T. flax, 1 packet of Purevia, 1 T. chia seeds on the oaty side, and 3/4 c. Greek yogurt and cinnamon on the yogey side. Plus a big blob of TJ’s raw almond butter.

Work passed by like a flash yet again today. I can’t believe tomorrow’s already Thursday! It’s been a busy week personal training, too. I’ve had to train every night this week, and it’s looking like that’s how it’s going to be the next few weeks too. I’m definitely not complaining about it, though!

For lunch, I decided to try out some of the snacks that Shelley and Shaina from Seapoint Farms sent me to sample!



KooLoos! I was super excited to try these out, because I’ve never seen them elsewhere before, and was very intrigued my the description. They’re crunchy little baked snacks of organic flaxseed and organic soybeans .


One serving of KooLoos contains Omega 3’s, 7 grams of soy protein, 20 mg of isoflavones, and three grams of fiber!

So, how do they taste?


My favorite was the original by far. I absolutely love the crunchy texture, and the slightly salty and nutty flavor. The husband tried them all too, and he prefers the honey bbq.

I haven’t seen them in stores yet, but according to Shaina, they’ll be hitting stores soon, and I could definitely see myself buying some when they’re gone 🙂


After leaving the office, I headed to the gym to train a client. It was so incredibly nice out – 60’s and sunnnny! Instead of training for the whole hour in the gym, we headed to the trail by the gym and did the first half of her workout outdoors. It was very nice for a change of pace. I think she enjoyed it too 😀 I seriously love springing ahead!!

For dinner, I had planned on having a staple Ezekiel tortilla pizza. However, while toasting the tortilla, I was also cooking sweet potatoes and chicken in the oven, and well…see for yourself:


I may have left it in the oven a tad too long 😉

It was the last one in the package, so I had to make with do.

Can’t fail with a (big as a ) house salad!


Spinach, red bell pepper, baby bella mushrooms, edamame, cucumber, quorn meatless chicken, goat cheese, and burnt Ezekiel tortilla!


With a side of sweet potato fries:) Nommy.

Sorry that my dinners have been pretty boring lately. I swear they’re all still delicious, it’s just that the amount of free time I have available has been dwindling, and well, creative and time-intensive dinners have taken the toll. It should get better fairly soon, though. Not intending to stay this busy for too much longer 😉

How’s that for a random post!

Now I’m about to watch some Big Bang Theory with the hubski and perhaps snack on some Annie’s Bunny Graham’s just ate probably 2.5 servings of Bunny Graham’s while uploading pictures and editing this post. Woops…

Hope you all have a lovely night and a fantastic Thursday!!


21 Responses

  1. I hope you don’t mind if I copy and print your lower body workout. It looks like a good one, and one that I can do at home with my own weights.

    • Of course not! Let me know how you like it 😀 PS – I sent your package out yesterday, so you should get it soon. I also forgot to include a letter, but you know I love ya!! 😉

  2. I was just wondering which gym you train clients at??

  3. i really like the kooloos sample i got too! haven’t tried the original flavor yet.

  4. I’m a stability ball novice, so Dad looked up “the stability ball hamstring curl” for me on Google. How many reps do you do?

    Today and tomorrow are two days meant to be walk-run -outside times…60’s. Snow this week end:-( Illinois!!

  5. I know I am late but I hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day (it sounds and looks like you did!) 🙂

  6. I’ve never been big into celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, either. But it looks like you participated more than I did! 🙂

  7. I’m so happy that your training gig is going so well for you. Congrats!

  8. how many clients do you have now? Was it difficult to find people to work with you, or did the gym help you out?

    I’m hopefully taking my ace exam in april so I’m curious !!! 🙂

  9. I’ve never really gotten into St. Pattys day either.

    That is great you are having more clients. It’s always nice to earn some extra moolah. I’m super excited bec I’m going to most likely be getting another student to tutor. Yay!

  10. I didn’t have a big St Pattys Day either. It was still nice though! Love your leg workout–I think deadlifts might be my favorite leg exercise!

  11. great circuit workout. i love getting ideas from you! the soy nuts look right up my alley, i love crunchy snacks! bunny grahams are ADDICTING

  12. ohh those are so fun looking! and love the name of them!

    I love training my clients outside when teh weather gets nice, it makes it much easier to warm up those muscles!!

    SB hamstring curls are awesome, its amazing how much you can work your own body just from using your body weight!

  13. Looooooooooooooove Big Bang Theory!!! And sadly, my hubby and I decided to go out to a bar for some beer at the last minute – and it wasn’t even green 😦 …but maybe that’s a good thing…

  14. I drank one non-Irish beer too last night. I just couldn’t see myself going all out on a weeknight and the grocery store was out of every type of Irish beer.

  15. Yotagurt some something I’ve never seen before. Will have to try it! I’ve actually never heard of Kooloos before and they sound great!

  16. Thanks again for the great review of KooLoos! Seapoint Farms put together a video to inspire kids to snack healthier which involved the KooLoos. We thought you might like it. Take a look when you have a chance 🙂

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