Kitty Wheat Grass and the Burn Factor


What a week! Worked hard and now Friday is the reward 🙂 Hoo-rah!

Currently trying to decide what to whip up for breakfast. I took the morning off from exercise for my Birthday Eve 😉 Plus, tomorrow is the Big Birthday 10 Miles (*shudders*) and I’m petrified. Gah!

Before I get started into my day yesterday, I HAVE to show you this new thing I got for miss Clarabelle…


I got her her own wheat grass!


I had to grow it myself – and I started it last Friday, and I’ve already got grass!

I just poured the water in this litter looking stuff, and a few days later, it was sprouting!


I know she’s going to love this stuff. Seriously, who though of this? I mean, I make sure I get my greens, so why not make sure kitty does the same? hahaha awesome 🙂

OK, back to the topic at hand…

After office-work last night I went to the gym to train a couple clients, and when I got home, it was already somewhat late. And I was staaah-ving.



This’ll do the trick!

While the oven was pre-heating, I noshed on some veggies!

Shane had a bunch of guys over from work, and one of them brought in a veggie tray (!!) and left it at our house. I told Shane to give him a hug and kiss from me 😉

Look at the cute little seedless bell peppers!


IMG_1768 IMG_1769

I’ve never seen these before, but they are delicious! I opted for hummus as a dipper instead of the ranch. Yum!

Look at what else I came home to today:




IMG_1766My mom and dad sent them to me for my birthday. How sweet is that? Thank you mom and dad! Love you! 😀

Finally, the pizza was done cooking, and I filled up a plate:


Three big slices.



Minus one and a half crusts. Just because the hubski begged it off of me 😉 Also had a glass of red to wash it down:



Everything looks better with daisies as a back drop, don’tcha think??

For dessert, I had my attempt at making a POMcicle:

Last night I poured 100% POM juice into this cute little ice cube tray that my Secret Bloggy Valentine sent me:


And stuck…errr lay tooth pics on top. Turned out pretty OK!



The Burn Factor

The other day, I did some Saxon side bends in my full body workout, and it apparently, it’s been ages since I’ve done this exercise, because the day after, I was sore all the way from the top of my rib cage to my hip bones! And although I was sore, I recognized it as a "good kind of sore."

I know I’m not the only one who actually likes feeling sore from a workout the next day, right?!

And I know that you don’t have to be sore the next day in order to have a good workout. Really, the only reason we should be sore is if we’re doing a new (or new in a while) exercise, or working with a lot more weight or intensity. Although it’s not been proven, this soreness is believed to be caused by lifting eccentrically (i.e. the lowering motion of a bicep curl.) We get tiny microscopic tears in the muscle that need to be repaired. This is also called delayed onset muscles soreness, or DOMS.
This is different from the soreness we feel while we are actually doing the lifting or exercising – that’s a different type of soreness. That’s lactic acid build up that makes our muscles feel the ‘burn.’

Do you feel accomplished if you’re sore the next day from a workout? Like I said above, I do kind of like it, because I know I ‘got a good workout in.’ But on the other hand, it also helps me by reminding me that I’ve been slacking on that muscle/muscle group.

Any big plans for this weekend?? I’ve got birthday plans, obv 🙂 Tonight after work, the hubski and I are going to a little vegetarian cafe for an early dinner, then celebrating with some beers at a local bar with another birthday friend. Then tomorrow, we’re heading to my home town to hang out with some girlfriends (and their mens) who we haven’t seen in a while. These girls are my BFF4L’s (hehe) and I can’t WAIT to hang with ‘em!!!


21 Responses

  1. Glad you ❤ the daisies.
    Today is Keira Knightley's 25 b'day!
    When I am sore after exercising, it's because I've ignored that muscle group for a while, usually abs.
    Have a bunch of birthday fun. Luv ya.

  2. I don’t have to feel sore to feel like I had a good workout. Although, I do enjoy feeling sore from time to time.

    Have a great time tonight celebrating!

  3. Sounds like you have a great birthday planned!! Happy birthday!

    That pizza looks SO good!! Yum, yum, yum!

  4. Happy Birthday EVE! 🙂 I hope the celebrating is good tonight 🙂

    those pom-sicles are SO cute!

  5. Happy Birthday Eve! And that’s so neat about the kitty grass… love that idea!


  6. i love your POMsicles!! what a great idea!

    i love being sore, but not too SORE that I cant even workout the next day! if my leggies are wicked sore the next day i will just stick with cardio, usually running or elliptical to get that lactic acid moving!!

  7. When I worked at Jamba Juice, cat owners would take our leftover wheat grass flats that we’d cut all the grass off of (to juice). They said they’re cats loved it!

  8. ooo pomsicles!! YUM! sounds weird, but i LOVE being sore!!! oh my goodness-makes me feel like i had a beastly workout!

  9. there is really way too much cuteness going on in this post. clarabelle, mini peppers (love them), heart popsicles.. erm, POMsicles! daisies. love it all! and i LOVE DOMS! but hate it!

  10. Sounds like a great weekend you have coming up!! I’m doing a veggie and hummus tray for our get together with friends this weekend. Such a wonderful combo. 🙂

    For workouts – I actually wish I was NEVER sore. I don’t like feeling sore, especially in my legs. Although I do still like pushing myself with my workouts and seeing improvements so the soreness happens and I deal with it. But if I could have kick butt workouts without the next day soreness, I so would.

  11. those pom things are too neat! Great idea 🙂

    when i feel sore i take it that I had a rockin workout the day before…that is a good thing as long as you don’t overdo it.

    this weekend i plan on working and having a potluck with my friends. have an awesome TGIF!

  12. Ooooh, in case I’m not around tomorrow – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I’d wish you good luck on the 10 miles but you don’t need it. Just think of all the beer and cake you’ll have after. 😉

    I like feeling sore in my upper-body, and since no two workouts are the same for me, I usually do. But I hate it in the lower body, maybe because I have so many stairs to climb. Working at a university and living in a basement will do that.

  13. I really like the feeling of being sore after a workout. It makes me actually feel like something is happening. 🙂
    That pizza looks good….pizza is probably one of my favorite foods!

  14. Wow that grass is on steroids!!

  15. Happy Birthday and have a great ten miler! xoxoxo

  16. That’s great to know that wheatgrass is so easy to grow… I do NOT have a green thumb but it would be so fun to grow my own, and so much more nutritious than the powdered wheatgrass I currently use! 🙂

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!! Wahoooo- I hope you have a blasty! I love when people bring fruits & veggies to my house and leave them- what a gift! The daisies from your parents are adorable. Yes- I love that good kind of pain the day after a workout. Makes me feel so accomplished. Have fun with all the bday plans

  18. LOVE the cat grass and baby bell peppers. And happy birthday! I like to feel sore after a workout, as long as it’s a good sore; but it does make me remember I haven’t been doing enough strength training!

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a fun weekend!

  20. happy bday!

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