Mickey Mouse Meals

Hi there sweet peas! Happy almost Friday! I actually didn’t remember tomorrow was Friday until I just wrote that, so I’m feeling pretty excited right now:D

So did you pull any April Fool’s pranks on anyone?! Or were YOU the one doing the pranking? 😉 I’m not much one for April Fool’s, and luckily for me, neither is Shane 🙂

Although I did pull one on myself this morning… I made myself what I thought would be a delicious bowl of overnight oats!


That doesn’t even look good! Well it was horrid! Word to yo mutha the wise: don’t make overnight oats with steel cut oat groats. Unless you like crunchy oats. Me? Notsomuch. I even tried microwaving them (plastic container and all) when I got to work. Didn’t work. However, I forced them down because a) I was starvin’ and b) my muscles needed some of that Jay Robb protein powder swirled in after my morning workout!

I met my girl Heidi at the gym, and we did about 35 minutes of hill walking before splitting different ways. She to the elliptical and me to the weight room.

Bulgarian Split Squats w/ 10 lb dumbbells 10×4 sets
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown w/ 27 lbs 10 x 3 sets
Deadlifts w/ 50 lb. barbell 10 x 3 sets
Bent Row w/ 30 lb. barbell 10 x 3 sets
Alternating Grip bicep curls w/ 12 lb dumbbells 10 x 3 sets
Calf Raise Farmer Walkouts w/ 35 lb. dumbbells 10 x 3 sets
Rear delt flies w/ 8 lb dumbbells 10 x 3 sets
Rolling around like a worm on the foam roller Until I can’t stands it no more!

Done and done! Took me about 40 minutes to get through this weight workout. I then showered and got ready for work at the gym and had aforementioned nasty oats.

Today was actually a day where countless things went a little haywire to both Shane and myself. I won’t go in to too much detail, but I will say that we dropped off Shane’s car, and they did more damage than harm, and wouldn’t compensate us for our trouble. Ahem. Not April Fool’s.

We both left work a couple hours early to deal with the car situation, so I was able to make a quick stop by the store to pick up some necessary items, one of which I am more than excited to delve into:


Goat’s milk ice cream!! Nom! Hopefully.


It reached 80º (!!!) here in Illinois today, so I also took advantage of the unseasonably amazing weather and took the Nikster for a walk before heading to the gym to train a few clients.

Once home, it was late, and I was hungry, so I turned to Mickey Mouse Meals.




TJ’s Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato bisque, romaine + organic honey mustard + strawberries, Millet toast + avocado + Quorn meatless chicken nuggets and dollops of ketchup. Fast and fabulous.




The hubski also got a gourmet Mickey Meal:


Romaine + ranch, TJ’s soup, AB&J, kettle chips

A lot of you have been asking how I squeeze so much in a day. Well, I cut corners. Lately, instead of black bean enchiladas or roasted chicken and noodles, I make my husband Mickey Mouse Meals. All about priorities, people.

On that note, I’m off to go not think for a while and watch Real Housewives of NY 😀 And perhaps dabble in some La Loo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream.

Have a fantastic night, folks! See ya tomorrow!


When your schedule gets busier and busier, where do you cut corners to save on time? Mine are clearly on dinner making skillz. And you know what? I’m more than OK with that. My Mickey Mouse Meal was awesome! 😀


19 Responses

  1. haha…i love the mickey mouse theme here! but i really want to know is: how is the goat’s milk ice cream? i see it, but am SO weary of buying it!

  2. thanks for the tip about the overnight steel oats. will NOT try that one.

  3. I totally agree about simple dinners! Whenever I get super busy that is typically where i slack too. I can always eat a PB&J sandwich and be a happy camper!

  4. Simple dinners are awesome. Whenever I get too busy there aren’t really corners that I cut, I just see if I can trade time – so less TV for more blogging or cleaning time.

  5. Your food pics (minus the breakfast one) are beautiful, and your weight training session looks very challenging. When I go to the weight room, (seldom) fifteen minutes is tops.
    That car dealer should be reported to the home company or the BBB for doing more damage without compensation!

  6. Awwww mickey mouse foods are so cute!

  7. OK note to self-no overnight oats with steel cut! Thanks!

    Ugh I WISH I could get as much done in a day–I need to work on my skills!

  8. I can’t WAIT to hear about the goat’s milk ice cream!

  9. Sorry about the oats! Nothing worse than a disappointing breakfast.

    But I love the Mickey Mouse meals. Too cute!

  10. I’ve been eyeing goat’s milk yogurt lately, I can’t imagine what the ice cream would taste like!

    Unfortunately, when I get really busy, I cut corners with my household chores. Clothes and dishes get dirty, the place gets super dusty and unvacuumed. On the bright side, my food and exercise stays the same 😛

  11. Well, as made obvious in my last post, cooking is what takes the brunt of my cutting corners. There are always quick meal options, so why not use them? Plus I don’t get the same joy of cooking like others. It is solely to get food on a plate!!

    I cracked up at your “rolling around like a worm on a foam roller” part of your workout!

  12. Food prep definitely takes a back seat. I try to prep stuff in advance on the weekends, just because I know I won’t want to mess with it/spend the time on it after a long day at work!

    Wow, it’s been warmer in IL than here in SoCal!

    Enjoy Friday 🙂

  13. Hi Paige. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The camera I use is a Canon Rebel Xsi. I have all my equipment under the “camera” heading and I have some of my gallery under “pictures”. I have had this one for 2 years and I ADORE it.

    When time is short, I usually skimp on breakfast and laundry. My goal is to skimp more on laundry :p I need to make sure I get in a great breakfast each morning. I found out that my teaching is actually more focused and effective when I’m fueled properly.

  14. goats milk ice cream?! i need to try that! HAHA i wasnt sure what the title meant but i love the mickey meals! have a great weekend!!!!

  15. I’m curious to know how the goat’s milk ice cream is! Sounds GOOD. 🙂

  16. oh girl! Sorry it was such a day of craziness! Goats milk ice cream?? Does it taste different? Love the mickey mouse meals- too cute. You know I feel you on the squeeeeezing it all in. Enjoy the weekend 😉

  17. Lovin the Mickey Mouse meals!! When I’m short on time I pull some kind of frozen meal out of the freezer or some leftovers that are also in the freezer.

  18. As I get busier my meals get quicker too – love your Mickey meals, too cute. Your strength workout sounds awesome too!

  19. Woah there!!! I want some goat’s milk ice cream!!!! I love goat cheese and ice cream–it doesn’t get better than that 🙂

    I shouldn’t say this outloud but usually I cut back on school work when I get busy. Okay, when push comes to shove, I really do crack down and do my school work but I’ve found that stressing out every day about work that I inevitably don’t do or don’t even NEED to do does nothing for me. I think it’s the senioritis talking anyways haha. I do make my meals lickety split if I am really short on time.

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