Easter Eleven

Hey loves! Did you have a lovely weekend? Mine went by in a fury, but it was a good one!

I just finished up a delicious breakfast of … OIAJ!


With some L-O-V-E coffee:D


It must have been a huge batch, because I couldn’t even finish it!

Easter Eleven

Since I had to train clients all afternoon on Saturday, I planned my long run for Sunday…Easter Sunday!




It was a difficult one. I started out in a long sleeve shirt w/ a tank underneath. It was about 60º and windy, but I got hot, fast. Luckily, I had a friend biking it with me! They were ever so kind to take the shirt off my hands!

I went through the initial “I can’t do this” until I got past the two mile hump. Then everything was smooth sailing! Well, until about mile 7. I started breaking down, and my right hip was giving me trouble. Around mile 8.5 I decided to start taking a walking break at the end of each mile, and that (that and my CamelBak) helped immensely!

Break it down, baby!

1 – 10:08

2 – 9:42

3 – 9:36

4 – 9:32

5 – 9:44

6 – 9:31

7 – 9:17

8 – 9:44

9 – 9:53

10 – 10:08

11 – 10:22 (BEAT)

So not, necessarily negative splits, but I’ll take it. Total time:1:47:41.

And I got sun burnt. On the trail! In April! In Illinois!


Better lather on the sunscreen next time!


Have a marvelous Monday, all!!


14 Responses

  1. Congrats on the great run, but definitely get out some 30 sunscreen. Even in winter, you can get a face burn once you start those long over -an -hour runs.
    Have a great Monday:-)

    love your OIAJ yay!!

  3. Ouch on the burn! But good job pushing through that run.

  4. I hate getting suburnt…. but I love that’s it possible to get sunburnt again!

  5. ahh put some aloe on that shoulder! it will surely turn into a tan!! yay on the 11 miles, awesome job girl!

    can I have some of those OIAJ ?!?!! 🙂

  6. WOW. you are so hardcore. great job on the run! sorry about the burn!

  7. Congrats on making it through- wahooooooo!

  8. congrats on your run!!! that’s amazing!

  9. Congrats on the 11!!!! That’s HUGE! You are so half-marathon ready 😉 The burn sucks though – I was outdoors all weekend and it never even occurred to me to put sunscreen on!

  10. I hope your Tuesday is a little easier for you:-) It’s supposed to be 80 today!

  11. Great job on the 11. Definitely use sunscreen next time!

  12. Fantastic job on the run.

  13. I did my long run on Sunday too. It made me feel really dedicated, haha.

    Sorry about the sunburn 😦

  14. […] Niko and getting into a cleaning frenzy for my cardio! I was going to run my long run today (11 miles again) but I have to train three clients starting mid-morning, so I figured I’d leave it to tomorrow […]

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