Shopping On a Budget – How’d I Do?

Howdy! Enjoying your weekends? I sure am 😀

Before I start, I want to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to mi madre! My mom is not only a wonderful, loving, nurturing, caring, and generous mother, but also my best friend! See you soon, mom!

So, last week’s long run was on Easter, the week’s before was on my birthday, and this week’s is on my mom’s birthday! I like to think it’s a celebration of sorts, apparently. Today I’m repeating the 11 miler. Last week, my hip really started to ache on me on the last mile. Plus, I had to take a few walking breaks from miles 9-11. I figured I’d do 11 again instead of moving on to 12 today.

Pre-run fuelage:



Can’t go wrong with this combo! Coffee, banana + Vanilla AB, millet toast + peanut butter and banana.

So yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day! After I cleaned the house a little, I headed to the gym to train three clients! I also met the “new” trainer. I say “new” because she was there last year, left for a while, and then came back. I had no clue she was coming back… I trained through lunch, so I packed a little something to snack on:


I ended up skipping the trail mix and only ate this:


My training appointments went well, and then I was off to the store to test out Running Around on a Budget.

So, how’d I do?

Well I chose the right store…



I got these groceries:


Bananas, chocolate Cheerios (had to try ‘em!) Kashi heart to heat, Morning Star meatless balls, two big bags of spinach, baby bella mushrooms, an onion, oranges, a cuke, organic eggs, veggie baked beans, Sabra    IMG_6397

Ranch, chunky Campbell’s soup, and milk (all for Shane,) Natural PB, Arnold’s bread, and Flat Out wraps.

I kinda  had a running tally in my head while shopping, but I was still anxious as the cashier was swiping my items. Did I make it under $50?!

Dun, dun, dun, dunnnn!


I passed! haha 🙂 Although I didn’t manage to take any coupons or compare prices, I still made my under $50 mark.

After getting home from the store, the hubski was antsy to get outside! So we brought Niko to the dog park:



And then played a little frisbee golf:



But it was super windy, so we kinda sucked it up.



Discouraged and hungry, we came home, worked a little on quick books, and then fired up the grill.

My plate:



IMG_6405 Roasted veggies, sweet potato with black beans and my trifecta sauce, kale chips with nooch.


IMG_6406 IMG_6407 


Well I gotta get a move on. Banking about 1:45 for my long run, then it’s off to my parents’ house for my mom’s bday celebrations!! 🙂

Have you ever played frisbee/disc golf before? Shane and I used to play ALL the time. We love it! But not so much when it’s super windy out.


6 Responses

  1. sounds like your training business is going really really well!! good for you!! I’m getting excited to take my ACE exam next week.

    Good luck on the long run!

  2. I have definitely never played frizbee golf. There is a place for it close to us, so it might be interesting to try one day.

    Yay for keeping to budget. We usually shop at Walmart because it really helps with the budget. Then we hit up other markets when they have good sales.

  3. Good shopping girl:-) And, thank you, thank you, thank you; I had the best birthday ever. I hated for it to end. My family is wonderful.

  4. […] this before on the blog, but anytime Niko goes to my parent’s house, she comes back wiped out. Dog park and grandparent’s house in one weekend=tired […]

  5. happy bday to momma RAN! yay! you are such a good shopper. i need to take a cue from you. LOVE disc golf, even though i am horrible at it 🙂

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