Running on Emotions

Morning, morning! Didja all have a great weekend? Mine was quite pleasant!

Yesterday morning’s 11 miler kicked my boo-tay. I seriously didn’t think I would make it through it, and when I saw my subdivision in the distance, I almost broke down and cried in relief.

Let me explain.

My past two long runs have been on the trail, so I decided to take this week’s onto the open road. It was a new route, so I wrote it down on my palm so I wouldn’t get lost!


Unfortunately I started to get pretty sweaty early on and it got wiped off shortly into my run. However, I made with due and just kind of ran the general route. I veered off the path (which increased my mileage by a quarter mile) a little bit, but I got some very pretty pictures along the way. (iPhone pics – sorry for the bad lighting!)


Pretty flowers!



IMG_1178Around 7 miles and BEAT.

Running across my old university’s quad…






Contrary to the norm, the first two miles were the easiest of the entire run! Around mile three, I looked down and saw my Garmin was dead 😦 Ugh. The downside to depending on GPS during runs. Doh! This kind of through off my groove, but I kept on going. However, I probably took about 8 walking breaks in total. I just kept getting stomach cramps and my endurance was completely off. I’m not sure what caused it. I only ran 3 days in addition to the long run last week, so perhaps it’s the shorter mileage?

Anyway, I finally rounded onto the last stretch and was SO proud of myself. I honestly thought at one point that I would have to call Shane and get me.

Not sure of my mileage stats…grr.

Right after my run, I devoured a plum


and rushed to get ready and packed up everything to head to my parents’ house for my mom’s birthday!



Niko loooves going to grandma and grandpa’s house. As soon as we hit the ramp to their house, she FREAKS out. It’s so cute.

Also had a kombucha in tote:



Once we got there, Shane headed over to my brother’s (down the street) and worked on cars for a while. Meanwhile, my mom and I SHOPPED!


It was SUCH a nice day out. Seriously we are SO lucky this year – it’s April and feels like June!



Sorry for catching you with your eyes closed, mom!

We hit up Dick’s (where I got a foam roller! – post, I’m sure, to come soon) and Banana Republic and a couple other places.

We were ordering pizza later, but I was soooo hungry, so I busted out a Clif bar in the car:


When we got back to the house, I unfortunately had some writing to do, but finished up just in time for pizza! Glorious, glorious PIZZA!


Veggie, of course. Had about twice that amount.

And a salad with romaine, strawberries, walnuts, and mushrooms.


I made a dressing out of apple cider vinegar, olive oil, turbinado sugar, Dijon, and salt, and it was stupendous!

Then we busted into the birthday cake I made for my mom!


Chocolate cake with chocolate hazlenut frosting (from Vive le Vegan!)

Shane and I headed home a couple hours later in order to get back at a decent hour since we both have work this morning. But out of all of us, she was the most pooped!


I’ve said this before on the blog, but anytime Niko goes to my parent’s house, she comes back wiped out. Dog park and grandparent’s house in one weekend=tired dog!

How do you remember your routes when you run/walk/bike/skip/hop? Do you always use the same route or do you switch it up a bit?


19 Responses

  1. your pup is so cute!!!

    Great job on the run. I don’t know how you do that many miles all by yourself, I don’t know if I could handle it!

  2. I always thought I was weird finding the first 2 miles hard – glad to know I’m not alone! (usually ;-))

    I’m ashamed to say a dead Garmin would frustrate me to no end – I’m not sure I could do a long run without.

  3. Way to persevere! Those runs are hard, but always the most rewarding!

  4. I am so proud of you!!! YAY! I am so bad about getting lost that once I find a route I rarely change it up. I also like to run loops…that way I can’t lose my way! haha!

  5. I want Niko!

    Good job on the run. All that matters is that you powered through 🙂

    I use Map My Run and just try to get as close as possible. I’m THIS CLOSE to buying a Garmin though, so that may change.

  6. great idea writing down the streets on you hand! I went for a run once and got SO lost! I was going around in circles haha

    love the pics and so happy you had beautiful weather!

  7. I really enjoy taking the same routes over and over again, knowing exactly where I am and being able to gauge how much farther to run and how long it will take really helps me zone out and push my pace!

    However, for long runs I tend to use and my garmin hand in hand. I will map out a run, something I can remember fairly easily, and then just head out! When I get ‘lost’ or see an interesting turn, I take it, but always make sure that I’ll make the distance required for the day. If I get back to my starting point early, I’ll run more, and if I go to far, I allow myself to walk the rest of the way as a cool off ^_^

  8. Living in a town of only 34,000 people for over 24 years, I don’t get lost ever. I do vary my routes though including walk/running to my gym to do a few machines and walk/running back. That’s fun, and the bathrooms are clean:-) Have you ever tried stopping for a short exercise or bathroom break and finishing up afterwards?
    Yes, this April is beautiful. Enjoy it while you can. We are still in for those hot and steamy, summer runs. Be careful on those…use sunscreen and drink water before you get thirsty.
    I want Niko too!!

  9. I tend to run the same routes. When I was training for my last half mary, I had my husband drive me out 11 miles from the house, so I had to run home (straight shot.)
    That cake looks stupid GOOD!

  10. Congrats on the long run! I tend to stick to the same routes, but I haven’t started the long runs in my training plan yet. When that time comes I think I’ll have to map something out. Running 11 miles in circles sounds awfully boring!

  11. I’ve gotta ask: how is that kombucha flavor? I have loved every flavor I’ve tried so far, but I’m a bit nervous to try the green one for some reason!

  12. That was smart of you to write the streets down even though they wiped off! I got lost doing a new route on my road bike and it was miserable. It was the same time I was learning clipless pedals and I fell of TWICE in traffic trying to unclip. Awful experience :\

  13. I lived on Linden!

    What building is that in the second picture? It looks totally unfamiliar to me.

    Congrats on toughing it out through 11 miles! You’re a champ!

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