A Dough-lightful Surprise

Good evening! I’m glad a lot of you guys found my tips to get through a tough run useful! Thank you to those who added your own tips, too. Some great tips to check out in the comments section of that post if you missed them!

I just got home from training a client and I am BEAT! Have I mentioned I thought it was Thursday all day today? It’s not Thursday. It’s Wednesday, FYI 🙂

Sorry for skipping out on ya this morning. I went straight from the gym to work after a 4 mile tempo run and some lower body weights and had no time for el blogo!

Before I went to bed the night before, I prepped a delicious concoction of some Overnight Oats.


But these oats were Angela-esque – and vegan! Instead of yogurt, I smashed a banana to stir in instead. Also included was a 1/3 c. oats, 2 T. chia seeds, stevia, almond milk, maca, dried cherries, 1/2 scoop of Jay Robb protein powder, and coconut butter (Artisana brand) drizzled on top.


They were delicious! A little thicker than when made with yogurt, but that’s not a bad thing in my world 🙂 After I snapped a pic, capped em up and ate them after working out at my desk at work.

Around lunch time, I left the office to get outside and enjoy yet another gorgeous day, and nom on some lunch.


Simple PB&J. Can’t beat it!


Green monster


Veggies and hummus


Balanced? Methinks so. Well, actually it was a little too much and the PBJ ended up being an afternoon snack. But that’s neither here nor there 😉

After work I headed out with the hubski and pup for a neighborhood walk to get some more of that delicious fresh air, and then cooked up a quick dinner before training a client:


A salad! Romaine, spinach, strawberries, and B&B (Braggs and Balsamic)


Smashed sweet potato w/ veggie baked beans. It was SO good, but a little more than my stomach could handle.


Trained a client, hung out at the gym, and now I’m back at the crib getting my blog on.

And in between two aforementioned activities, I ventured tip toed in the world of protein cookie dough.



I know. It’s weird. And when I first saw it on a few lovely ladies’ blogs, I wasn’t so sure. How can protein powder be good to chomp on? Well, let me tell you, these bloggers are onto something amazing, because mixed with a few simple ingredients, it’s amazing! In my concoction went a half scoop of Jay Robb Vanilla Brown Rice Protein Powder, 1 T. carob powder, 1 T. Naturally Nutty vanilla almond butter, a dash of sea salt, and a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Nom.freaking.tastic.

Well tomorrow’s finally Thursday and I’m pretty excited about that. I may get out and run outside before work tomorrow. On my way to the gym this morning, I noticed it was light out! Hooray:)

Before I go, fellow Glee-lovers, whatdya think about the season premier last night? My favorite part: "Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?" bahah. And also, I pledge not to let this blog get taken over with Glee quotes and info during the glorious second season 😉

Glee-lovers and non Glee-lovers alike: What food blog trend did you think was repulsive until you actually tried? I’m telling ya, protein powder cookie dough is somehow absolutely delicious.

Have a wonderful night and a great Thursday, friends!


Oh, and in tomorrow night’s post I’ll be announcing a new sport/activity I’m getting back into! Hint: this used to be one of my FAVORITE things to do. Any guesses?? 🙂


21 Responses

  1. My favorite part too!!! OMG I was laughing so hard. Hmm i can’t think of a food trend I thought was gross. Maybe green smoothies??

  2. Love that you ventured into Prot Cookie Dough with your Jay! I did it with my Sun Warr

    Love the baked beans. Honestly I havent had them in yrs b/c they make such a huge amt..I need to just cheat and buy a can

    PB & J
    Green food
    B & B

    All wonderful!
    I ordered my ACE stuff too ..wanted to tell you that! I blogged about it a few days ago but if you have any tips for “Must Know” or skip it, it’s not on the test, I’m all ears!!! And if you have any study materials you want to sell that you think are useful but you dont need em anymore, holla!

    • Ok I neeed to catch up on your blog. I typically read blogs during the day since it’s the only time I have to, but for some reason yours won’t load on the comp! I’ll def leave ya some ACE tips!! 😀

  3. That sweet potato and bean mix looks really good! And I haven’t given the protein cookie dough a try, but it actually doesn’t sound too bad! I remember the first time I heard about nut butter on my sweet potato and thought it sounded crazy… now I hardly ever eat one without it!


  4. I don’t have to guess about your new sports activity…have fun!
    Sorry, I can’t get into green monsters or that drink that tastes like sour, fermented, mystery fruit. I tried kombucha once, never again.

  5. That protein cookie dough looks just like ice cream. I want some!

  6. i keep forgetting to watch Glee – it interferes with LOST 🙂

    the oats look awesome! and I just got some coconut butter from a friend, so I can’t wait to try it!

  7. i LOVED glee! my favorite was when she sang “gives you hell” wow I loved everrrrry part! I also thought the whole green monster thing was a bit odd, but after I made one, I really enjoyed it!!

  8. Im linking to this in my next post! woooooot

  9. Oh Glee…I feel like everything is right in the world again. I was pretty unsure about the whole overnight oats concept (no cooking!?) until I tried it and now…I’m addicted!

  10. Loved Glee last night!

    Does Jay Robb make a superior vegan protein with his rice protein powder? I can’t find one that compares to whey- and whey is not good for me!

  11. you know, a PBJ really cannot be beat. at least it is wednesday today! glad you are venturing out with pro pow 🙂 yum

  12. Oh Glee, I love it. The Vogue video cracked me up! I can’t wait for the Madonna episode!!

  13. Ooooo I don’t know but can’t wait to hear!

  14. I definitely thought green monsters were gross… until I tried them and now they’re a staple. I’m still trying to convince some people that you can’t taste the spinach!

  15. […] Another Vegan Overnight Oats Spotting! […]

  16. Yayyyy!!! I know, so many people are turned off by the idea of eating goopy protein powder, which is a shame because it is SO good. Like, reallyreally good. Next up you should try it on a PB sandwich – second fave way to eat the protein goop!

  17. I LOVE Glee! I loved the premier. I laughed hysterically at the sharks comment. It was just do off the wall!

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