Neurotoxin Burgers and Fries

Monday, Monday…

Today was a ho-hum day of sorts. Luckily, I was still in good spirits, because every time I caught myself ho-humming, I immediately snapped myself out of it!

I woke up and had a bicep, back, hammies, and glutes strength session planned in the locale of the upstairs workout room.

After about 45 minutes worth of rows, rear delt flies, various bicep curls, dead lifts, hammie curls etc, I showered, dressed and prepared some grub.


And by preapred, I mean I scooped a cups worth of steel cut oats I made yesterday in bulk for this week and heated it up in the microwave. I topped it with peanut butter and coconut butter, naturally.

Strength training makes me hungry. At least today it did. My appetite was in 6th gear! I squashed it with an unpictured apple and mini luna bar before devouring leftovers for lunch!


Mmm – Spinach, artichoke, asparagus bake from dinner on Sunday night!IMG_6492

Amazing. I admit that I had double what’s on that plate.

Work went by in kind of a haze. I felt like my brain was foggy for the better part of the afternoon. And my client I was supposed to train after work is still sick, but that’s OK, because I just wanted a glass of red wine. We were out of red wine, so muscato will do just fine:)



IMG_6497Goes down like water…IMG_6499

You can see I’m one of those types who immediately throws their hair back and puts on a T-shirt and sweats after work. Luckily the hubski doesn’t mind 🙂 Or so he says… What can I say? I’d rather be comfy! 

We threw around what we wanted to do for dinner during our hour of happy and not surprisingly decided to grill out. Well, Shane grilled out, and I grilled in…the oven.

Have you guys seen the nut butter parsnip fries recipe Angela had on her blog the other day?IMG_6503

Well I tried them with a mix of carrots and sweet potato, and omg they are out of this world delicious. I had to force myself to stop eating them or else I’d get sick. SO. GOOD.

I also tossed some Brussels sprouts in olive oil spray, salt, and pepper, and roasted them at 400º for about 10 minutes, flipping after five.


And Shane cooked my veggie burger on the little section of the grill where no meat is allowed.


All togetha nah.


Simple and delicious!

Side note about veggie burgers. Lara posted this article about the dangers of non organic veggie burgers, and I gotta admit, it had me cringing as I ate my non organic Boca burger tonight. Mmm neurotoxins…

After dinner I took Niko on her evening walk (she had a post-breakfast walk, too…trying to get her more exercise:)) and now I’m writing this post! It’s crazy…it’s only 7:30 and I have the whole night to relax! This never happens two days in a row! Weird…

How long does it take you to change into sweats/comfy clothes after getting home? Me? Like 5 minutes, tops 🙂

Hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your night and a fab Tuesday!! 🙂


27 Responses

  1. i’ve been seeing those nut butter fries everywhere! and hearing that they taste like crack 🙂

    when i get back from an audition, the first thing i do is scrub my face and change outa my clothes into sweats.

  2. After about 45 minutes worth of rows, rear delt flies, various bicep curls, dead lifts, hammie curls etc, —
    About a month ago I had no clue what any of that meant. Now, training for fitness competitions, I am all over it!

    love the veggie bake. that is RIGHT up my alley!

    I am totally a comfy house clothes girl. ALL THE WAY! Hair up, comfy on. Done.

    Angela. Dont read anymore but thanks for the linkage, will check it out.

    And neurotoxins…yep. Nice. That’s why we dont vaccinate…it’s like putting 1 million boca burgers into your child’s bloodstream. Mmmm, good. NOT!

    Thanks for your email today…you’re the best!!!!!

  3. It takes me about the same, 5 minutes to change into sweats too. Even if my work clothes are comfortable, nothing beats baggy sweats. And, what was it about yesterday? Dad, Mike and I all felt ho hum lazy!
    I love brussel sprouts; yours look really good.

  4. that’s so funny – i rarely change clothes immediately after work. i think i’m just as comfortable in my dresses…..i dress very casual though. but whenever i get home my roommate is always in a tank and yoga pants and i always think she looks so comfy! why the heck don’t i change!? haha

  5. ha, I’m the same way! Except that I’m in my pjs 🙂

  6. I usually work out at night, so I change into workout clothes then workout and sometime I hang out in my stank for the rest of the night until time to shower. Yeah, I’m gross.

    I’ve been dying to try those fries. yummmm!

  7. hahaha I am the same exact way… I literally walk in the door put my stuff down and head upstairs to change into my t-shirt/sweats! This backfired on me one time- I got changed then took my dog out for a walk. Normally I wouldn’t think twice or care that my neighbors saw me but the chief judge I was working for at the time happened to drive by! Stacey and Clinton would have had a field day with that one, haha.

  8. Immediately…walk in the door and change clothes. Pajama pants a tank top…ah goodness!!!

  9. Five minutes as well. I drop trou. immediately after walking in the door and put on sweats or HOT PINK plaid flannel pants! YAY!!!

    Your dinner looks soooo good.

  10. I change as soon as I can into comfy clothes. I live in them since I stay at home with M. 😀

    And ick on the veggie burgers. I don’t think I want to click the link and just keep on going with ignorance is bliss???

  11. I live for the comfy clothes. This winter I wore Lululemon pants almost everyday – all day!

    I’ve been making my own veggie burgers lately to try to cut back on the Boca burgers. I still get them, but try not to as often. I think Gardenburgers are a little less “toxic.”

    Sounds like you have an awesome home gym.

  12. YUM those nut butter fries look amazing!!!! so so good

    white wine is scary how it goes down like water sometimes, isnt it??

  13. .2 seconds and I’m in my comfy clothes, make-up off, hair UP! Sometimes I wish I could just come to work like that…a girl can dream!

    LOVE your San Diego shirt! 😉

  14. I live alone, so I’m usually in my ugliest flannel pants and most giant t-shirt by 5:30pm. Unless, it’s Friday, then it’s 4:30pm 😉

    I am purposely trying to wait as long as I can to make those fries, but my resolve is slowly weakening!! They look soooooo good!

  15. You are assuming I get OUT of my comfy clothes at any point during the day. 🙂

    Your dinner looks amazing and I down some nuerotoxins daily. Oops.

  16. G’ahh those nut butter ‘fries’! They look sooooo good, I’ve got to try them.

    It usually takes me a while to change into sweats / PJs once I get home from work… but that’s mostly because my usual work outfit is jeans and a concert t-shirt 🙂 Pretty comfy to start with!

    That veggie burger looks pretty delicious, and not at all scary. I am going to check out your link but probably am not gonna sweat it too much. If you’re really worried, just start making your own v-burgers with whatever beans / veggies / grains you have on hand! There are tons of great recipes out here on the blogosphere.

  17. eek! is that a pack of cigarettes on the counter in the drinking photo?

    • Yes…but they’re not mine, obviously, Linda. Unfortunately the husband smokes from time to time…he’s trying to quit though, but it’s very difficult. Every now and then he caves. I’m just trying to help him the best I can by leading by example. I haven’t said anything about it on the blog because well, it’s a healthy living blog.
      Thanks for commenting!

      • wasn’t judging, just surprised. I was a pack a day smoker for 15 years then off & on for 5 more years until I discovered my love for running. still have occasional cravings. good luck to your husand, im sure he will reach a point when he’s done with them forever

      • Thanks girl 🙂

  18. Hey Paige! Everything looks SOOOO good!

    It takes me 0.3 seconds to change when I walk in the door. I hate getting dresses, I want to live in PJ’s forever!

  19. Num Yum! Your lunch and dinner look so good! I agree that the best thing to do when you get home is change into sweats and a t. Hair up in a messy bun and contacts out if I’m really living it up! Have great night!

  20. THOSE FRIES LOOK SOOOO GOOD!!! i need to try parsnips that way-i tried them last night and HATED them but i didnt do them w. AB!

  21. Just when you think food is safe…I’m notorious for eating veggie burger out. I try to make my own when at home. I just had a veggie buger last nigt…so good. carrots in the mix of sweet potatoes sounds delicious.

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