The Calm before the Race

Hellloooo long lost friends! OK, so it hasn’t been that long, but my blogging has been very sporadic this week. Blaming it on the busy schedule yet again 🙂 Not complaining though!

Yesterday was my LAST run before the big half marathon this Saturday. It was just a no-pressure, relaxing, short 2.5 miles that I ran with my friend Missy out at the lake behind our work:


It’s a really pretty area that has a loop around the lake. Twice around is a 5k.


It was a very fun run, but I am SUPER excited and nervous to run 13.1 miles on unfamiliar terrain this Saturday. Today and tomorrow are both rest days. Ahh taper week. Kind of like the calm before the storm race. Eeek! Can’t freakin’ wait.

After training a client, my girl, Kim came over and we headed out for some Indian food:

IMG_1214 IMG_1216

Kim’s leaving soon 😦 Makes me very, very sad. LOVE her! Whenever people I care about leave, I tend to kind of clam up and get a little down. However, when I’m the one doing the leaving, it’s a lot easier to do. This is kind of a different situation, as she’s in the Air Guard…but I’m still just as sad as I am proud/nervous/excited for her.

We each got a glass of chardonnay


And I had some roti

IMG_1218Kim is GF, so it was ALL Mine! Muahaha 😉

For the entree, I ordered Chana Masala:


Doesn’t look appetizing, but it was phenom. It was Kim’s first Indian food experience! She LOVED it. I didn’t doubt she would for a second. Kim’s a blogger and blog reader, too, and we may or may not have mentioned that one fitnessista could have appreciated we celebrated Indian food Wednesday😉

When we got home, I crashed and went straight to bed. It was late, and I had a client to train at 6:00 this morning before heading to work. ‘Twas a long, long day.

This helped!



Raspberry oats!


Major droolage up in here.

I worked at the office all day, and then went straight to the gym where I had three training appointments in a row. Hey… I’m DEFINITELY not complaining. Bring it on! I love it, and each and every one of my clients makes it so rewarding to train them. Seeing results that you helped them acheive is just…priceless, really.

When I got home (finally!) I was starving, naturally. Why not do Indian food Thursday?


IMG_6590 Leftovers!



I ate it dipper style, and piled the chickpeas onto the roti and devoured. Mmmm 😀


How do you deal with leaving someone? Is it easier if you’re the one doing the leaving?


12 Responses

  1. Good luck on the race!

    Leaving….before a child, it was easier just being left, b/c i could still have my life at home while hubs was gone working. But with a child, it’s much harder being left, b/c i have double the work, no backup. He agrees.


  2. Good luck on the race, girl! 🙂

  3. Deal? I cry! I start missing them immediately, and I get real busy cleaning the house or washing the windows or the clothes. So, staying busy should be “easy” for you.

    Good luck on the race; I’ll be thinking of you BIG TIME! No rain I hope:-)

  4. Good luck on the race this weekend girl! You are going to rock it!

    For me, I guess it depends on the person leaving. Two of my best friends have left the state in the past year for jobs and I was super sad, but we also keep in touch via text and fb every day- so it wasn’t that significant a change. With my husband being deployed soon, it’s been affecting me significantly and I’ve been a wee bit of a basket case, haha.

    I’m glad to hear that training is going so well for you! It must be so rewarding 🙂

  5. GOOD LUCK ON THE RACE GIRL!! youre going to OWN it!

  6. I get sad when friends move too, few yrs ago it seemed all my girlfriends were moving far away. I love how we can travel and keep in touch though.

  7. Good luck on your half! I just did my first half last month! it will go by super quick! And if you need a little motivation just chant this while you’re running, “if this were easy, everyone would be doing it!”. 🙂

  8. Good luck tomorrow girl, you will do awesome! LOVE the chana masala, so delish.

  9. Good luck on your race!!!

    I’m actually worse at leaving people, rather than being left! I feel like I’m abandoning them.

  10. YES! IT’S SUNNY AND CALM FOR YOUR RACE. Been thinking of you since 7:30 a.m. today (Saturday).

  11. Good luck with your race!!!

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