The 13.1 Club

I’m officially a member!




Thanks to everyone for their good luck wishes!! 😀

But wait. Let’s back up a minute. It was a LONG journey to get to that smiling face.

Packet Pickup

I headed down to Champaign where the race was last night to pick up my packet. Unfortunately, packet pick up was ONLY the day before the race, so I had to make the hour and 15 minute drive down to do that (or should I say my awesome parents provided me the ride.)

IMG_1977 The expo was HUGE.



That’s me! 😀

Not impressed with the goody bags, aka, nothing but a shirt and a bag, but the shirt was pretty cute!


Definitely sporting that shirt as I write.

After the expo, we hit up Panera for some dinner. I got the Mediterranean veggie sandwich, which I usually request whole grain bread with, but decided to bask in the tomato basil goodness, and a Greek salad.


Never fails to impress.

It was already getting late, so we headed on home, and I snuggled up in bed around 9:30. But before I fell asleep, I made sure to set TWO alarms.

Race Day



Do you see what’s wrong with that picture? Look closely… closer…it’s set for WEEKDAYS! Sh!t. I awoke to Shane tapping me on the shoulder asking me what time we needed to leave at 5:57!!! Umm…we needed to leave by 5:15. I immediately freaked. Well, we both freaked.

The next ten minutes involved the hubski and me running around the house at warp speed shouting at each other. Here’s a sample:

Hubski: “We need to LEAVE!”


Hubski: “Get. In. The. Car!!!”

Me: “But I NEED my iPod!!!”

And then I fell down the stairs and bruised the top of my foot. Awesome.

I was NOT happy while eating my pre-race breakfast of PB and banana in a flat out in the car:IMG_1981

But low and behold…we made it just in time to use a porta potty and get in line:



Ready to go aside from it all…


How weird does this picture look??


Haha yeah, that’s definitely not my left arm 🙂

Then the gun sounded and we were off!



IMG_1988  pretending to run…

IMG_1990  And finally running 5 minutes later!


The race went by super fast. I can’t believe I ran 13.1 miles without. coffee. And it wasn’t bad either. It was actually a very emotional run because I was running for something (which I’m announcing on Monday’s post!!!!) I swear around mile 7 when I listened to Curt (in GLEE) sing a House is not a Home, I got chills. Then again when Mercedes sang Beautiful around mile 10.



There were thousands of people (14,000?) running this race, so it did get very crowded at times. It really messed up my pacing. But I guess that’s expected. I also stopped to drink water or Gatorade at every single station. I wasn’t very hydrated because of the hectic morning, and I wanted to keep my energy up.



IMG_1997 Did I mention the race was at U of I? And the finish line was the 50 yard line?



It was both surreal and magical. And I couldn’t believe how quick it went by and how “easy” it was for me. I put easy in quotes, because we all know it wasn’t easy. I’m equating easy with not wanting to collapse and roll over. lol

IMG_2009   IMG_2012 

I did it!!!! 😀


My time, according the the Garmin at 13.11 miles was 2 hrs, 11 minutes, 47 seconds. Oh, and I achieved a negative split! It was also automatically a PR. This was my first time running 13.1 miles, as my training plan stopped at 12! 🙂 I get to see my chip time tonight.


Post Race

Naturally, my stomach wanted to eat my backbone after the race, but the food line was oodles of people long. So we headed to Bob Evans.

And ate our faces off.

COFFEEE! and water.

IMG_2016 Eggs over medium w/ home fries.





Nothin’ healthy bout this, folks. And it was fan-freaking-tastic.

Now I’m back home and showered, and probably going to go be horizontal for a good couple hours. Not sure what the afternoon will entail! I know I have a mound of laundry to do…but that doesn’t sound very fun 😉

Thanks for reading my little recap, guys. Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂


When’s the last time you overslept for something super duper important?? Was it because you had it set to pm instead of am? Phone die? Same mistake as I made? I swear, I hardly ever mess up my alarms. Grr..stupid iPhone settings 😉


39 Responses

  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i always set like 3 alarms because i once overslept class in high school and freaked out.

  2. You should definitely send the race organizers a comment about the race expo and packet pick-up. They changed a lot of things since last year based on runner feedback.

  3. CONGRATS GIRL! Amazing time too – and wow, what a hectic morning – so glad you made it in time!

  4. Great race and funny post. I love that picture with the other girl’s arm attached to your shoulder:-D Dad loves your breakfast pictures. I think he is drooling.

    At my age, I don’t oversleep any more, I just fall asleep too early on the couch. I do remember falling asleep in one or two classes in high school and college though.

  5. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the club!! YOU DID IT!!!!

    • Hehe thanks!! 🙂 How did you do!?

      • I had a terrible run!!!……but a bad run is better than a good day of doing nothing I guess! 🙂 I’ve been dealing with a knee issue that has really slowed me down….pretty painful. I finished about 10 minutes slower than where I should have been, with a time of 1:59. Glad it’s over!!! Good luck with the rest and recovery! Congrats again!!

  6. that must have been SO STRESSFUL with the alarm – aaack! but congrats on the race – you must be so happy.

  7. YEAH!!!! Congrats! OMG smiling so big for you right now 😀

  8. Congratulations! I would have been super stressed but you held it together and rocked it! Nice work 🙂

  9. Congrats! Awesome time.

    I have a habit of always messing up my alarm when I need to wake up for something important. Ugh.

  10. CONGRATS! I can’t believe you overslept LOL. Props to you for running your longest race after a rushed morning!

  11. WOOHOO! Congrats!! That picture with that random chick’s arm is seriously creepy looking haha. I had to look at it twice!

  12. Great job, Paige!!!! Looks like a beautiful race! I hran a race that finished on a football field once, it was weird. 🙂

    Are you hooked? So, when are you joining the 26.2 club? Just kidding!!! 😉

  13. Congrats!!! Great race recap and lots of pics! That is an amazing first HM time! I’m so proud of you!! I wish we would have ran into one another. As crowded as these events are I’m surprised all of the friends we ran into.

  14. My advice…avoid that 26.2 club. Have you seen those people at the finish line?

  15. Eeee!! Congrats!!!

    Haha, your mom’s comment made me laugh 😛

    I also equate”easy” with not wanting to keel over and die at the end. It’s all relative 😉

    Ohman, and that SUCKS about the alarm. Ever see that Seinfeld where the marathoner oversleeps? It’s like a racer’s worst nightmare. I’m notorious for shutting my alarm off in my sleep. So I’ve placed it on the other side of my room. I have to physically get up and walk to turn it off.

    Post-race breakfast looks awesome. Those pancakes were definitely well-deserved!!!! 😀

  16. CONGRATS!!!! What a great race- I love that you finished on the 50 yd line- how cool!! I’m so glad you made it to the race on time- I was so nervous for you 😉 Yay congrats again!!

  17. Congrats! Great job, even with the alarm issues.

  18. Congrats on both finishing and your time! I’m proud. I wish I could do something like that. I’m looking into doing a 5K this summer here, but I don’t think I could ever make it to a half marathon let alone a full. Sucks about the alarms, but glad you still got there in time! The pictures are great and love your little storyline.

  19. Yay I’m soooo happy for you! So fun right?! I want to run another half marathon… now!

    Glad you made it on time, and your time was awesome!!

  20. Congrats on your race! You did a great job. 2 hrs 11 mins is a wonderful time. How fun to finish at the 50 yard line.

    And that picture is freaky. LOL

  21. CONGRATULATIONS!!! YEAAA!!!! Welcome to the club 🙂

  22. Way to go and welcome to the Half club! It’s such an experience! I would send the race officials an email and let them know about your thoughts on the race kit.
    Great job!

  23. Congrats!! When is the next one?! LOL

  24. […] to complain about over here! I was actually surprised at how fine I felt yesterday after the half marathon. I tried to nap…but was a little antsy. So I did some laundry, walked Niko, hit up some […]

  25. congrats, girly!!!! Even with the hectic morning, you did it 🙂

  26. AWESOME!! I am so happy for you…that is great!! And I think it is so cool that you finished inside the Stadium! Just like at the Olympics!! haha!

  27. Yea! Great job! I’m so proud of you!

  28. […] Heya friends! Thank you SO much for all the amazing and supportive comments on my half marathon! I was just beaming when I was reading through them. I had the best tasting Ezekiel pizza ever […]

  29. finally catching up with you, GREAT JOB ON THE RACE! and since i am reading all 7 posts in reader, i will just leave the rest of my comment here.

    HELL YEAH FOR QUITTING YOUR JOB AND BECOMING A FT TRAINER. that is SO awesome. i am so proud of you following your ambitions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  31. […] of running, I’ve yet to run since my half marathon. My legs are itching to break out into a run on the pavement. However, I just haven’t made it […]

  32. […] But in between it all…I RAN! Yep, I ran for the first time since last Saturday’s half marathon. I had a good hour or so in between office work and my evening client, so I hopped on the treadmill […]

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  34. […] except on days I run half marathons, but that’s another story – one that’s already been […]

  35. […] I ran my first half marathon […]

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