The Love of the (volleyball) Game


So it sounds like most of you can completely relate to my difficulties with decision making. I’m glad I’m not alone on it, but here’s to changing that today! Hem-hawing be banned!


Today was another go-go-go day! After the hubski and I did the Insanity workout this morning, we were both off to work for the day.

My post-office-work client had cancelled, so I had a couple hours to chill before get ready for my first volleyball game in the sand volleyball league I joined!

I have to admit..I was pretty nervous. Even though I consider the sport a passion, I haven’t played in about five years, and then it was all court-based. This time around it’s on the sand!


I’m on a team with the owner of the gym I train for a couple others and I didn’t want to let anyone down…especially myself. But then I realized, A. hey, this is something I love and should be FUN and B. it’s sand volleyball. Who cares if I miss a serve once or twice?!



OK, well I care. But still 😉


I was a sandy, sweaty mess by the end of the game! Regardless, it ended up being a blast…and we won!! Hooray!

Plus, the weather was perfect and there were tons of people out for Cinco de Mayo (we play at a pub) so the vibe was good:) Although I stuck to water, my personal photographer (aka the hubski) had a few Cinco de Mayo beers with some friends:) The season goes until July and it’s going to be one fun summer on Wednesday nights!


Post-Match Dinner

I didn’t have time to catch many of today’s eats (you’ve seen the ones that went undocumented numerous times) but dinner was especially delicious:


An Ezekiel muffin panini? It was stuffed with avocado, mustard, red bell pepper, lettuce, and portabello mushrooms:


Despues de dinner snack:


Chocolate covered banana chips are back! Well, actually they’re gone again, because we kinda finished the bag I just bought on Saturday. Doh!


Well loves, I have another busy one tomorrow! One client before work and three after (yes!!!) so I must now attend to the game beauty sleep. Rather I should say Runner’s World reading —> sleep. Sweet Dark Chocolate Dreams! 🙂


What hobby/passion did you have a few years ago that you want to bring back into your life? Ever since I quit college volleyball, I’ve been saying I want to play for fun. But it was all talk, and no walk spike. So glad to put my words into accion! (yes, cindo de mayo requires using multiple Spanish words in this post ;))


27 Responses

  1. Bueno! Miercoles we will expect a ver mas reports de su juego de volleyball. Que position did you play? ORr is it not that organized?

  2. I think it is great you are playing volleyball!! I heart volleyball!!

    I think this english muffin with mounds of veg looks amazing!


  3. Chocolate covered banana chips are back and boy they look amazing!

    I have a passion for going out and getting wild and crazy. Since becoming a mom, i have done zero of that. I would like to do try that more again 🙂

  4. Chocolate covered banana chips?! I get something similar at Whole Foods but I don’t know if they are the same. Yum!

  5. Beach volleyball tooootally sounds like a fun thing to do this summer, you’re going to have a blast! I wish I knew something (anything) about sports, I always thought being a part of a team would be fun.

    I used to play in a lot of bands and have even recorded a couple CDs. I would love to get into music again – I’ve just been too busy and uninspired to pick up my guitar over the past year. Luckily, my new roomie is an old bandmate, so I bet he’ll bring it out of me!

  6. Congrats on the WIN!!

    I played piano more often a few years ago and I’d love to get back to it.

  7. so glad it was fun! Looks like perfect weather for a game 🙂

    I used to play softball and LOVED it. I haven’t played in forever. But the thing I miss the most is chorus, probably.

  8. Wait till Dad sees those banana chips, his favorite late night snack, unless he finds them in the fridg earlier in the day:-)

  9. Softball!! I’ve played softball since I was 8 and stopped in college… I miss it! My husband wants me to play on the church team. I want to too, I just don’t have time right now!!!

  10. How fun! I am so glad you are brining back something you love into your life! 🙂

  11. How fun! I played volleyball in high school but my passion was definitely softball- I played for 13 years. The new Runner’s World is awesome this month- I love the 10 fitness tests that they have in it to determine how fit you are.

  12. Chocolate covered banana chips!? Omg where did you find those?! Actually I’m scared to know!!

  13. A hobby I used to do and that I miss is read ing – I’m always doing something else, there’s just not enough time in the day!

  14. I played volleyball in high school, but I wasn’t good at it. Sounds like fun though!!

    I would say writing is a passion of mine that I need to bring back. Like my own writing, not just blog writing.

    I hope your super busy day goes well!

  15. chocoalte covered banana chips?!! I WANT SOME NOW!

  16. That sandwich looks amazing!

  17. I miss scrapbooking. 🙂 I used to feel so crafty and creative and was super proud of my pages. Then I had my daughter so it tapered off….and when I started paramedic school it went to the wayside along with TV. Now that I am done with school, I work like a dog and have a busy four year old to chase, in addition to race training and a fiance to pay attention to! And now I am buying a house! I’m never gonna find the time to scrapbook again! 😦

  18. NICE! Glad the game went well. Sounds like training is going really awesome too. Congrats. Chocolate covered banana chips?? BRILLIANT! I used to volunteer at a soup kitchen on the regular…I’d love to get back into doing it

  19. yum – chocolate covered banana chips – i’ve never seen those before and am sure they would be inhaled immediately.

  20. Aw, I’m so glad it was so much fun! I totally missed out on my university’s intramurals, and I wished I’d participated. Where did you come across the league you’re doing now?

  21. I used to act a lot and I loved it. Would love to do it again but the industry is a little to cut throat for me. I’ll just stick with cooking and exercise as a hobby. 🙂

  22. I bet you were still great at volleyball!

    I would really like to get back into horseback riding. I competed a little bit in college. It’s too expensive right now but hopefully someday I’ll do it regularly again!

  23. […] post, it looks like there’s many of you who are/were in my situation with wanting to get back in touch with old hobbies. You guys are SO talented and have some pretty awesome hobbies, too! From Christina who used to […]

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