Light at the End of the Tunnel

Hey peeps! How goes it. We’re winding down here in the RAN household. I’ve had QUITE the busy Saturday so far. A very, very, windy collllld Saturday too! Totally threw us through a loop today, Mother N.

So last night’s SATC fest with the girls quickly turned into more like a wine and gabfest:


Unfortunately, we sat upstairs and talked so much that we didn’t have time to watch any Sex and the City!! I was bummed, but there’s really nothing much better than catching up with girlfriends, no? We only get together every couple weeks, so it’s nice to connect instead of sitting on a couch watching the tube every now and then:)

After the wine, there was puppy chow popcorn:




  • 1/4 c. popcorn kernels
  • 1/4 c. dark chocolate chips
  • 2 T. natural PB
  • 3 T. nutritional yeast
  • one paper bag for poppin’


Microwave the popcorn in the brown paper bag for 2 minutes, or until the popping noise becomes longer than one to two seconds between each pop. Pour the popcorn in a large bowl. In another bowl, combine the chocolate and PB, and melt in micro for 30 seconds. Stir, and heat for 30 more seconds. When melted, pour mixture atop of popcorn, and toss until fully coated. Finally, sprinkle the nooch on the popcorn until evenly coated. Here, you could use the traditional powdered sugar, but nutritional yeast does a fine job in my opinion. Plus, I didn’t want to go into a sugar coma right before bed 😉 I know my girl Averie could appreciate this combo (if she hasn’t already!)

I woke up this morning with one thing on my mind:






After sipping a cup and a half, I traded in my planned 5 mile run for a different workout. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Chalene Extreme workout, and today was the perfect day for working out INSIDE. I pretty much love Chalene Johnson, btw. I put Get Lean Intervals in the DVD player, and put on my heart-rate monitor just for kicks. I ended up burning about 350 cals in 39 minutes. A little less than running, but a good burn nonetheless. It was a lot of fun, too, to switch it up like that.

I had to be at the gym afterwards to work, but I wanted to make a quickie breakfast. I wanted pancakes something fierce, and since just about every single blog has pancake recipes up right now, I didn’t have to look very far.

For my ‘cakes, I used Mama Pea’s protein pancake recipe, and made this delicious concoction:


That’s Earth Balance + a combo of coconut oil and maple syrup on top.



And for the hubski’s, I used Angela’s  spelt pancake recipe:


He said they were also good.

Then I was off to the gym to work for the afternoon. Got in a quick strength training workout before I left, and came home and devoured this:




A yogurt mess! Please note that this was six, SIX hours after I ate my two little pancakes for breakfast. The fact that I didn’t want to chew my arm off by this time says something about the staying power of those pancakes. In this mess was 3/4 c. greek yogurt, Nature’s Path pomegranate granola, stevia, and a dab of almond butter. Can you believe this was the first time I’ve ever incorporated almond butter into my yogurt mess? I have a hard time adding AB to cold things… it was good though!

I then ran back out to finish up grocery shopping for the week. I went over the $50/wk budget, but am generally still staying on my Running Around a Budget 😀

The obedience of the grocery budget was quickly counteracted with a dinner out to our favorite Thai food restaurant!


I got the fresh veggie spring rolls for an appetizer…




…which were phenomenal.

And to be honest, I can’t for the life of me remember what this was called…



But it had glass noodles, veggies and tofu in it, and about knocked my head off 😉

We’re calling it an early night tonight, guys. I just finished my Mother’s Day baking (I haven’t taken pics yet…I’ll show you tomorrow, but it features yet another Mama Pea recipe!)

I’m hoping to get some sort of relaxing in tomorrow, but I might not hold my breath through. Got Insanity in the morning, training appt. after, and then visiting family (both Shane and my side) all day. Maybe I should have just said Insanity all day 😉 haha At least it’s all fun stuff though! Then next week is a doozy too. However, I’m honestly not even stressing about it anymore. The light is at the end of the tunnel, and it’s getting brighter and brighter every day 😀 For me, it helps when I know the stopping/starting point of something. Not a big fan of treading water and not knowing when I’ll get to the edge, ya know?

I hope you guys have had a great weekend so far!! Are you celebrating Mother’s Day? If so, what did you do for your mom or what is your son/daughter doing for you?


14 Responses

  1. puppy chow!! soooo gooooood!

  2. Have a great day! It sure sounds like it will be busy.

    I am running around a ton too. Although I don’t think I could relax if I tried, so I guess it is better to be busy.

  3. Sounds like you LIVED SATC instead of just watching it, since gf gabfests with cocktails were made famous by the show 🙂 I’m jealous.

    We had a delish brunch with my Mom this morning and gave her presents. I think she feels quite loved.

  4. Love the Na Na Thai food pics! Yum!! Glad you had a good weekend!!

  5. oooh puppy chow popcorn! thanks for the recipe!

  6. I had a wonderfully perfect Mother’s Day, thanks to you and Mike! I hated for it to end. Thank you xoxo.

  7. That happens to me every time I get together with my girlfriends. We never end up doing what we had planned, we just end up hanging out and chatting all night!

  8. Goodness…what a delicious looking post!

  9. Aww, it’s like you guys had your own SATC chatting it up 😉 That puppy chow popcorn looks amaze, and I love that mug! Cute. 6 hours between meals would have me keel over and see hallucinations 😛

    Your mom’s comment made me “awww.” I baked for mom’s day too and dragged my mom to the gym! Muhahaha.

    Question! Do you workout at the gym you train at, and is it ever awkward? Something that crossed my mind…

    • Yep I do. I just cancelled my membership to my other gym 😦 it’s not awkward at all though! I typically do my cardio early in the morning and then my weight work out whenever. I think the members like seeing that we actually work out ourselves too, ya know? 🙂

  10. oh how life is always so rocky. the appetizer looks delicious though!

  11. OK how do you make protein cookies???

  12. […] Movie snacks were puppy chow popcorn: […]

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