It’s Not a Party Unless…

Hola blogitos! How goes it? Pret-ty darn glad it’s Friday over on my end. Don’t know about you 😉

So sorry I left ya’ll hanging yesterday! However, to recap and reason, my day went like this: train clients early a.m.>work 8-4 at the office> train a client> play a volleyball game. Long story turned short.

Tonight, I started celebrating the weekend early:


But let me back up! It’s been quite the day today.

Niko wasn’t feeling well when I woke up. She was shaking, her abdomen was rock solid, and she was groaning. I had a 6:00 a.m. training session, but as soon as I got back, I called into the office saying I would be late. That I needed to be here:


At the vet’s office with Niko.

Another long story turned short: Niko partied a little too hard on her birthday yesterday. She was extremely constipated to the point of no return. To clarify, after getting prodded, poked, and x-rayed, it was determined that she needed two enema’s. I was SO nervous while looking at the x-ray I started to black out…it was kind of weird. But the Dr. was showing me the x-ray and took about 5 minutes to tell me she was constipated. In those 5 minutes I imagined it was much worse…thus almost blacked out.

I guess It’s not a party unless you need a double enema the next day.

Heh, ok bad joke 😉 Niko had an expensive, day-long stay at the vet, but she’s home now, albeit a little messy, but thank God. Poor little pupperoo.

Somewhere in between training, vetting, and working I had a delicious breakfast of Overnight Oats. And I know you all want to see some eats after hearing about enema’s 😉




It was my usual combo, but instead of rolled oats, I used oat bran. It was a very delicious tweak!
At the office-job-work, I’ve been training my replacement all week. But around noon, I broke for lunch with some friends:


I made this the night before and was thinking quick and simple – a PBJ on Nature’s Pride w/ Natural PB and Crofters Blueberry Jam.

With some raw veggies and hummus


It was a perfectly satisfying lunch. Also had some unpictured snacks of trail mix and an apple throughout the day.

Although I wanted to get home to my pup, I had to jet off to the gym to train a couple clients. Twas a good time as always 😀

At home, dinner ensued!

For me, miss Amy came to the rescue yet again!


Black Bean chili, Ezekiel muffin + tufutti and crofters




And for Shane I made some classic tacos in a whole wheat tortilla:



He said they were delicioso.

Niko’s dinner was more on the mild side:


heheh. The doctor actually told me to give her some mild food such as broth and hamburger. I found out Niko LOVES hamburger.



The hubski did a few loads of laundry while I was busy, so now I’m kickin’ it on the couch with him. Niko and Ceeb (Clarabelle) are by our feet. Ahh. Perfect.

Tomorrow Shane and I are waking up bright and early for an Insanity workout, and then I have office work, a client, and then BUNCO! Whoo hoo! Happy Weekend lovelies!

Got any fun plans this weekend?

Have you had any scary close calls with your pets? This is the scariest so far with Niko…hopefully it’s the scariest ever with her!


15 Responses

  1. Awww! Glad the pup is okay. You made me laugh with your party & enemas joke. I guess we have the same nutty sense of humor. Happy Friday!

  2. i hope your puppy gets better! i love pinot grigio too…good stuff!

  3. Poor Niko… and on her birthday:-( Poor you; you’d better get some down time this week end:-) It’s Buck’s birthday today (14), and I bet he would LOVE hamburger too.

    This week end we are going to pay for a new roof. They are up there right now, and it’s a cacophany of sawing and hammering. SO, I’m going on a very, very, long walk!

  4. Awww, poor Niko!!! I’m trying out a new gym tomorrow, which I’m really excited about!

  5. Poor Niko!! Ugh! I can see why the wine was necessary. Hope he feels better!
    We are going to Los Angeles for my mom’s birthday dinner on Saturday….looking forward to that.

  6. Poor little Niko!! I’m glad she’s okay.

  7. you are making me want mexican!!
    your puppy is adorable.. i hope she gets better!

  8. Oh no!!! I hope Niko is feeling better today!!!

  9. So glad Miss Niko is okay. She’s such a cutie! My pup also loves hamburger… and chicken… and anything else that happens to fall on the floor for that matter. Such a scavenger! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  10. Glad Niko is okay….I haven’t ever heard of a dog enima though…blech!

  11. I’m glad Niko is okay!
    You are just Go Go Go! I’m impressed with how much you can pack into one day!

  12. […] afternoon, Niko finally started feeling better. Shane and I went home for lunch in shifts, and by the time I left to go back to work, she was […]

  13. Okay, so I’m quickly catching up on blogs and trying not to comment too much, but ohnoNikoooo!!!! Even if it’s “just” constipation, poor pupper 😦 I hope she’s doing better!!

    Oh, and I am Obsessed with hummus as a salad dressing – with a capital O.

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