Free Saturday & Farm Fresh Eggs

Heyyy you guys!

Happy Saturday:D Hope you’re having a great weekend so far.

Yesterday afternoon, Niko finally started feeling better. Shane and I went home for lunch in shifts, and by the time I left to go back to work, she was coming out from hiding! Hooray:D


While on my lunch shift, I made a quick and delicious almond butter + banana wrap


Chopped/smooshed banana + Naturally Nutty Vanilla Cherry Almond Butter on a Flat Out.





Noshed it next to a Glad wear container of sugar snap peas, red bell pepper, and broccoli. Deliciously filling!

After work, I headed to the gym to train a client, and then did a weight workout of my own – a combo of dead lifts, lunges, overhead presses, lat pull downs, and abs. Grr 🙂

Got home, dressed and ate in the speed of light…



Blurry salad w/ a dressing of POM juice + vinegar + coconut oil + mustard.

And a green monster:


To go!


Because then I was off to Bunco!! I’m pretty sure I laughed more during this Bunco night than any in the past.

While there, I had a couple half-glasses of some Chardonnay:


And a piece of a delicious and decadent fruit tart that missed my camera.

When I got home, the tummy was still a rumblin’, and I knew Shane and I were doing Insanity as soon as we woke up the next morning, so I had the rest of le Cheerios de chocolat.


Hit the spot. As always.

On to today!

This morning, Shane and I woke up, had some coffee, and then headed up to the workout room for some Insanity. Whenever we work out to Insanity, we ask each other if we’re ready to get insane about 10 x’s…plus other jokes that have to do with sanity, or lack thereof. lol

Today was Polymeric Cardio Circuit. Holy burn and high heart rate. Obscenities were shouted. Sweat was dripping. It was glorious 😀

Even more glorious?

Strawberry Short (Protein) Pancakes



Shane wanted pancakes for breakfast, but I decided to amp them up a bit.

I used Bob’s Red Mill whole wheat pancake mix + 1 scoop of Jay Robb Vanilla brown rice protein powder, but increased the water by 1/4 c., and the oil by 1/2 T.

But the toppings are where it’s at.

Atop each cake, I spread a thin layer of Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese + organic strawberry fruit spread.

IMG_6759 I thought I died and went to breakfast yumtopia.



I devoured this in its entirety. And because of it’s awesome protein + carb + fat ratio, it kept me full all morning!

It fueled us through a trip to the Farmers’ Market…


It was the first day for the Farmers’ Market this year, and I was so excited to go!

My aunt made me a market bag for my birthday in March, and I finally used it this morning to carry my goods.


My goods:IMG_6763 Plus some organic chipotle flavored fettuccine.

It then fueled us through playing some volleyball at our company’s park:


Unfortunately, my over hand serve isn’t what it used to be, and I needed some practice.


We played for about 45 minutes until it started to rain.

Back home, I was super excited to dig into my new local, organic farm fresh eggs!

With them, I made a 2 egg + 1 egg white omelet. While the eggs were cooking, I added in fresh spinach, sliced portabella mushrooms, and raw goat cheese to the middle, and topped it with hot sauce, avocado, and more goat cheddar:


Gahhh. The eggs were SO delicious!!!

IMG_6765 Dessert was a handful of almond M&M’s.


Today’s the first day in who knows when that I’ve had completely free. It’s only 1:00, and it feels good to have done so much already!! The rest of the day will include a deep cleaning of the main floor, grocery shopping, cooking some dinner (one of Shane’s favorites!) and perhaps a movie later tonight.


Is there a Farmers’ Market near where you live? There are two in my city, and I just heard about a third one coming to town. I love to go to just browse around, but sometimes you can find really good deals on in-season produce!


7 Responses

  1. Glad your baby is feeling better! What a lunch yesterday- YUM! bananas go so well with nut butter. Cute market bag- I totally want one. You know we have a market – theres actually about 4 in our area. The one I went to Thursday is my favorite. I’ve never purchased eggs there, but might do so this week. Yours look yummy. Enjoy your freee day

  2. There is supposed to be a Farmer’s Market coming to Peoria, but it will be in a small strip mall that I never visit. I might have to make the trip, or go to your place:-) You know my favorite store in your area tho’, and it is calling me to visit (especially the sale racks).
    We spent Friday evening with some friends playing euchre and ping pong. I also laughed so much with them that I don’t need to do abs today:-)
    I’ll have to tell my little sister how much you like her hand made shopping bag.

  3. I think my fav part of weekend mornings is the Farmers Market.

  4. I need to hit up the farmer’s market! I always forget how great *fresh*, local produce tastes

    I’m dying to try insanity!

  5. Those pancakes look so good! There are several farmer’s markets in NYC, but I can’t afford them. They are more expensive than Whole Foods.

  6. […] bean soup. It was nice to break for lunch with some friends. Luckily, I’ll see most of them at bunco every […]

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