The Wait to Discuss Weight

Good morning afternoon! A little late posting here, but gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes.

Yesterday was quite a doozy, but it was my LAST MONDAY at my company!! Woo hoo! It started with a 6:00 a.m. training appointment, followed by 8 hours of office work, and then 3 more hour-long sessions with clients. It ended with this:

Dinner/dessert/night time snack to fuel this morning’s workout…IMG_6794

Ezekiel English muffin with tofutti + Crofters spread on one half, and Earth Balance + dark chocolate chips on the other.


…except the workout didn’t exactly happen. We got up, we warmed up, and then the Insanity DVD malfunction. A brief bickerment (word? Now it is) with the hubski ensued and then we gave up. I ended up just taking Niko on a 15 minute walk afterward. Perhaps I’ll get in a workout tonight, but I don’t get done training until 7, and I’d kind of like a night in my house. At least this is the last week of workout suffrage (hehe) due to time constraints! 😀

Post kinda-workout-kinda-not breakfast:




Almond butter and jam oat bran – 1 c. almond milk, ½ c. oat bran, 1 t. NuNaturals stevia (love,) 1 T. flax, 1 banana. I’m still kinda full 😉


Weight is a subject I mention rarely, if ever on the blog. To me, the number on the scale is arbitrary, if not meaningless, in many cases. Sure, it can help determine the range in which one falls regarding BMI (underweight, healthy, obese, etc.) It aids in keeping track of outside variables affecting the body (medicine, diseases, pregnancy.) However, the actual # provides little significance. When people tell me they need to be in the X range to be satisfied, it makes me cringe a little to hear them put so much of their self-worth in a number. It’s not only a much better gauge to go by how you feel and how your clothes fit, but many times, it’s also healthier for the mind.

That being said, this will probably be the only time I talk about not only MY weight, but weight in general on the blog.

It all ties in with the next race I’m entering.



It’s June 17th in my home town. It’s a 15k race with some hills, and there will be thousands of people running in it. Recently I’ve been able to increase my speed by incorporating a mix of hills, intervals, and tempo runs into my training.

If this race were your average race, I would run it to just compete against myself. However, this race is not only split up my gender and age, but it also has a Clydesdale division.

See where I’m going by this?

The Clydesdale division is by weight. I was surprised to see that anyone 150 pounds and up was considered eligible to race in this division. My weight hovers around 150. I haven’t weighed myself in a long, long time, but I stay pretty consistent. I’m really not sure if I’m under or over 150 now, but I’m going to focus on my weight just until this race. The officials actually weigh you at the race, so I need to make sure not to drop below 150 on the race date. I’m not going to be obsessive about it, but it shouldn’t be too hard anyway.

I figure why not give it a go and try to win an award, right?

It’s actually pretty exciting knowing I’m training with a different goal in mind than usual. I typically don’t expect or even attempt to win my bracket. Competing against previous PR’s is enough competition for me. But this will incorporate something new and fresh into my training!

Hopefully this doesn’t trigger anything weight-related to anyone reading this. Please note that I don’t relate the number on the scale to my self-worth whatsoever. It’s just simply another bracket for another race. Additionally, we’re all different, and my weight would look completely different on a person of different height/frame etc, and vice versa.

Have you ever run in any races that had more brackets than just sex and age? I think it’s pretty cool to add another bracket in there to throw in the mix.


23 Responses

  1. That is really interesting. I don’t think I have ever heard of that. I love how you don’t equate the scale with who you are and that you can strictly use the weight information related to something outside of your size.

  2. I totally thought this post was heading toward the “I don’t want to be classified a Clydesdale” sort of way. How refreshing that you want to compete at that level! You are so right, numbers are meaningless. Especially this 150 pound classification that has nothing to do with height, gender, or build.

    I hope you kick booty and get your prize! And thanks for such a refreshing attitude about numbers 😀

  3. I’ve run Steamboat as a Clydesdale! It’s always a million degrees for that race. I like the weight classes. In marathons, I always think about what times the Kenyans would run if they were carrying an extra 100 pounds or so. I usually set my goal of not letting anyone bigger than me pass me in the last 10k or so.

  4. As someone who used to obsess about weight all the time, I think it’s good that even though you’re watching what you eat and exercising regularly that you don’t take into account the number on the scale. I know that my weight used to bother me for so long but I’ve been trying to just equate “weight loss” with how much better my clothes fit me and how much better I feel I look.

    Good luck with the steamboat classic!

  5. I love your perspective- great points! I’ve participated in a race (5k) where you could enter and qualify to win an award based upon your weight. There was some sort of formula involved to calculate the fastest per pound. My husband and I just ran the normal 5k though, as I was coming off of an IT band strain and didn’t want to get too crazy. It’ll be neat to see how it actually plays out- can’t wait to read about it!

  6. Very interesting…I never ran in a race with a weight division. As all the other comments, I like your advice about feeling good in your clothes (and I infer, your skin). I rarely get on a scale any more, but I (stupidly) used to all the time. As long as I fit in my NYDJ jeans, I am perfectly happy:-)

  7. I have heard of races that label the female “Clydesdale” category as the much nicer sounding (to me, anyhow), “Athena.” What are your thoughts on that label? 🙂

    Like you, for the most part disregard my scale and only am weighed at the doctor’s office. I also hover around 145-155 and don’t really think anything of it. I have friends that obsess over a few pounds gained, and triumph over a few pounds lost… I don’t get it! That’s no life for me.

  8. First of all, congrats on your last day!!!! So exciting 🙂

    Second – I’ve never heard of races like this before! Never seen one around here that had weight divisions, as well.

  9. I’ve never heard of a race with ”weight” brackets., very interesting. Aww, I hate to talk about weight and that scale. I don’t know where my scale is, better left hidden in the apt somewhere. I’m hea;thyadn that is all that mattes not the number on the scale. Way to address the issue!

  10. Interesting, not only the terminology, but that over 150 is considered “bigger.”
    Hmm…either way, so refreshing to hear someone that isn’t obsessed about a couple pounds up or down.

    Good luck on the training and race!

  11. A lot of triathlons have a division for Athena for women (usually women over 155/160) and Clydesdale for men (usually over 200). I also recently heard of a brand of bike wheels that were designed for heavier athletes and they named them “Stallions.” I thought this was hilarious and have been calling my husband a Stallion ever since!

  12. ohhh! this is interesting. i like your logic.

    and i love you!

  13. oh yeah and the athena category in the marathon here was 140. i found that a little strange. i would think it to be more around 180.

  14. wow that’s interesting, never heard of a class like that before!

    i have never done any races other than just age/gender.

    And one day, i too hope you get to san diego!!!!! 🙂

  15. That oat bran looks delicious. A race that groups by weight? I have NEVER heard of such a thing. Interesting. I’ve only ever seen age/sex.

    btw- I use this recipe for my dough – so good!

  16. That will be fun! I’m not a competitive person but I like winning things every now and then 🙂

  17. very interseting…great logic and there is nothing like a NEW GOAL to get you motivated!!! I love doing things like this!! (goals, new programs, new workouts etc) makes it so much more enjoyable!

  18. I think it adds a neat component to the whole race! Especially because you’re already around the number, so you can get there with just a little work. I think it would be interesting to run a race with weight classes, but I know there are people 50 lbs heavier than me who are still much faster 😛 It comes into play a lot in cycling. Cyclists will do anything to shed a few ounces off their bike, and pro hill climbers are REALLY small. You’ll notice Lance Armstrong cuts down to nothing before a big race so he has less weight to carry.

  19. That is interesting they have weight divisions in the race.
    I’m not about the number on the scale either. What matters is how you feel about your self. If uncomfortable, do something about it, if not, great – we only live once, right?!

    It sounds like you have some busy days – good for you finding time to exercise. If I don’t do it first thing AM – it isn’t going to happen.

  20. You will kick butt! Rob and I are doing the 15K as well! Hope we see ya there! It’s a big and fun event!

  21. […] that that’s digested, I’m off to walk the pupster, and then run some hill repeats. I hear my next race has two pretty big hills in it, and I rarely train for hills, so I better get […]

  22. […] I didn’t want to be gung-ho racer. In fact, the last time I felt gung-ho about my next race was this day. Wonder where that falls on Angela’s Race Desire chart? […]

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