Super Charged Thursday

Heya friends!

Happy Friday!! How is everyone doing? good? Good!

Yesterday was a mega long day. It started at 6:00 a.m. and went straight through until dark. I powered through, though, and it wasn’t as hard to get through as I thought, like usual 😉

After my morning client, I headed to work all day. Around noon, a few co-workers and I went to lunch:


Panera! Greek salad + black bean soup. It was nice to break for lunch with some friends. Luckily, I’ll see most of them at bunco every month 😀

After I put in the eight hours, I headed to the Humane Society to pick up my orders from a fundraiser I did last month. I’m so happy they came in yesterday, because the majority of orders were from my coworkers. I got something called Peanut Butter Crumbles? I’ve never had them, but everyone said they’re amazing. They’re Katherine Beich.

The humane society is on the way to the gym, where I went next to train three more clients. All went well. I love training and love all my clients 😀

Dinner was quick, simple, and delicious.IMG_6821 Farm fresh eggs + vegetarian baked beans:


Yellow bell peppers + hummus:



After doing a little laundry and watching some RHONY, I got a little craving for something sweet. The craving was for something crunchy, chewy, and somewhat healthy; definitely not the ice cream we had in the freezer. Then my memory took me back to this morning while reading Susan’s post about reading Naomi’s post about making SUPER CHARGE ME cookies.

I followed suit:


IMG_6825Ate one myself, and took two down to the hubski.


I pretty much always say “down to Shane/hubski” every time I mention him. I swear he doesn’t live in the basement. He just works down there 🙂

This morning I woke up and wanted something energizing and healthy!

Went with a green smoothie in a bowl:


Topped with Ezekiel granola, as always!

Well it’s getting pretty late. I better skidaddle!

Today I have work (last day!) then a couple clients. If it’s not too late, I might make the trek over to my hometown to see a close girlfriend. Shane got pulled into some work tonight, so we’ll see!

Have a lovely Friday everyone!


9 Responses

  1. Last day of working way too much:-) It’s supposed to be really hot next week, but you will now be able to sleep in a bit and work out in the mornings!! I’m happy for ya. However, I’m also very glad that you will still see some of those co-worker friends at bunco.

  2. I keep seeing those cookies. They are taunting me!!!

    I would never think baked beans and eggs would go together. Then again…a lot of combos I previously wouldn’t think to put together are phenom.

    Have a WONDERFUL last Friday!

  3. Congrats on your last day of work! 🙂

  4. Wait egg and baked beans together? I’m so doing that!

  5. ohh so glad you made them!! they were delicious wern’t they?!?! they werent too sweet which is dangerous for me becuase I could eat the whole batch!!!

  6. happy weekend! so glad it’s here

  7. Lookin’ forward to Monday?

  8. Hahaha, bloggers can be such bad influences. Good thing those cookies are downright delicious 😉

    Happy first-day-of-new-life!!!! Enjoy your weekend xoxo

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