Picture Perfect Sunday

What a weird beginning to my Monday. It’s 7:00 a.m., and I’m blogging while my husband’s getting ready for work. Shouldn’t I be getting ready for work with him?! It’s going to take a while to kick that feeling. (For those who haven’t read, I quit my full time job to pursue the fitness field and my last day was Friday.)

What a weekend! For a no-plans weekend, we sure did a lot! It’ll take a little too much of your precious time to give you the play-by-play, so here it is, in sum.

We were OUTSIDE!!!



It was HOT and SUNNY in Central Illinois, and I think my skin is a few shades darker. Throughout the weekend, we partook in numerous outdoor activities!

I trained clients, ran a few miles, did a little lifting, cooked out, played bags…


And played Uno and drank beer, obviously.

All the while, fueling UP.


Two farm fresh eggs over medium + one half Ezekiel muffin w/ a PB/Protein Powder/Banana mush on top.


Boca BBQ!



Quinoa leftovers + veggies:




And yesterday afternoon, my friend who has lived in California the past two years, and Florida the two before that, is back in town!!


My beautiful, Kori!

And her BF Cory:


Together, Cori?

While they visited, we drank smoothies with a special ingredient of rum for an extra kick:


1 . frozen peaches + strawberries, 1 c. almond milk, some (?) rum, xantham gum, frozen bananas.

Cory is an amazing photographer, so we headed downtown where he helped me learn some stuff about my (well, my dad’s…:)) 40D Cannon.





Then we stopped in a cute coffee shop called the Coffee Hound:





I think I’m obsessed with learning about this camera now. I wanna know it ALL! Aperture, ISO, shutter speed OH MY.

It was pretty hot and muggy outside, so when we got back, we were all pretty beat, and were pretty jealous of the pets who were inside with the air on 😉


They headed home shortly after, and I got some cleaning done, and then relaxed with the husband and Jack Bauer.

Currently munching on a banana dog, and about to head out on a 6.5 miler:

IMG_6985                 IMG_6983                 

It’s gonna be a hot one. It’s already mid seventies and muggggy.

The rest of the day will entail organizing the office, looking up courses to take for a specialization I’m thinking of, creating some training plans, and then training tonight.

Have a marvelous Monday, all!

What was the most relaxing thing about your weekend?! I went for an evening run with my friend Heidi on Saturday. That was pretty darn relaxing!


18 Responses

  1. Twins? I’m about to head out for a walk/run on the bike trail park, and Dad has to work this week. Luckily, my gym is close to the park, and very air conditioned. I’m already planning a brief Nautalis break from the heat.

    Love your pictures!

  2. Okay seriously Red Hot Blues might be the best chip ever invented!! 🙂 Looks like a great weekend!

  3. Rum! My favorite ingredient for a smoothie. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! I also am playing with a new nice camera and want to know it all!

  5. your pictures turned out great! i love playing with my camera features too. i just have a point & shoot canon, but it’s still fun to play with!

  6. All the pictures look great! I have been loving playing with my new camera too. It’s so much fun. Glad you are enjoying an easy morning.

  7. Kori and Cory? I LOVE it!
    That’s like a friend of mines parents are Paul and Paula…how cute is that?

  8. that protein banana whatchamacalit mush on top looks so good! and i love the fur baby photo 🙂 also you got a lot of fun, artsy shots in this post which i really liked! the fountain one especially. this weekend was NOT relaxing. i need another day!

  9. haha thats so funny that they are both Cory!!

    UNO!! i used to play uno a lttle bit TOO much, i was darn good 🙂

  10. All of your eats looks soooo yummy! I love the banana-protein mush idea.

  11. I have friend named Dana, who is engaged to a man named, Dana. the couple is Dana squared. 😉

    Most relaxing thing, sipping wine on the patio while the hubby grilled.

  12. Enjoy your first week of your new life! Looks like you guys had a great weekend. The most relaxing part of mine was probably bumming around after my 1/2 marathon on Saturday and not feeling guilty for being a lazy.

  13. Making Saturday night’s petite feast was by far the most relaxing thing that I did all weekend. It was wonderful. 🙂 You’re great with the camera, by the way!

  14. I’ve been on vacation since Friday so I’d say that’s pretty relaxing!!

    The Uno made me laugh….I play Uno with my kids like 20 times everyday! 🙂

  15. The most relaxing thing about my weekend was laying down for a 4 hour LOST marathon on Sunday night 🙂

  16. Beautiful photos!! I need to start learning more about my camera again. I went through a period where I spent tons of time watching You Tube instructional videos, but I still have tons to learn!

    Most relaxing thing this weekend was my Monday morning (long weekend!) spent reading the paper and drinking coffee at the cottage.

    Oh, and I get a kick out of couples wit the same name 🙂

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