Indoor Innuendos


I’ve had myself a productive little morning, and I’ve yet to eat breakfast! After waking, showering, and coffee-ing, I zipped to the gym to train a client, dropped off a check to our landscaper, and walked the pup!


Yesterday was a glorious day that was spent mostly indoors. In fact, I didn’t even leave the house until my first training session, which was at 5:00.

Throughout the day, I snacked on some strawberries IN a bowl:


Before breaking for some lunch, which was a wrap and an apple w/ PB:

IMG_7034  IMG_7036 

Macro lens, what!


IMG_7038One egg + one egg white + hot sauce + goat cheese + spinach INside the wrap…

IMG_7045 = one fantastic lunch.

Snackity snack:


IMG_7046About a half cup of trail mix.  IN mah belly.

IMG_7049You can see that raisin’s pores!

Then I jetted to the gym where I got IN my own lifting sesh of deadlifts, lat pull downs, o/h presses, barbell lunges, and swiss ball crunches before training two clients and heading back home for the night.

Once home, the hubski and I partook in a glass or two of pinot grigio: 



From the outside looking IN:




While sipping on the pinot syrup, I cooked dinner. Using a marinade of apple cider vinegar + maple syrup + tamari + coconut oil, I put half in a bag with chicken for Shane, and half in a bag with pressed and cubed tofu for moi. They marinated while I trained, and cooked while we sipped!


Baked IN the oven at 400º for 30 minutes, flipping half way, it turned out magnificently!

On the side, was a mix of sauteed onions, mushrooms, green beans, and red potatoes:IMG_7058

Altogether now.


By the time dinner was nearing ready-status, and the aroma in the kitchen was so delicious-smelling, that I didn’t even have to call out that dinner was ready.


OK…maybe I just wanted to post another macro picture. Of Niko’s nose smelling the aroma. LOL

I made the judgment call this morning to wait until after my training appointment to eat breakfast, since dinner was eaten so late last night.  However, now, I’m extremely hungry and excited that I have over night  Over 20 minutes oats in the fridge!



With coconut butter that I sprinkled on just like feta cheese, since the container is about gone (tear) and gets crumbly near the bottom.


Today’s going to be fun. After devouring the above breakfast, I plan on cleaning out my car, training another client, getting in an interval run, taking a walk with a girlfriend, and FINALLY purchasing new running shoes. Later tonight I have a volleyball game! 😀

Catch ya’ll on the flip side!

How long for you is the time between waking at eating breakfast? If I’m not working out or training first thing in the morning, I’ll eat breakfast about a half hour after waking. However, if I’m doing a cardio workout or training first thing (which is typical) I’ll eat right after I’m done.


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  1. I work out in the morning, so it just depends if I am lifting or doing cardio. If I’m lifting I’ll have something small right before, but cardio I’ll do on an empty stomach so I can sleep in longer…lol!

  2. What great close up pictures!! I have to have something in my belly pretty soon after waking up- it can even be coffee though, and then breakfast a little later. I almost always have something to eat before I workout, so sometimes I just have to get up a little earlier to fit it all in.

  3. I usually don’t go longer than an hour and a half. But my breakfasts are just a smoothie every day so i don’t get too excited about it anymore, haha.

    Love the macro shots 🙂

  4. Dad came home for lunch and was thoroughly impressed with your pics!
    Usually, I have coffee and a banana or apple before my morning workout. Then I have breakfast about 20 to 30 minutes later.
    Good luck with the (muggy) volleyball game:-)

  5. ahh LOVE how you made the tofu!! im on such a tofu kick right now!! I always have breakfast when i wake up! im always hangry

  6. haha, you are having so much fun w/ the macro! i get up at 730 and eat between 830-9 when i get to work.

  7. I like to toss back breakfast usually an within an hour of my workout – within about 2 after waking.. If I don’t workout I like to eat within an hour- It’s hard to go much longer without at least a piece of fruit!

  8. it depends for me!! i usually like to eat right when I wake up unelss I am working out, then I have something small, then workout then have my big breakfast when i come back!

  9. I have absolutely no margin between waking up and feeding myself. The second I roll out of bed I schlep downstairs and throw on a pot of coffee and while it brews, I go to town with breakfast!

  10. “marinade of apple cider vinegar + maple syrup + tamari + coconut oil,”
    OMG heavenly!

    pressed tofu. do you just press it w/ paper towel? everyone has their own method but yours looks so firm (like WFs tofu which is the gold standard for me and i cant ever seem to truly replicated)

    i know some ppl freeze it first or use a tofu press…and only 30 mins? that means you really pressed out tons of h2o first.

    I need the deets!

    • I usually like to freeze it but I didn’t this time. I just put about 3 sheets of paper towel on top and on bottom of the tofu, set it on a plate, then place something heavy on top for about an hour:)

  11. best macro photo ive seen all week! yum.

  12. It really depends on how hungry I am in the morning. Sometimes I wake up right away and have to eat, but like today I’ve been up for almost 3 hours and have not eaten a thing. Side not-I love eggs in a tortilla…especially with goat cheese. MMM

  13. That doggie nose!! Makes my heart melt!

    Most mornings I go straight from my bed to the kitchen. Sometimes I get started on breakfast before I even go to the washroom! i wake up downright ravenous in the mornings, and often feel sick until I eat something.

  14. it takes me a while to get ready for breakfast – a few hours, usually…but it depends on when i’ve eaten the night before. i eat a lot of late night snacks, usually.

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