Healthy Living Time Machine

Gooood morning!

Wow, it’s only 7:30, and I’ve been awake for three hours. Woot! Too bad I got about the same amount of sleep to boot. (Ha, I’m a poet.)

So this post is going to go down a little different. Switching things up a bit. Let’s play the backwards game! I’m going to tell you about my eats, exercise, and enjoyments going backwards in time. Kind of like a healthy living blog time machiiiiiine 😉

Just a minute ago, I had breakfast outside on the back porch with Niko in my sweaty running clothes:



Seriously, is there a way to make overnight oats look any uglier?


Nope, not even by sprinkling on feta cheese crumbled coconut butter on top. So. freaking. delicious, though. 1/3 c. oats, maca, stevia, sea salt, PB, greek yogurt, almond milk, Jay Robb, carob powder, and cocoa nibs.

I had actually planned on having hot oats for breakfast this morning, but after my client this morning at 5:00 a.m. (who beat out my 5:15 client for having the earliest session 😉 I don’t mind at all though!) I noticed the beast known as my appetite hadn’t reared its ugly beautiful head yet. I knew I only had a small window of time before it came, so I jumped at the chance of getting in an easy three mile run. And a hot and sweaty post-run Paige does not = an appetite for hot oats. Cold oats it was!

3.1 mile run: 29:09, and to break it down (wicka wicka!): 9:42, 9:26, 9:10.

I think my appetite held off so well because right before I went to bed, I had a bowl of chocolate Cheerios + almond milk:


Going back even further in time, before waking up at 4:30, I slept for about four hours. You see, I had a sand volleyball game on the other side of town last night that lasted until about 10:00. And we lost. No words, but I was very angry. See ya undefeated record!

A couple hours before the game of volley, I made some dinner. Being able to say, “make dinner” just makes me smile. For a couple months there, the hubski was on his own, and my meals were either frozen, salads, or soups. It’s a pleasure to be able to have time to cook again.

Veggie Chili!


This veggie chili was more than simple to make, though. In a sauce pan, I let some onion and garlic sweat it out. Then a mix of half black beans, half pinto beans, joined them, and then soon after, some diced tomatoes. Simmer down, folks.


Stick Stickly, anyone? Write to me, Stick Stickly, PO Box 9-6-3, New York City, New York State. 1-0-1-0-8. Anyone? lol OK, I digress…

After a few minutes of simmering down (folks), I added 1 tsp of ww flour, chili powder, cumin, paprika, cayenne, and sea salt and cooked on low. After about 10-15 minutes, I added hot sauce, and voila!


Where I come from in the Mid West, we eat peanut butter sandwiches with our chili!


Mmm. Totally compliments the spiciness of the chili.

The hours before dinner were spent wrapped up in a blanket in the basement watching 24. I knew I wouldn’t have time to watch it later on, but I had it get it in some how! We’re only on season three, but it’s getting INTENSE! I also got some work done and made a couple training plans throughout the afternoon.

Lunch was leftovers, in wrap form. The best way to eat leftovers, in my opinion.

I took the tofu I made for dinner Tuesday night, put it in a ww Flat Out wrap, drizzled on a little mustard, and added romaine and spinach:

IMG_7074 IMG_7080

And on the side, some snow peas:


IMG_7075And on the other side, a Vega Shake & Go Smoothie:  


Vega sent me this bag of smoothie mix to try out. The stats are amazing, per usual with Vega products:


And I love the fact that it’s 100% vegan and mostly raw.

I tried the Vanilla Almondilla flavor:


The taste? Spot on for deliciousness! I am typically wary of plant-based smoothie powders, but this one tasted great. The almond flavor was very strong, though, so you have to like the taste of almond/almond extract to enjoy this (which I do, and did!) Now I just wish I could try the other flavors! Other flavors available are berry, tropical, and chocolate.

Lunch was a little on the calorie-heavy side, but I needed the cals to fuel the workout I’d just finished. After my 11:00 training appointment, I warmed up a little and then ran a 4 mile interval run. I don’t think I could have sweat anymore during that run. The gym was so warm! ‘Twas a great run, though.

Another nice thing about not working full time? Mid morning naps. Before my 11:00 training sesh, I took a nap with Regis and Kelly Niko and Clarabelle. I’ve been having early morning clients lately, and it feels SO, SO good to be able to catch up on sleep.

Speaking of catching up on sleep, I’m gonna catch up on your lovely blogs, shower my stinky bod and try to log a couple extra hours before continuing on with my day 🙂

Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday. Weekend’s almost here 😀


How good are you at napping? Are you able to fall asleep immediately, or does it turn into an hour long of *trying* to nap? I’m usually the latter. I’m hoping to change that, though!


19 Responses

  1. I just found your blog and love it! I really need to find those Vega shakes, they look seriously good. I cannot nap for the life of me. I really wish I would’ve had that skill during college. I also can’t sleep on planes.

  2. Are you kidding me? Not only do I remember Stick Stickly, I was just talking about him this afternoon. And reveling in Old School Nickelodeon. I think Mike O’Malley being on Glee spurred it on…

  3. Mmm. The idea of a peanut butter sandwich with spicy chilling actually souds incredible!

  4. ahaha i TOTALLY thought that was feta at first! and um, backwards is awesome. can i copy you sometime??

  5. I moved to Kansas in the last 2 years and apparently it is standard practice to each chili with cinnamon rolls here! They even serve it in school. I moved from Missouri, which is not a far cry from Kansas, and have never heard of this! I can’t say I have tried it so I will make no comment on the taste, but I thought it was a funny Midwest coincidence that you eat your chili with a peanut butter sandwich.

  6. leftovers are the BEST!!! that vega stuff is all over blogworld! i need to get my hands on some! looks so good!

    im a terrible napper!! i acutally dont like sleeping in themiddle of the day, i end up 10 times more groggy, BUT if I reallllly need it then it feels good!

  7. It’s funny: when you’re in kindergarten and are forced to take naps, you fight them tooth and nail. When you’re grown up and need that mid-day rest more than ever, you have to fight to stay away. Go figure, right? But seriously, I have to be physically sick to take a nap – once I’m up, I’m up – and that seriously sucks when your body wakes ya up two hours before you need to be up for work and you can’t go back to sleep to save your life!

  8. Love the Stick Stickly reference! Definitely remember him and the song, but have no idea if he was on a show or what he did? Good memories!

    To answer your question.. I don’t usually have trouble taking naps; I definitely wouldn’t survive on night shift if I did! I’m anxious to get back to a more normal schedule, though!

    PS- Just put my first attempt at overnight oats in the fridge. We’ll see how they turn out! Thanks for the info!

    Love the blog…obviously!! 🙂

  9. the vega, oh i am glad i picked choco flavor. still havent tried it, it’s on standby for move day 🙂 but i really dont love almond milk or strong almond anything, good to know, thanks girl!

    the tofu, saw your reply to me re pressign for an hour w/ something heavy.



  10. I cannot take naps unless I am beyond tired. Its funny because I couldn’t take naps even when I was a little kid. I always feel like there are better things to do than sleep, which isn’t always true.

  11. 1) Your pictures are gorgeous.
    2) I love this backwards post, kinda like that backwards episode of Seinfeld
    3) That Vega powder looks really good. They’re stuff is always spot on for being veggie based
    4) I used to nap before I became caffeine sensitive. Now once I have my one mug in the morning, I’m wired for the rest of the day. However, if I skip my coffee, I’m in and out of consciousness all day 😉

  12. I have been wondering about the Vega protein shakes! Thanks for the review! I hope you have a great Friday!!

  13. ha – I totally thought that was feta! 🙂

    I’ve never heard of a pb sandwich with chili, but it’s intriguing me.

    Happy Friday!!!

  14. […] eloquent adjectives like “divine, lovely, or exquisite” never come to mind. “Freaking delicious“ are my most common descriptor […]

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