SATC Trifecta Minus One

Heyyy guys! Happy Saturday to a long weekend:)

Off to a good start? I hope so 😀

Yesterday after I trained my first client, I headed to the hills. For the first time, I’m implementing hill repeats into my training plan. Now, central Illinois is known to be pretty flat. And filled with corn, but that’s beside the point. However, there’s one street in particular that is 1.3 miles of constant rolling hills. Why not utilize this training tool? I parked my car at the beginning of the street, ran to the end, and ran back. Training run done! It was only about 2.5 miles, but it was tough, and I had a lot of other stuff to do.

After getting some groceries and some new running shoes (finally!!!) I had some post-run breakfast:


Found this little Crofter’s guy at the store, I had to try it out:


Atop some tufutti cream cheese, it was marvelous.



Now I want to try them ALL!

Excited for my newfound “free” time, I booked a hair cut in the middle of the day on a Friday. (I say free, because somehow the hours go by SO fast and I don’t get as much done as I’d like. I used to scoff at people who didn’t work f/t and said that. How dare they!)

"Before shot:”


I know, I know, my hair’s up so you can’t really see the cut. But that’s the point…


…my hair is ALWAYS UP! And..everyone knows before shots are taken in bad lighting and with no makeup :-p

Had a green monster on the way to the salon:


While sitting in the chair talking to my stylist, something came over me. I wasn’t getting highlights, just a cut. And I wanted a change.

A big change.


Freaking out on the inside.


Holy crap! At least this one has good lighting and I’m wearing some concealer 😉

Trying to keep my cool, I made a cold bean salad for lunch:


Pintos, blacks, edamames, chopped spinach, and portabella mushrooms, tossed in a balsamic + EVOO dressing.


Then amidst my mini hair freakout, BFF, Destiny arrived!



And as always, came with goodies:


I had to run and train a client really quick, but as soon as I got back, we drank some Trader Joe’s, pre-Sex and the City 2 wine:




And we had a moment or two:

IMG_7169 IMG_7171

It was just perfect



Thinking, man, if Kim were here, the SATC trifecta would be complete. Kim is the other third to our DKP (Destiny, Kim, Paige) trifecta. Duh. Alas, she is in Afghanistan, being brave and fighting for our country. Thank you Kim! Check out her blog and journey over in Afghanistan.

After packing necessary snacks, we were off to the movies.



Chocolate covered banana chips, which I’m pretty sure we ate half of.


The movie was pretty good. I won’t spoil it for anyone, but it lived up to my expectations. I’m kinda hoping they don’t make a third one, though. No trifecta here. Not that I don’t love SATC, and not that I wouldn’t see it. I just don’t want them to ruin it. If they make a third one…why not have just kept the series going, ya know?

Back at the casa, we chowed down and drank more wine.


Plus a veggie Subway sandwich that missed the camera’s eye.

This morning, we arose and drank some coffee and ate some overnight over 20 minutes oats:


Niko loves Destiny.                         

IMG_2039 IMG_2044 

Well, I’m off to go work for a few hours, and then help the husband with our landscaping project! It’s a PERFECT day here. Low 80’s and sunny as can be! Gotta get out and enjoy it 😀

Are you doing any yard projects or cooking out for the long weekend (if you have one)? We’ll be working in the yard alllll weekend long. Weather permitting. Hooray!


17 Responses

  1. I think your hair is cute for a change! Young people like you look good in long or short hair. When women get older, they really need to wear it short, unless they look like Raquel Welch. Enjoy the change, and it will grow.
    Our pool is open today:-) I guess as soon as the heater warms it to the 80’s, (it’s already 76) we will be inviting badminton players. Wanna come after all that yard work?

  2. Yo! So what running shoes did you get??

  3. Your hair looks great- almost so short you won’t be able to put it up! I’m tempted to chop mine again.. decisions decisions!

  4. your hair is freakin sassy! love it!!!
    and your bff is named destiny? omg me (averie harmony s.) and destiny…we’d be a match made in heaven

    the Chocolate covered banana chips–i am thinking you made them? either way made or store, they look delish!

    wine. hair. bff. satc.
    great day for you!

  5. Aahahha, I love that thinking picture of you. And the hair looks FAB. Agree with Averie, totally sassy 😉

    Lovelove Crofters jam, but I can never eat it fast enough! I think it’s because it’s so damn “natural” it always goes moldy on my before I finish the (pricey) jar.

  6. I love the new hair Paige. It looks so cute 🙂

  7. I love your hair! So stylish and fun! Have a great rest of your weekend!

  8. lovin the new look! change is a goooood thing.. it keeps you feelin fresh ya know?

    I just saw SATC last night too. It was good (i dont know why it got such terrible reviews).. but yeah, definitely dont think they should make a 3rd one. Idk what it’d be about!

  9. i love the haircut!!!

  10. SATC2 was pretty great! I think my boyfriend’s parents are cooking out on Monday (if the rain stops!). Have a great (rest of the) weekend!

  11. I like your hair…the highlights are awesome!!! 🙂

  12. I love your new hairstyle! I need to make a change stat. I saw SATC 2 and didn’t really like it. I can’t really pinpoint why.

  13. AHHHH i love love love your hair!

  14. […] And for my Anti-Dessert, I have one single piece of 85% dark chocolate, courtesy of my bestie, Destiny. […]

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