Breaks, Aches, and Landscapes

Hey peeps! Hope you’re having a fantabulous Memorial Day weekend! I was actually planning on wrapping all of mine up in post-form tonight, but there’s currently a thunderstorm going on outside, so I have a long enough break to write it up now:D

After Friday night’s festivities, I headed in to work for a few hours to hold down the fort and create a few new training plans for upcoming clients this week (6 training sessions tomorrow!!!) Once home, I made a refreshing lunch, and then joined the hubski on the landscaping work:


I’ll take chickpeas with my chickpeas, please.


wrapped up with some veg.


And of course we took many breaks to nosh on watermelon all weekend long. Memorial Day requirement, of course.

Then, back to landscaping.

Wherever I go, if there’s sun and heat, you can ensure I’ll be the beer water and sunscreen natzi.

Landscape, landscape, landscape.

IMG_7188 IMG_7193

Around 8:00, we declared it end of day one. Long break number one ensued. We were both so pooped, that we also declared it order-in night:



We had another busy one (Day 2) planned the next day, so we hit the sheets pretty early after eating.

Up and at em on Day 2, I headed to the gym to train a client really quick, and then joined Shane again.

Pre-client breakfast:


Day two was all about the plants:




IMG_7230 IMG_7224

Feeling satisfied with our progress for Day Two, we broke for the night around 7:00:


Looking pretty rough, I’d say. By this time, we were both feeling the aches and pains of kneeling, shoveling, hauling, and planting.

I knew I needed to replenish my electrolytes, but nothing sounded better than an ice cold beer. So I compromised:

Carrot juice first



And then I could have a beer:


Ending with a little more energy than the previous day, we decided to grill out!

IMG_7240Perfectly grilled veggies.


Brussels, onions, snow peas, sweet taters.

My (Boca) burger:




Shane’s (all natural) huge stuffed hunka beef burger:


And I’m pretty sure the post-dinner dessert was well-deserved:


After a couple epi’s of 24, we decided to get some shut eye. Until, that is, I was woken up by a sharp, aching pain going from my shoulder to my thumb. You see, I have a bad rotator’s cuff. It’s just worn down after years and year of overhand serving and spiking from volleyball. I’ve had to go to a chiropractor and physical therapist a number of time. I think a mix of volleyball + the shoulder exercises I did the other day + (mainly) all the shoveling and digging I did this weekend REALLY pissed it off. It’s NOT happy. I just hope it feels better before Wednesday night’s volleyball game.

I’ve been self medicating with dark red bing cherries:IMG_7237


Cherries are known to be a natural anti-inflammatory. I’d rather give it a go with nutrition before relying on chemicals. Just my opinion 🙂

This morning, I woke up at 6:00 to find that my 7:00 client cancelled on me, and I have to say, I wasn’t upset; I welcomed the break. I went straight back to sleep for another 2.5 hrs.

Post-slumber, pre-long run fuelage:


I had a 7 miler planned, and this banana served as perfect fuel to power me through. I finished 7 miles in 1:08:33. Could be better…but it was H-O-T. I finished about 20 minutes before the sky opened up and started pouring buckets. Oh, and for the first time, I ran shirtless! All I wore up top was a sports bra. I’ve been hesitant to do this in the past, but sometimes, ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. I had a few creepy stares, but nothing major. Pretty sure the shirtless runs will be a regular thang on hot summer days.

Once home and showered, I made a double batch of smoothies – one for me, and one for Shane.


Mine’s the green one, obviously. For this batch, I just put some ice, frozen mixed fruit, 1 scoop of Jay Robb brown rice protein powder, maca (for anti-inflammatory and cell turn around,) water, OJ, and xantham gum. Then a blended, poured Shane a cup, added a couple handfuls of spinach, and blended again to make mine! If you haven’t added spinach to your smoothies yet, I highly recommend it! Not gonna lie, it’s not like you can’t taste the difference (especially when tasted side by side,) but it sure is still damn good!

Kudos if you made it to this far in the post; ‘twas a long one! 😀

The rest of the day, I’m planning on cleaning as much as my shoulder allows, catching up on your Memorial day weekend blogs, and starting a new book. Sounds great to me!

Do you have a chronic injury (no matter big nor small) that you have to deal with? I started having shoulder problems my junior year of high school! I usually have problems with it about once a year, but I haven’t had a flare up before this time since 2007! But when it happens, I know I need to baby it.

Any home reno’s planned or being finished for you this spring/summer? Besides the front landscape, I’m hoping to do just a little bit with the back yard as well.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend so far!! Enjoy the rest of it!

edit – I removed some of the photos due to privacy issues.


10 Responses

  1. I love landscaping! Anything where I get a workout without actually working out makes me happy. I started my garden this weekend 🙂 It was light work but still rewarding!

  2. Sorry about the shoulder, but it’s not surprising with all you did! The plants look great, but you need to rest that old injury.

    Running bras are the only way to go when it’s hot and humid in Illinois. Think of the lucky guys who can run without anything on top!

  3. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I am sure it will be ok for your game on Wed. I have 2 injuries I have to be careful with, especially , since I am comtemplating running a half in January. Will be my first race if I decide to do it. I am a little nervous.

  4. girl i give you majooooor props for the heavy house/home work and projects. other than moving, no. hell no. i will not be doing any projects! my hubs is NOT handy at all and it would be a divorce recipe to do one 🙂

    you look hot (sexy) not overheated hot 🙂 in your drive way pic

    love the cherries in the heart bowl 🙂
    ginger, cumin, and cinnamon are also anti inflamm, fyi 🙂

  5. I have a nagging hip problem that stems from my piriformis and hip flexor aggravates. Not to mention, that I have a bad ankle, broke it twice and sprained it twice.

    No home reno’s for us this year, we’re hoping to sell it and move instead.

  6. Booo! I hope your shoulder feels better!! I injured my hip last spring and it can still get cranky with me if I increase my mileage too much or do too much lower-body weightlifting. Now I’ve got this foot thing – which I’ve hopefully found a way to manage! Oddly though, both have been caused by wearing improper shoes!

    Ohman, I am SO scared to wear just a running bra. My stomach has only ever seen the light of day ONCE when I wore a bikini in Cuba 😉

  7. Hope your shoulder feels better soon!! hey could you let me know where you got your cups from that you drink your green monsters out of?? I’ve been looking for those for a while and havent been able to find them 😦

  8. is that the “new” dominos pizza (i haven’t had dominos since high school so i don’t know if i can even remember what to compare it to)

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