Finishing Touches

Good (mid) morning, all!

Sorry for the tardy posting, but I started training clients at 5:00 a.m. this morning, and just finished up right now! In between clients, I got in a leg workout and a little elliptical action. Awesome morning:) Better yet, I slept straight through the night without any shoulder pains! It’s not feeling 100%, but I think it will be OK for my volleyball game tomorrow.

So yesterday after the rain cleared up, Shane and I hit up the landscaping hard. We are almost finished! He’s putting on the finishing touches now, while I get ready for an 11:00 appointment I have with someone.




One of those finishing touches involved putting up our mailbox, hehe.



IMG_7298 IMG_7252


Finally finished up around 7:00 last night, and again, were both famished.

It’s still very hot here in central Illinois, so I didn’t feel like making any dinner that would involve heating up the oven. Options: microwave, grill, stove. Shane didn’t feel like firing up the grill, and since my lunch was zapped (microwaved, leftover pizza) that left the stove for…

Mixed veggie fajitas!


I basically threw every veggie in the fridge, plus some tempeh into a pan with a little olive oil. Then I added sea salt, pepper, cumin, cayenne, and chili powder. The signature Mexican spices, in my opinion. Oh, and garlic powder as a finishing touch. Can’t forget about garlic powder.

After sautéing for a while, I microwaved a few dampened whole wheat tortillas, and topped with Greek yogurt and lettuce.


They were scrumptious! I’m looking forward to having leftovers after my appointment 🙂

Well I’m off! I have a couple more clients to train later on tonight, but I’m hoping to get in another post beforehand!

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Go anywhere? Do anything?!


9 Responses

  1. Yum…your fajitas sound wonderful! I am glad you are pain free in the shoulder too! That is AWESOME!

  2. Okay, now I love the new landscaping look!
    We didn’t do much over the holiday, but it was relaxing (no landscaping).
    Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, good idea. G Y is so versatile. I have a new recipe for chicken salad using grapes, oragnes, nuts, celery, tarragon and plain G Y. You would have to leave out the chicken.

  3. looove fajitas!! yum and your house looks amazing!

  4. Taking care of a yard is such hard work! you don’t really appreciate a good looking lawn & beds until you have your own to take care of! Looks like yours turned out perfect. Both veggie stir fry and fajitas are two of my go to meals when I’m a starvin marvin 🙂

  5. lovin what you’ve done to your yard! It looks like you could be on that HGTV show Curb Appeal!

    PS greek yogurt is such a great idea to add to fajitas.. i always forget you can use it in other dishes for some reason lol

    Have a great Wednesday chica!!

  6. The yard looks great. Enjoy the nice feeling of accomplishment.

  7. i was in my best friend’s wedding! it was so nice!

  8. […] Bun Bun (it’s name..duh:) ) was camping out in our new landscaping alllll day long. The hubski almost ran over it with the mower, and it took shelter behind this […]

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