There’s a Hole…in My House

And it’s letting all the bugs iiiin! (sang to the tune of Aerosmith’s “Hole in My Soul.” More on that later  😉

Happy Wednesday!! Or in the words of Coach Schuster, “It’s Wednesday. Do you know what that means?… Hump day.” LOL gLee was a good one last night 🙂


Yesterday after my bazillion morning training appointments (said with love!) and after my lunch-time appointment, I headed back to the house to actually eat lunch.

Leftovers were in order:


I took the fajita-style grilled veggies I made Monday night, and made a taco salad out of ‘em!


After snapping the pics, I added a dollop of Greek yogurt to serve as sour cream. Totally made the meal complete.

The hubski took an extra day off work yesterday so we could finish up the landscaping. After eating lunch, we bought and hauled rocks, picked out paint, and bought several other fixtures at the man-store (Menards aka Lowe’s-type store.) Once home, I had a banana.

IMG_7302Nothing but!

After a few more hours of work, the part that I was dreading came. We painted our front door, so Shane had to take the door off the hinges for a good three to four hours! We have no storm door, and forgot to pick up a screen, so this meant four hours of the air turned off, bugs flying in, and one large hole in the front of our house:


The animals had to stay in the bedroom, and I caught them cuddling:


They secretly love each other. ❤

While Shane was painting, I trained a couple more clients.

Pre-training snack:


Upside down heart bowl! Contained plain Greek yog, and some Nature’s Path Pomegranate granola.

When I got home around 8, it was finally time to put the door back on. Hooray! Shane worked for a couple more hours (poor guy!) and I made myself some dinner:

IMG_7321Massaged kale, romaine, spinach, and Quorn chik’n.


For the dressing, I mixed equal parts of hummus, tahini, and apple cider vinegar, plus a little sea salt. It was amazingly delish.

Ate the salad, and then the side:


half an Ezekiel muffin with Crofters Super fruit spread:


Mmmm.. Superfruit, supergood.


This morning I woke up bright and early for a couple early morning training appointments. In between, I munched on a Kashi bar, but when I got home, I made a big girl’s breakfast:

IMG_7329Overnight Twenty Minute ]Oats!

Dry ingredients : 1/3 c. oats, tsp maca, Vega Shake and Go protein powder.

Wet ingredients:



Mixed it all together, took Niko on a little walk, and when home, it was all ready for me!


So not pretty. But so very yummy.

Well I’m off to do a little cleaning, run some errands, run, and then hopefully get a nap in before more training sessions tonight. Oh, and dealing with our fence. We had a bad storm last night, and it blew in an entire section of our fence!! We just got it installed last spring, so we’re not too happy about the situation. I told the hubski we gave the front yard so much TLC this weekend, that the back yard got jealous and retaliated 😉 LOL

Have a lovely hump day, everyone!!


8 Responses

  1. Your backyard needs shade…one tree in a corner should do. That would be much easier on you, unless you are the one digging the hole for that tree:-)
    Niko and CB are buddies? How cute.

  2. Haha, I love doggie and kitty love. Always so cute.

    Glad the hole is fixed 🙂

  3. Wow, your healthy eats are so inspiring! And that taco salad looks YUM-MY!

  4. Those oats look so good! What do you think of the chocolate greek yogurt?

  5. hola love,
    your yard looks awesome, u guys RULE…. blocka blocka blocka. : ) can u send me that tofu recipe u were telling me about?… pwwease.
    your taco salad looks amazing, make me make a salad for lunch w. some of the same stuff. 🙂 NOM

    also do u know of any Chicago bloggers?…. ive been searching for someone interesting and fun talking about Chi town stuff like food places and clubs….. a few ppl would be awesome so i can check them all out 🙂 🙂 pleassse and thanks love

    xoxo to Nico and Miss Clarabell-ski

  6. “t four hours of the air turned off, bugs flying in..”

    there is nothing worse than the bugs in the midwest! in CA and AZ i leave my doors open, no screen, nothing. There are so few bugs, it’s irreleant. In MN and IL, omg the bugs. Ick. I feel for you girl!!!!


  7. irrelevant was that word.
    fast typing kills me every time 🙂


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