A Mileage Morning

Good morning afternoon! Wow, this day’s gone by quickly so far. It is absolutely beautiful here, and I’ve taken well-advantage. In fact, I’ve already logged about 14 miles today!

Broken down

  • Rode 4.25 miles on my bike to the gym, to train a client
  • Walked 1.5 miles with client for first half of session
  • Rode 1 mile to the trail after session to meet my friend Heidi
IMG_2081 IMG_2085
  • She brought her daughter, and jogging stroller, and we ran 3.2 miles













  • Afterward, I biked 4 miles back home

It was a great workout altogether!

Pre run/bike/walk breakfast:


Flat Out wrap + a mixture of 1/5 T almond butter, 1/2 scoop of Jay Robb protein powder, 1 banana + 1 T carob powder. Wrap it up!

IMG_7401 IMG_7403


It seems like it’s been forever since I blogged last.

Friday night Shane and I ended up buying tickets to the new pro baseball team’s game in town. Their first game was last week, so we were excited to see what it was all about! The team name is the Corn Belters (Corn belters! We’ll be havin’ some fun, Corn Belters! They’ll be hittin’ home runs. Corn Belters! ok I’m done..). I’ll let you be the one to determine why…


IMG_2057 IMG_2056

Although the outside/parking is still a construction zone, we were pretty impressed with the stadium:




During the game, we each had one beer.

IMG_2059(We’d eaten Thai with my parents prior, but I didn’t have my camera!)

We enjoyed a few innings, but didn’t stay long because it was starting to rain pretty hard for a while. Of course on the way back to our car, the rain stopped:


We were both pretty beat from the day, and headed to bed like old fogies pretty early 😉

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see my friend, Missy at her triathlon on Saturday morning. The rain continued, and there was a pretty bad storm pretty close to start time. I thought the race would get cancelled, since triathlons involve water and all. I’d be wrong though… Sorry Missy!!

I did, though, get to use my brand new waffle maker!


I’m a newbie…

but I gotta say, for all that goop and mess I can make one mean waffle:


Perfectly golden brown.

IMG_7386Topped with TJ’s Almond Butter and Crofter’s Europe spread.


OMG…ya’ll waffle fanatics didn’t warn me how filling Belgian waffles are.


Look how thick that puppy is!! Yowza! I left 1/4 of it on my plate…and I ALWAYS finish breakfast.

After a few hours of work, we quickly got ready and headed to a graduation party. The host warned me that there would be nothing there that I’d want to eat (haha, thanks for being honest at least!) so I made with do..

IMG_2067(cute camera color setting)

We all had a pretty good time!



And there may or may not have been a shot involved:




Happy graduation!

We didn’t stay but a few hours, and once home, I made some Brussels Sprouts + leftovers for a real meal:

       IMG_7391 IMG_7395 And then later, ice cream in a mug.



IMG_7399 Did you know ice cream in a mug tastes much better than in a bowl? Try it! I’m not lyin’!

What a great weekend so far:) And it’s ending tonight with a girl’s night – what could be better?

How has your weekend been so far?

Do you make waffles? What’s your favorite mix?


11 Responses

  1. look at your waffle! the only time i made one is when i stayed at a days inn about 6 or 7 years ago. i remember being incredibly proud of myself!

  2. mmm that waffle looks amazing! I seriously need to invest in a waffle maker 🙂 I hardly ever make em..I’m more of a pancake gal! but that can change! 🙂

  3. My weekend has been amazing – much needed and incredibly relaxing!

    I’ve never made a waffle from scratch or a pancake that didn’t start with Bisquick…horrible I know! What can I say, my mother stocked the fridge for convenience. I just ordered some of Bob’s Mills whole wheat pancake and waffle mix, though, so I definitely have big plans to change that! Hopefully mine comes out as good as yours did!

  4. I like adding sweet potatoes and pumpkin to my waffle batter – OMG it makes it so yummy!

  5. WAFFLES!! Oh yeah, the drippage, been there. Just means an extra good waffle is cooking in there 😉

    Funny.. I could probably eat four waffles and still want more 😛

  6. The Black Hawks WON tonight !!

  7. How do you make your brussels? They are one of my very favorite foods and love to make the leaves nice and crunchy– the way they look in the photo.

    Great work today on the mileage!

  8. What a great way to mix up a workout! I wish they would have had such great jogging strollers when you and Mike were little. When I bike with Dad first and then walk/run, it seems easier and even quicker.

    I’m planning on a great workout today; the weather is beautiful. No waffles for me tho’. I’m a French toast lover:-)

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