Vanilla Ice, Ice…Milk?

Hey bloggies!  How’s your week going so far? So close to Friday you can almost taste it? 🙂

I don’t know about tasting days, but I can certainly taste the breakfast I had yesterday morning.  As usual, I woke up bright and early to train but only had one morning client, so I waited to eat breakfast until I got back home.

It was worth the wait.


I haven’t had me a breakfast cookie in a minute! This was a freaking fantabulous one at that.


Made with 1/2 c. oats, a dash of stevia, half a banana, a big tbsp of almond butter, and a half scoop of protein powder, all mushed together and spread out on a plate to chill overnight. In the morning, as you can see, I spread on some Crofter’s Superfruit spread, and the results about knocked my head off 🙂

After gobbling up that deliciousness and licking the plate clean I had to rush off to take Niko to the groomers! Our favorite groomer, Candy, made her all nice and pretty:


No more miniature sheep dog cut for her!


However, Clarabelle was jealous and didn’t want to feed into the Niko adoration.

IMG_6901 I had a lunch time client, and then had a workout of my own. Following tradition as of late, I left my car parked where it was, and just took off on a run. No set mileage. No set time. Just me and my legs, getting in a good cardio workout. I ended up running for about 40 minutes around a neighborhood in Normal that I’ve never run in before, so it was quite enjoyable. The shade helped, too.

I wasn’t quite hungry enough for lunch afterward, but needed a lil’ somethin’.



Then the hunger came:


Flat Out Wrap, hummus, chickpeas, snap peas.


Stuffed with spinach, rolled up, with Mary’s Crack sticks and twigs on the side.



I got some work done the rest of the afternoon – paper work, creative work, and cleaning, and then had a super small dinner before my volleyball game:


Leftover pasta – nuttin’ special.

The hubski and I trekked over to the sand courts afterward where my team dominated in volleyball. Actually, I have to admit, I’m not sure where my stellar skills went. I can still overhand serve and hit, but I’m just all over the place. Volleyball used to be my THING! Gotta keep workin’ at it (and have FUN!) right?

When we got home for the night, I was still a bit hungry, but not enough for a real meal.


Kashi and Almond Milk did the trick! And yes…there are ice cubes in my bowl of cereal.


This was from a brand new container of almond milk, so it was still room temperature. I don’t know about you, but I can’t eat cereal that’s anything but ice cold. Literally, in this case.

One 24 episode, and I was off to dreamland. Had to wake up as early as the dickens (wtf did that come from?!) this morning for a few eaaarrrly morning training sessions.

I think a nap is in my very near future 😉

Have a lovely Thursday, and I’ll see you back here this afternoon for a super *sweet* giveaway!!! Make sure to check it out!  🙂


7 Responses

  1. Oh I HATE it when the almond milk hasn’t been opened and it is hot. It totally ruins cereal for me. Ice cold milk all the way!

  2. Poor Clarabelle…give her a catnip leaf, and she’ll be fine. Niko looks beautiful. Buck goes for his summer cut and do on Tuesday.
    I’d love to see one of your vb games. Does the other girl on the team play every time? Do you get to sit out ever?

  3. Haha! I love the ice cubes in your cereal….I can’t stand room temperature almond milk either!!! I’m sure your v-ball skills will return the more you play 🙂

  4. I hate that too! I just made a smoothie this morning with almond milk and it was WARM!

  5. I buy the refrigerated almond milk for that exact reason. Warm milk is the grossest thing ever!

  6. ohh ice cubes in the milk! i used to love that! i LOVE when milk is ice cold it chills the glass even…its so refreshing!!

    still need to try the breakfast coooookiiieeee

  7. I agree on the cold almond milk!!

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