Dinner by Commercial Light

Happy Friday morning!! I’ve only got one client to train today, but my to-do list is looooong! Good thing I’m getting an early start:)

Glad you guys are excited for the NuNatural’s Stevia giveaway 🙂 Love that stuff! Forgot to mention that you have until next Monday at midnight (technically Tuesday) to get your entries in 🙂

Yesterday before I went to work, while doing some writing, I had part two of lunch:



Then I left and worked for a few hours and trained a couple clients at the ol’ gym. While I worked, I munched on some snackies:



Trail mix makes such a good, sustaining snack-to-go. As do apples, obviously, which is what’s wrapped in the paper towel. Anyone else always transport apples in the paper towel that you dry it off from rinsing it? That pink water bottle goes everywhere I go; in fact, it’s about 6 inches from the hands that are typing this post!

My last client went well into the evening, and I got home right in time to catch the Real Housewives of New York City reunion. The hubski and I recently downgraded our cable package because our cable company (Comcast) is very fond of charging way too much for very poor service. Unfortunately, they are the only cable company in town, so can get away with their sneaky, bad-business behavior. Competition’s where it’s at. HEAR THAT COMCAST?! OK, I digress…

My point is I needed a meal that I could cook during the commercials, as the DVR upstairs was one of the features to get the boot. So I took a gander in the freezer, and found leftover quinoa casserole I had made about a month ago!


Hooray! It was honestly just as good as the night I made it. Quinoa freezes extremely well, FYI.


And wine…to go with housewives. It’s necessary to be able to comprehend the constant bickering back and forth. Shane still can’t believe I like to watch those shows. I can’t help it! The drama draws me in :-p

Because the quinoa casserole didn’t fill me up all the way, I split an Ezekiel English muffin with Shane. And when I say “split” I mean asking-him-if-he-wanted-one-half-thinking-he-would-say-no-but-he-said-yes, damnit. It’s just as well…


Earth Balance + dark chocolate chips. I swear it came in that someone’s-already-taken-two-bites shape. Heh heh 😉

Well I meant to be ready to do some yoga after writing this post, but now I’ve got breakfast on the brain. Later this morning I’m gonna hit up a step class at the new-to-me gym! Excited for that:)

Tonight is BUNCO! and tomorrow is bridal party festivities! 😀 😀 So excited. Lots to do, lots to do!

Have a stellar Friday, guys and gals :D    


2 Responses

  1. Good luck at bunco! Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter than today! I hope those bridal party festivities are air conditioned.

  2. girl have fun at bunco! ive never played but i heard it was REALLY fun!

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