Last Night I Ate a…

Hi guys! Ready for another work week? Here we go 🙂

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I woke up early this morning after a rough night’s sleep to train a client, per usual, and when finished and back home, I scarfed down half a banana and set out for a four mile run. However, when I got a little less than half way, I had to turn around. The ominous clouds I’d been worried about setting out for my run opened up and started to pour. I would have kept on going, but I had my Garmin and the iPod on me and didn’t want to get them soaked. So my 4 miler turned into a 3.06 miler – a 27:43 minute run.

I was pretty hungry when I got back, and wanted nothing else but hot oatmeal. So I made a batch of the usual whipped banana oats with almond milk, flax meal, and stevia.


I topped it with a spoonful of Greek yogurt and a single serving packet of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter.


Craving = Satisfied.


Melty, melty goodness.

Last Night

In October of 2009, I quit eating any and all land animals. My reasons were ethically based, but you can read more about that in this post. Basically, I just got tired of the internal battle going on in my head about loving animals and then turning around and eating them – especially those who were raised in an inhumane manner. On January 1st, 2010 I decided to just quit eating animals altogether. Since then, no meat has passed through my lips.

Until last night.

Last night, I was making dinner for Shane and myself. We were both craving Thai food, so I was going to make a recipe I found in the May/June issue of Clean Eating – Thai Shrimp with Brown Rice noodles, and just leave the shrimp out of my dish.
Except then I absentmindedly threw the shrimp into the pan with the sauce and veggies. All of it. And it actually looked good.


Alas…last night I ate shrimp, and while a bit extremely weird, it was good.

I’ve actually been talking a lot lately about how if I want some sort of fish (probably just shellfish) I won’t feel bad about eating it, and it might happen.
It happened last night.

IMG_7644(I’ll spare you any macro shots of the actual shrimp)

And it will probably happen again. I know I’ll never (or at least truly believe I’ll never) eat any sort of mammal again, but for reasons I won’t get into (to cut the drama) ya might see a shellfish now and then on here. However, now that I’m reflecting back on this and writing about it…I feel pretty guilty.       


12 Responses

  1. : ) u know im happy for u P…. the shrimpies wanted u to eat them…. they were like PAAAIIIGGGeeeeeee. 🙂 jk but i love you and your loving heart. that thai meal did look amazing!! u are such a good cook.

  2. this meal looks so good! i need this recipe!

  3. I think it is great that you listened to your bodies cravings and ate what you felt was best. Do not feel guily for enjoying your meal, because it isnt worth it and will just induce more stress!! 😦

  4. You have to honor your body and your cravings. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having it every now and then at all. I am a believer that we can only do our best to improve the way that meat productions and fishing occurs in our country, but we still have to live our lives as human beings.

    The dish looks great!

  5. that recipe looks so great!!! and I always love your up close oatmeal shots 🙂

    dont feel guilty!! feed into your cravings, if you don’t then you will just crave it later!

  6. Don’t feel guilty for feeding your craving. I try to honor mine, because when I don’t, I end up eating everything BUT what I want, and I still want what it is I am craving.

  7. could you email the recipe? this looks delicious and i cant find it online!

  8. Vegetarianism doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Giving in to our cravings is good for out mental health sometimes, and I think it’s okay for a shrimp to take the brunt for it. Your heart is in the right place – that’s what matters!

  9. I totally understand the guilt thing. I am debating eating fish on my honeymoon (just gave it up like a month ago) and feel totally guilty about it. But I’m going to Hawaii and the fish is suppose to be really good.

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