Another Day, Another Change

Hey there 🙂 Happy Monday Tuesday! It feels like a Monday to me though.

Let me explain.

Remember that time I quit my full time job to dedicate more time to being a personal trainer and in the fitness field? That was pretty awesome. However, I briefly mentioned that when I submitted my resignation, my company and I tried for a part-time position instead of my just leaving altogether. Well, the part-time part didn’t work out, so I’ve been simply training, working a (few) hrs of staff at a gym, working on websites, and working out to my heart’s content. It’s been blissful.

However…my old job at the big insurance company called, and I start working part-time tomorrow. They found a position they want me to fill that’s just over 20 hours per week. This is awesome! It’s awesome, right? I know the past three weeks have been awesome, so I’m going to have to convince and remind myself that this is awesome, too 😉 Another good part? It’s only temporary, until the end of September. I’m going to be doing the same type of work I did before, but I’ll be backfilling for a girl who is leaving on maternity leave for a few months.

The bad part? Less time with clients and the days I work at the BIC are going to be hectic-city. I’ve known about it for a bit, but wanted to wait until it was official official to mention it on the blog front 🙂 Hopefully stressed-out Paige will stay AWAY. I’m pretty stoked to see some coworkers I’ve been missing though:D

To help me ease back into the corporate world, Shane cooked dinner last night. You know what that means…


Grillin’ out time! He’s mastered the cooking of the veggies (that I chopped and prepped.)


My plate

IMG_7676 That’s a whole lotta veggies.

Throughout the day yesterday, I trained three clients, worked on my website (can’t wait to share it!!) did a little quickbooks, ran 3 miles and did lower body lifting, worked on an inspirational-mental wellness project, and…

Ate good food!




A shroom and sprouts pizza (recipe will be in recipe tab soon.)




Um, second dessert:


Almond butter cookies. YUM-TOPIA.


And before my prevening client, I was feeling wiped, but didn’t want coffee so late in the afternoon, so I juiced.


Celery, carrots, and an orange.

IMG_7669 The celery was a bit overbearing, but these enzymes went straight to my system and I was energized 🙂

Needless to say, today’s going to be a looooong one. Right now I’m training clients (eaaarrrly morning – per usual) and then going back to the big insurance company (not per the usual,) and then training more clients!

Funny how life throws you through hoops and loops, huh? Gotta love it:) Keeps things interesting, y’know?


Have you ever left a job, and then came back when you thought you’d left for good? I’ve left the BIC twice now and have come back. I’m like a bad penny! Can’t get rid of me – muahah 😉


14 Responses

  1. I think that sounds like a great opportunity, especially since it is short term so you can get a feel for it, if you would like to continue some extra part-time work or not. I bet you will adjust fine. Hey – it will still be a good bit less than what you WERE doing. 😉

    And thanks again for the guest post!

  2. I sure did. I retired from full-time teaching in June of 2005 and got hired to part-time teach in August of 2005! At first, I thought it might be a big mistake, but now I am so glad. The extra money is the biggest plus, but I also don’t think I would have enjoyed complete retirement.
    You hang in there. Full time plus part time will be a big bummer, but you do have 20 hours less than before:-) And…the money will be the big plus.

  3. i love having a second dessert! i’ve never come back to a job. like a bad penny, haha!

  4. congrats on the part time gig! Sounds like it will be a good thing.

  5. It IS awesome! Congrats!

  6. That’s great that you get to go back part time! I’ve never had that opportunity….or really wanted it from a previous company!

  7. i’ve been acting since i was a kid, and i’ve been quitting show biz and coming back on a regular basis the entire time. like an abusive boyfriend i keep coming back to….

  8. Ok seriously, I am just starting to follow your story and am SO INSPIRED. I am dying to make a change in my life – I’m so ready to do something I love for work vs. just doing something I’m good at but don’t necessarily love. I just don’t even know where to begin – I would love, love, love to do what you’re doing but am scared out of my wits to give it a go. How did you get to the point where you were ready to take that plunge? I’ve done one group fitness certification (group kick- run by BTS) but I’d love to do something ACE-related, not just for group fitness but maybe even personal training. Sorry for such a ramble but this struck me at JUST the right time…I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  9. I havent had this experience yet but someone I work with jst went through this! she quit, and did some yoga teaching on the side, realized she wasnt making enough money and missed the benefits, so she wanted to come back to the company, where sadly there were no openings!

    I think its so great that you are going back part time!!!

  10. I think it is a great opportunity to make some extra money while still getting to do what you truly love. It is like getting your cake and eating it too! 🙂

  11. […] went back to my desk job to work part-time instead of full […]

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