Separation Anxiety


After my speedy four miler yesterday morning, I had a hankering for some hot oats. But now oats in a bowl…


It was worth every sweat bead that hot oats after a hot summer run like this produces.



Then I got ready and zipped off to the office for a bit. Around mid morning, I decided I’d take a long lunch, so I came back home and took advantage of the glorious day by taking Niko for another quick stroll.

Lunch was a wrap! Quick and easy always does the trick.

The base:


Tomato paste and hummus

The innards!


Spinach and mushrooms….with sugar snap peas:


I really miss the pets now that I’m gone during the day again. It was really hard to leave and come back to work. Is it uber pathetic to have separation anxiety from your pets?!
I even ate lunch with Niko on the bed!


Those Kettle Chips on the side were an afterthought 😉






Then I went back to work for the afternoon to learn about the job of who I’m replacing. Fun schtuff.

Last night was volleyball night, but it was a late-ish one, so I had a couple hours to get some work done and relax beforehand.


IMG_7696 IMG_7695



Dinner was quick. Amy’s Medium Chili with Mary’s Crackers Garden of Eatin’ Blue Hot Chips


I completely thought I was pouring Mary’s Sticks and Twigs on my chili, when I noticed that it wasn’t sticks and twigs at all, but Eden’s Blue Hot chips! And ya know what? Eden’s Blue Hot chips make a darn good chili topper!


Lacking in the veg department, but I don’t see any veggie police around…

I had another beer after while playing volleyball (we won! And my mad skillz are back!) and then came home for a snack before bed:

IMG_7700Annie’s Bunny Graham friends~takin’ a dip in some Almond Milk:

           IMG_7703So good this way!

Well, I need some breakfast in my belly. This morning I had a morning client and then cranked out 45 minutes of cardio between the stair climber and elliptical, and I’m famished!

Have a lovely Thursday – almost the weekend 😀


6 Responses

  1. Have a great Thursday. I’m glad your volleyball skills are back. Congrats on another win:-)

  2. mmm cokies and milk sound so good right now. and spicy chips? yes please!!

  3. i LOVE blue corn chips! i just blogged abotu the FSTG blue corn chips that rockkkkkk you must try them if you love blue corn chips!!!

    haah not at all wierd to have sep. anxiety from your pet…if I had that little cutie, I would too!!!

    milk and cookies please!!!

  4. girl i meant to stop by the other day..just read the whole job thing. there is nothing worse in my opin than when you quit a job or say goodbye to something/someone mentally speaking and then you end up back there. That the goodbye wasnt forever, when in your mind, it kinda was. I have ended up at jobs i have left and also with boyfriends (years ago!) whom i thought i had left. Neither are real great feelings. HANG IN THERE GIRL!!!!

  5. It’s completely normal to miss your pets, I miss my cat like crazy, and I can’t wait to come home and cuddle with him a bit 🙂
    cookies and milk, yummy!

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