Old (Green) Faithful

Hi there! Happy (late start) Saturday!

So, I wasn’t able to sign up for the race, unfortunately. Well, I was, but I would have had to drive to the registration last night in a storm, drive back, then back again this morning. Call me lazy. There’s always next year! However, I see a race in my near future, because not doing Steamboat kind of makes me feel like a bum. In place of the race, I went to Group Power this morning!

But let’s back up.

To yesterday morning!

I had the whole day off. My one client called off, and I didn’t have to go to the BIC (Big Insurance Company aka office job, for new readers:) ) My day started out fabulously – with a breakfast cookie.


I was all out of my Jay Robb protein powder, so I used the Vega Shake and Go Vanilla Almondilla flavor, and it was actually quite good, but it makes it look not as pretty.


While this digested, I worked on some training plans and worked on my new website (I hope to tell you guys about it soon!)

Finally around 9:30, when it was good and hot, I went for a run. Gosh it was such a horrible run. My legs felt like lead, I felt extremely dehydrated, and it was HOT. However, I promised myself I’d go at least 3.1 miles.

Soooo I ran just that, and not a tenth of a mile more.


Hahah 🙂

For it, I got a treat!


Iced coffee! The trick is to put the ice in first, then the milk, and then the coffee – to make it pretty-like.



For my aunt’s birthday a few months back, I got her a free training session. We decided yesterday would be the day for me to head on over there. Since it was a one time thang, I just wrote up a plan that she can do on her own.

She lives about 45 minutes away, so I packed up the usual road trip essentials.

IMG_7722Green monster + water.


See how full this green monster is?! Well, sometimes when it gets to full, I have some spillage.


This time, it looked like a Green Old Faithful!

 IMG_7721 That was a mess to clean up 😉

The training session went well, and she was sweatin’ buckets by the end. I didn’t expect anything less 😀 thanks for being such a great sport, Auntie Kimmie 😀 My aunt and uncle have a sweet pool in the backyard, but unfortunately, storm clouds were rolling in, so after about an hour of chit chat, I headed home…

..and to the baseball field!



Top secret father’s day present 😉

When Shane got home for the day, we both were hankering for a rita and some Mexican food like none other.

Our hankerings were qualmed.


We went to the usual place…

IMG_2170  I ate so. many. chips.

And ordered the usual meal…

IMG_2172 veggie fajitas! Twas yummy, but I couldn’t finish my margarita! They made ‘em strong this time 😀

A trip to the video store ensued, and when home we watched…


It’s Complicated!! Super cute movie.

Well today is a HOT and sunny one, and there will be some swimming in my forecast for sure today! I hope you all enjoy your Saturday 😀



*Take one to-do on your to-do list for today that isn’t urgent, cross it off, and replace it with something FUN or RELAXING*


9 Responses

  1. I’m crossing everything off my to do list today and relaxing!! 🙂

  2. I always have a hankering for ‘ritas and Mexican. I did get the Mexican last night, but the ‘ritas haven’t happened.

    I loved It’s Complicated! Meryl is a goddess.

  3. Margaritas and veg fajitas = amazing! Yum!

  4. What is the name of “the usual place”? Next weekend I’ll be in B/N for the 1st time since graduating from ISU in 1989 (eek) & i’m looking for good restaurants (besides Avanti’s for a gondola)

  5. Haha! I learned the hard way that you should put the ice in first and the coffee in last! Have you tried warming the milk first and then putting it in? I think it tastes better that way!

  6. That is awesome that you made the long trip to train your Aunt! I bet she absolutely loved it! You have fabulous shoulders! I love when women look strong vs. just lean! It screams, I am in shape & healthy- whoop! Mexican mmmm. Now I want some 😉 Have a great Sunday

  7. Kim really did appreciate (and sweat) that workout. She told me you are really good at it, and she was in some pain on Saturday.

    We watched It’s Complicated last night…very cute. I especially liked the Steve Martin/Meryl Streep scene on wacky weed:-)
    We saw Inglorious Bastards last spring and loved it, but we haven’t seen the Matt D. movie; please let us know if we should get it.

  8. Steamboat is the best ever. Make sure you sign up early next year!

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